Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 10th

Haha man my mission has just been to crazy to say the least. But my
> prayers came true!! Saturday President called and decided he was going
> to leave me in Okolona because he feels that Elder Baker and I are
> going to be doing great things. So thats super exciting. That means
> Elder Ferguson will be going back to Versailles with a Visa Waiter and
> he doesnt really know the area. He was only there for 1 week and so
> hes really nervous. Its pretty much like they are white washing the
> area. Ya our apartment is 508. My bad. But ill be going back onto a
> bike tomorrow so im not really excited about that in all honesty. Its
> going to be a really cold winter haha. We have had a car this week
> just because there were no missionaries in Versailles, but now that
> Ferguson is going back we have to go back to bikes. This week has
> rained every day and so its going to be really cold if it keeps
> raining. Like raining all day. But I am really excited to be back here
> serving with Baker and around Warner and Duran. I guess in the Zone
> Leader conference with President, Warner and Duran talked to President
> about me staying so that makes me feel good that they wanted me to
> stay!!
> This week was a really hard week though. Just all of our plans fell
> through like every day and it was really frustrating. We were planning
> on having at least 6 to church for sure, and then we only ended up
> having 2. I guess thats better that nothing. 2 is what President
> expects from us so at least we met the standard. Something that really
> scared me that happened this week, we were going to Versailles with
> the AP's to pack up the rest of my stuff and they were talking to
> Baker about how he has felt being a District Leader and then when we
> were leaving they said they want us to be "Co District Leaders" And so
> I think Elder Baker will be going Zone Leader after this transfer and
> then I will be going District Leader.... SCARY!!! I feel like im not
> really ready for it. Like I am excited, but nervous for sure. Like
> there are a lot of Elders that areant District Leaders until theyve
> been out like 16 months. Ive only been out 8. And they also said Ill
> be training soon and If Elder Baker goes to Zone Leader we will be
> short missionaries and I think ill have to train a Visa Waiter. Its
> kinda nerve racking to say the least. Like im willing to do it, but I
> just didnt think it would be happening soooo fast.
> Before I forget, please send me a Westbrook 7th ward roster cause I
> think im going to put together kinda a Christmas letter and so I
> wanted to send some to people there.
> So my watch.... no offense... I probably wont wear it so Im going to
> send it in the Christmas package home. You can just take it back. I
> would just rather not have a watch to be honest. Like we carry a phone
> but ya. Maybe ill look at TJ Maxx and see If I can find anything. But
> thanks for the package. It was really nice. The OREOS are great and
> Elder Baker is loving the TimTams haha. He had never had them before.
> Im not really sure where we will be skyping..... honestly I dont know
> who has skyping capability in my area. Like Frankfot I could have
> found anyone, but there areant a lot of members in my area, and most
> of them dont have a lot of fancy stuff. Pablo and Fabiola might. And
> we might be able to go where the zone leaders go. But Im not positive
> if I will be able to skype just so you know. Ill try all that I can to
> be able to find a way to do it, but ya.
> So i have wrote a lot about Pablo and Fabiola through out my emails.
> They were inactive when I first came into this area ya know?? This
> week, Pablo gave the lesson in Elders Quorum and it was sooo amazing!!
> Like he has come such a long way. I feel like it was just as rewarding
> as baptizing someone. It was so great to sit there and just see him
> teach and share his experience about being inactive for so many years
> and how the gospel has just changed his life.
> Ill be honest Im kinda sad to not be able to go back to Frankfort and
> say goodbye to everyone. Cause President told me I was going back so I
> didnt really tell bye to anyone, and then he told me I was staying to
> I just had to call them and a lot of them were really sad. But I am
> happy to be back. Its going to be an adventure in the rain to say the
> least. Its been raining every day this week!!!! Like I really hope it
> stops raining now that were going back to bikes.
> I dont really have too much else to add this week. There wasnt really
> anything that just was ridiculous or anything. Just kinda a same old
> same old. i feel like i repeat myself every week but thats ok.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

December 3rd

 So pretty much your never going to believe what really happened to me
> this week. Like you saw I got sent back to Versailles with Elder
> Ferguson-Villegas. Hes from Riverside California and has been out like
> 15 months. Hes a pretty good Elder. But really I was pretty much the
> Sr Companion this week and it was really hard. We are pretty much
> opening up a new area cause we have nothing to work with. So needless
> to say we tracted a lot and did a lot of planning and looking at the
> area book and things. But I really feel like I did pretty good. We got
> 2 people to church and we probably could have set a couple of bap
> dates, but it just didnt happen. It was a really exhausting week to
> say the least. Also our appartment is infested with bed bugs so its
> really gross. Like my matress and box spring is all bloody from
> killing bed bugs everywhere.
> But ya I havent got your package yet and I probably wont get it for
> another week at least. I got a call Friday night from President and
> the Visa Waiters had gotten their Visa. Usually they make them stay
> the whole transfer, but Peru is really in need of missionaries. So I
> got sent back to Okolona and just got here 2 hours ago. Im working
> with Elder Baker again and im really excited. Its kinda hard to leave
> an area right after you did so much work in one week and had so much
> progression. Thats pretty much why we didnt set bap dates cause we
> dont know exactly when we are going back and I guess President was
> talking to Baker and said he might just send the Visa Waiter to
> Versailles with Elder Ferguson and then I stay here with Elder
> Baker!!! I really hope that happens. And then I think he would leave
> to go Zone Leader in the next transfer or so and then I would probably
> be District Leader... AHHHH haha. I dont really know if I could do it
> just yet cause really I still feel really young in the mission. Even
> though tomorrow ill be 1/3 of the way done. (dont know if you realized
> that one)
> But ya we had a lot of cool stories. We had a lesson with a man named
> Adan yesterday and he like wants to come to church and wants us to
> come back so much and we gave him a Book of Mormon and told him we
> would be back in a week or so and he was like I think ill probably
> read the whole thing by the time you get back. So that was really
> cool. He works on a horse farm. And then Dalia is a person I met one
> time with Elder Granados and I taught her 2 with the English Elders
> and shes really cool. She had a baptismal date, but it got dropped
> cause she wasnt going to church and she needs to get married. We had a
> lesson with her Saturday? And it was a really spiritual lesson. She
> allowed us to write a note on her Refridgerator to say she cant eat
> until she reads the BOM. And then we committed her to come to church
> and she came even though she was baby sitting. She showed up with 5
> kids haha. It was super great and she really loved it. Then the man
> named Marvin that I found a few weeks ago on a split with the Zone
> Leaders, he came to church. He really enjoyed it and had a really
> great time. Like Sacrament was probably the best Sacrament I have had
> in my mission. So Im in an english ward like I told you, but Sunday
> like everyone bore there testimony in Spanish for the investigators I
> brought. Like we had Brother Gonzalez, Sister Gonazalez, Yunior,
> Sister Sherrat, Brother Swain and his new wife from Peru. Just like
> everyone and the investigators were just really feeling the spirit for
> sure.
> But ya I got a call from the Doctor and he said all the tests came
> back ok. He thinks I have irratable bowl syndrome and so he gave me
> some pills and wants to see me back in a couple weeks. We will see if
> that helps or not.
> It kinda sucks my p-day is pretty much over. Like I had to pack and
> finish laundry this morning and then we had to drive for over an hour
> to get here and so really I just havent had any time to rest. And the
> mission office didnt know I was getting sent here so Ill have a lot of
> mail in Versailles and our mailbox doesnt have a lock so Im going to
> call a member and ask him to go get my package and stuff on Wednesday
> or something. Like there is a package box thats locked, but they put
> the key in our mailbox that doesnt have a lock and so I just dont
> really want anything to get stolen. But ill be at 503 Markwell Crt
> this week so if you need to send anything here.
> There isnt really too much thats going on down here. Same old same
> old. Im excited to be back in Okolona but I bet the members are going
> to be so confused. President is letting us keep the car so thats good.
> President is so funny haha when he called he was like "Elder Knudsen,
> you might want to sit down for this one" and then just told me all the
> stuff and then today he was like Elder Knudsen... maybe your next area
> Ill just leave you there for 6 transfers to make up for moving you all
> the time!! Man 6 transfers is so much!! That would be 9 months in one
> area. I hope he doesnt do that Ill be honest haha thats just too much
> time in one area.
> Well I love you all
> Elder Knudsen

Monday, November 26, 2012


November 26th

So I am so excited to be back in Okolona you have no idea. My
> companion is so much fun he reminds me exactly of my cousin Colton.
> Like to a T!!! We get along so great and its just been sooooo much
> fun. I want to beg president in my letter to stay. I feel like my work
> isnt done here yet. So I got to see Eufemia. I saw her Tuesday.... and
> she told me she was moving. Her and her husband decided that day that
> they are moving to New Jersey. So they left on Friday.... It was the
> hardest thing I have had to do in my mission so far. She is just so
> great and I know its just going to be that much harder to stay in
> contact with her after the mission. I guess her husband just couldnt
> find work here, but really he had plenty of jobs, but he just didnt
> like them. So that was really hard to say the least. So we saw her
> pretty much every day until she left. She just wanted to feed me all
> she could. She was so happy to see me haha. Cause like Darely and
> Amiley knew I was coming back, but Eufemia didnt and so we had one of
> Darely's kids go and get her and ask her to come to Darelys and she
> walks in and just starts like screaming "Oh mi vida" haha it was so
> cute. She started crying too. It was really hard to say goodbye. Even
> Elder Baker was crying and he was like "Man i only knew her for a few
> weeks and you taught her the whole time." Everyone just loves her so
> much. It really was such a blessing to get to teach her and meet her.
> Its amazing just to think that I had a big impact on someone.
> Its been really cool to see Darely and Amiley since ive been gone.
> They are just doing excellent. They are totally different people. You
> can just see a light and a change about them. We have started to teach
> there kids and they are going to be baptized on Dec 15. But this week
> has really just been so great. Like Elder Jones (the one that Elder
> Warner trained) He got hurt and so he went home and so thats why I got
> sent here. So I think I might be staying here another week. I havent
> heard otherwise at least. But its been so much fun working with Elder
> Warner again and Elder Duran. I just feel so much at home its not even
> funny.
> So we had a really cool lesson with a Cuban lady named Miriam. Like it
> was the first time weve gotten to actually sit down and have a
> spiritual lesson with her and it was really great. Pretty much she is
> Eufemia 2.0. She says the same quirky littly sayings that Eufemia did
> and shes just so prepared. Like this lady just always wants to feed us
> and is just like you always have a place here at my home and she wants
> to go to Cuba with us too. Ill be honest shes probably not as crazy as
> Eufemia, but shes still really fun. Eufemia is like the craziest
> person ever but just super amazing. She just like yells all the time
> haha, not really yell but shes just very animated when she talks to
> say the least. But this lady named Miriam has already talked about
> getting baptized and stuff. She reads a lot in the Book of Mormon too
> and were hoping to set a date with her for maybe Dec 29. She is just
> so amazing.
> We also got back in contact with Rolando and Yasmin. There doing good.
> We had a few lessons with them this week and it went really well. We
> had a good lesson with them together and then we pretty much had a
> lesson with each of them one on one and they are going to start coming
> back to church. Elder Warner actually told me he had a dream that
> Elder Baker and I went over there and started teaching them and they
> got baptized. So I really hope they start to progress again cause I
> love them so much. They just have the cutest family ever. Shes 25 and
> hes 29. And really the cutest kids youll ever meet. So we are going to
> see what happens there. They were supposed to come to church
> yesterday, but Rolando got sick and so we went over there and had a
> lesson with Yasmin. It was pretty good.
> We also found a lady from Peru this week. She actually said she was
> baptized in Peru about 15 years ago and she really wants to come back
> to church. She also really wants her husband and her children to be
> baptized and so we are going to begin teaching them as well. So that
> was really cool too. We dont really know how serious they are just yet
> cause she said she was coming to church and then didnt come cause I
> guess one of her daughters was sick, but ya. Hopefully something good
> will happen there as well. This place is just white as can be. I
> really hope I can stay. I just want President to send one of the Visa
> waiters to Elder Singleton in Arcadia and then Elder Ferguson and
> another visa waiter white wash the Versailles area. I dont think
> President would do it, but we had really good numbers this week so
> maybe he can make other arrangements.... I want to stay here so
> bad!!!!
> Our Thanksgiving was one to remember to say the least. We ate sooooo
> much food. So in the morning we went to Pablo and Fabiolas and had
> breakfast with them and another member family. They always cook a lot
> too. So that was really good and we got done eating around 1 or so.
> Then Eufemia had us over at 3 and made a feast like always and wouldnt
> let us like stop eating cause she was just like "I havent been able to
> feed you Elder Knudsen for a really long time so you need to eat all
> that you can" It was pretty ridiculous. And then Miriam had us over at
> 7 and had a full turkey dinner just for us. Like Turkey, mashed
> potatoes, yuca, corn, platanoes, and lots of stuff. Needless to say,
> Elder Baker and I hated out lives. I actually had to finish his turker
> for him cause it wasnt very good and he couldnt. We kinda threw away
> some food without her knowing cause we just couldnt eat another
> bite.... It was kinda bad for us to do. But you gotta do what you
> gotta do.
> But thats pretty much been my week. Oh one good thing. Since there
> isnt a car being used in Versailles, President is letting Elder Baker
> and I use a car so were not on a bike for the moment. But I would take
> being on a bike in the bitter winter if I could stay in this area. It
> would be well worth it. But ya...
> Um there is one thing I could use for Christmas or my Birthday. A new
> watch. Mine stopped working again. Like TJ MAXX had some really nice
> ones when I was here last time so you could check there. Like they
> were Diesel. Like they had one that was red with like a rubber band
> and it was electronic (or whatever you call it) And Elder Warner got
> one there thats Fossil and you can change out the Bands. Like there
> rubber, but it was a super classy watch. So like it doesnt have to be
> metal or anything. But just something nice and cool. That would be
> great.
Love Elder Knudsen

November 19th

 So yes this week has been really hard medically ill be honest. The
> immaging they did on Wednesday was they made me drink this sulfer
> mitrate or something and then just took pictures of it every 15
> minutes and it was really gross stuff. Its pretty much concrete and
> so you have to stay hydrated or it will harden and plug you up. So
> that wasnt fun, but the radiologist said everything seemed to be
> pretty normal off first glance.
> The prep work for the Colonoscopy was absolutely disgusting! I got
> about 3 1/2 liters down of the 4, but it all worked out. I was gagging
> like the last 4 glasses pretty bad haha. So this morning I got it done
> and it was a piece of cake. He said he didnt find really anything too
> abnorml, but he ran some biopsies on a few things and so we will see
> what happens with that. I hope everything will be ok and its just a
> minor thing.
> So I have some big news. I dont think I told you but tomorrow is
> transfers, and I told you I would probably be getting an Elder, but I
> didnt know exactly who.. well... IM GETTING TRANSFERRED haha its only
> temporarily for like a week, 2 max. But guess where im going....
> OKOLONA!!!! MANNNNNNN IM so exicted!!! Im really like a kid at
> Christmas. I get to go see Eufemia and Darely and Amiley and just
> everyone! Its the boost I think I really need! So im happy you sent my
> winter stuff to say the least cause ill be riding a bike for a little
> bit haha. Ill be serving with an elder named Elder Baker. Hes a really
> good missionary. And ELDER WARNER IS BACK IN MY DISTRICT haha I know
> its only short lived, but I really need to get out of this place for a
> little bit haha. Go back to my Home :). So thats been the big news of
> the week. Elder Sizelove is getting transferred and so Elder Forsgren
> is going to be training. After Okolona ill be coming back here to
> Versailles and working with Elder Ferguson probably. Hes a really
> funny kid. He was in my last zone and hes a real good missionary too.
> So if you need to send anything just send it to the mission home for
> the next little bit haha. Unless you want to just send it to Okolona.
> I think its 503 Markwell Crt. I bet you have it though.
> We had 5 investigators come to stake conference yesterday! Thats a
> ridiculously high number. Like man. And Frankfort is about 45 min to
> Lexington where it was. So it was really surprising to see that. I
> think I really helped out this area the last 3 weeks. Cause the week
> before I came in they had 0 to church like 2 weeks straight and then
> the last 2 weeks weve had 4 and 5 haha. Im not taking the credit for
> sure, but its just cool to see an area start booming after you get
> done with it. Ill be kinda sad if I dont get to see Rebeckahs baptism,
> but no offense I would rather be in Okolona on a bike... Thats how
> much I love the people.
> I dont really know if I told you about a spanish guy I found last
> week. So I was on an exchange with a zone leader for only like an hour
> and I decided hey lets go try a potential, and she wasnt home. So then
> I had the thought to go to Landings (a street) and tract and like the
> 5th door we found this man named Marvin. Hes from Honduras and he let
> us in the very first time he met us. We went by again this week and he
> let us in again and he had said he had read in the book of mormon and
> we had a really spiritual lesson. I told him that the last lesson
> wasnt my greatest effort cause I was nervous cause I was with my zone
> leader and he just laughed. But it went really well. Im sad to just
> leave him hanging in the dust for the next couple of weeks, but I
> think he will be ok. I just hope we can get back in contact with him
> once I get back. But ya so that was something cool as well.
> We also had a lesson with a man named Darrin. I shared an experience
> with him that really touched him. He was like man... thats the things
> I need to be hearing cause thats what pushes me to believe this church
> is true and he just keeps calling me the guy the really impressed him
> haha. Ive only taught him like 2 and hes pretty close to baptism, but
> yet not. But he said hes really considerring it now so that was really
> cool. I think this area will have a lot of baptisms coming up.... I
> feel like I always have to leave once the field is white. Like its
> hard ill be honest.... I know im doing a good work and just preparing
> the way, but sometimes its hard to just see baptisms coming at a blink
> of an eye everywhere around me, but I cant stay for them. But I guess
> somebody has to do it... and im just the tool.
> But all and all, everythg is going really great. I cant wait for
> tomorrow. I really am like a kid at Christmas. Haha you should have
> seen me on the phone with President. He told me and i was like ARE YOU
> SERIOUS!!! YA!!!! haha and he just laughed and was like I knew you
> would want to go there, but its only temporarily haha then I just
> started running around the apartment screaming haha it was a sight to
> be seen haha.
> Im really hungry though ill be honest haha. I havent eaten since
> Saturday night. I just made myself a little pasta then, and I havent
> been able to eat since so were going to eat after this to say the
> least. So I had to pack up all my stuff on Saturday, cause I knew I
> wasnt going to want to do it yesterday or today haha so im ready to
> go. I dont care if its -20 degrees haha. Im happy. But I hope all is
> going well with you all.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

Friday, November 16, 2012

November 12th

We had a good amount of success this week. Remember the girl I told
> you about last week that we had started to teach. Ya we set a baptism
> date with her for.... DECEMBER 1 haha what a coinicidence right?? But
> too bad I wont be able to teach her all the way up until her baptism
> cause ill be getting a new companion next Tuesday. I think I might be
> getting Elder Simms!!! Man I love that Elder! He was my zone leader in
> my last area and in my district and hes a great elder. We are thinking
> its him, or Elder Duran (funniest person I know) or maybe Elder
> Ferguson. So Im really excited to be able to work Spanish work again,
> but Ill be honest its going to be hectic cause its like were going to
> be opening a new area.
> I had a really cool thing happen to me this week. So the zone leaders
> came on.... I think it was Thursday and I went with Elder Richins and
> he only has one more week left in his mission. But I decided we were
> going to go try a former Spanish investigator and so we did, she didnt
> answer, and then the thought came to me to go to a street called
> Landings. Like the 5th door we knocked on was hispanic and before I
> could even get out that we were missionaries he asked us to come in
> and teach him. We ended up teaching him and 2 other men. They are all
> from Honduras and he had seen missionaries there and had always wanted
> to speak to them but never had. Hes been here in the states for 5
> months. But we taught him the Restauration and he really liked it and
> we set up a return appointment for last night, we went over and he
> hadnt got off work yet so that kinda sucked. Oh wait.... nvm it was
> Saturday, but ya I really think they could progress!! It was a really
> cool experience cause its really rare to have Hispanics just let you
> in on your first contact with them out here.
> We had 3 investigators to church yesterday so that was really good. My
> translation is getting a lot better to say the least. I felt like I
> did really good yesterday during Sacrament. We had a returned
> missionary sister speak and also a high council man, and so it was
> pretty profound talks too. But like even a member was like Dang Elder
> Knuden, That was pretty impressive, seeing as you didnt speak like
> that last week haha. So its getting better to say the least.
> Elder Sizelove said something funny to me this week haha. He was like
> Elder Knudsen, I know why your speaking Spanish now, Its because if
> you were speaking English your mission would just be too easy for you.
> I really have felt really comfortable speaking English and I feel like
> I can connect to a lot of them. Like Its just the other elders door
> approaches and contacts are really awkward and seem like rehearsed and
> so they get the door shut on them, but when you start to speak to them
> like a person, then thats when they will open there hearts.
> But there wasnt really anything too much different about this week. We
> recieved a training on how to change our door approaches that
> President learned from his Mission President Seminar for the 17
> Southern missions. And guess what.... It came from the Ft Lauterdale
> mission haha I was like PONDDDDD haha. I guess when they tract they
> say "We representatives of Jesus Christ and as such we bring His peace
> and blessing to your home, could we maybe come in and offer a pray
> with you?" And they have seen there baptisms sky rocket. Like my
> mission, we have never had more baptisms than we are having right now.
> We might hit 70 this month which is really high for this mission,
> Actually the highest its ever been, but there mission had 160 last
> month and they have less missionaries than we do! Crazy right!?!?!
> We also had some crazy guy. Man I was so mad that day. He asked us to
> come in and then he starts asking all these questions that were very
> specific to the temple and I wouldnt answer them and so he went into
> that hes done research on the Mormons for 7 years and hes found out
> that we are Satan worshipers and stuff like that. It was just
> ridiculous. It made me sick to my stomach some of the stuff he said,
> so i got up and left the room.
> Ive been really tired this week Ill be honest. Its went by pretty
> fast, but man. Im just exhausted or something. Its crazy to think I
> turn 20 in less than 3 weeks haha. It sure doesnt seem like im that
> old. Like im going to hit my year mark in no time. Like its only 3
> transfers away!! Man I hope I actually get to go to transfer meeting
> this time. But I think they will just bring my companion out here and
> I wont go, but I wish I could just see everyone down there haha like I
> really do miss Louisville. I feel like Louisville is my home.
> Thanks for sending out my winter stuff. Man im not excited for winter
> to hit. Ya its been pretty warm this week, its been nice. Today its
> been raining all day and it was raining all last night and just a lot
> of wind, so I think its coming haha. I didnt feel the earthquake by
> the way. But the Elders Im with have been making fun of how much
> winter stuff I got. But im like man Im going to need it. But then
> again one of my companions is from Alaska, and the other is from Idaho
> and apparently it gets like -30 where he lives too. So they are really
> used to the cold to say the least.
> But everything is going good with me. Just the same old song and
> dance! Hope all is good with you all.
> Elder Knudsen

November 5th

> Well it has been a pretty good week to say the least. We had a lot of
> success and it was nice getting back into missionary mode haha I know
> that sounds bad but th last little bit it felt like I was doing
> nothing with my time. I feel like I am a pretty good edition to this
> companionship to say the least. They are just an awkward companionship
> to say the least haha. But we had some good success. Last week they
> had 0 to church and this week we had 5. 5 is a really big number for
> investigators that attend sacrament and so that was really cool to
> see.
> Um I did have a miracle happen this week. So the 2nd day I was with
> Elder Granados we tracted and we found this girl and he didnt really
> think anything of it, but the other day I decided we should go back
> and see her with the other Elders. She opened the door and said that
> she was wondering what had happened to us and asked if we could come
> back in like 2 days, so we did of course! Then she told us that she
> had prayed to come closer to God, and in less than 24 hours we had
> knocked on her door. So it was really cool to hear that and just know
> I guess I was being lead by the spirit when I thought about going back
> to her. She came to church on Sunday and really enjoyed it. She even
> brought a friend along with her. She said it was the thing she was
> looking for, cause she had been to churches where they talk in tongues
> and things like that, and it had scared her kids and so this was what
> she thought church should be like. But man the first lesson we had
> with her.... I feel like I am going to have to take the lead in
> everything.... its really hard. So we get in there and im just asking
> a few questions and she had her roommate come listen too. Then we
> start talking about her background and why she wanted to hear from us
> and just basic things to do as you begin to teach. Then Elder Forsgren
> starts talking about how the Priesthood is the thing different about
> us and then ran through just the titles of the restauration (like a
> robot) and then just wanted to talk about the Book of Mormon. Like if
> I was an investigator I would have been so confused. Like his lesson
> went something like this " Ya you know Prophets are so important cause
> they are called of God and then Chris came to earth and did all the
> things he did and like established a church and then he died and there
> was a lot of confusion and then there was a boy named Joseph Smith
> that had a vision and here is a book to prove it" LIKE REALLY?!?! So I
> immediately jumped in and was like um ya..... so... that is a quick
> summary of the lesson we wanted to teach and then I jumped into it
> more in deapth and got her like asking questions and talking and she
> really liked it. Then we go to the car and Elder Forsgren was like
> that was the worst lesson ever and saying his part was the best part
> and stuff! I was like are you serious!?!?! Cause really you need to
> know the background knowledge to understand why Joseph Smith was
> needed and the Book of Mormon but he disagreed. Elder Sizelove took my
> side though. We was like trying to debate his case for 30 min in the
> car. It was ridiculous. I was like, if she would have got up and left,
> you wouldnt have skipped a beat in your "so called lesson" But its
> just really hard to teach with them cause they just are so anxious to
> say everything that it doesnt make sense. They dont explain anything
> or make them feel like we are teaching them and not just a lesson. But
> we have really high hopes for her, I think me and her really connected
> though and so ya.
> Um we also have an investigator named Will that Elder Granados and I
> taught a couple times and he told us this week that he wants to be
> baptized. But the thing is, is he isnt eligble until the end of next
> year cause hes on probation. So that isnt fun!!!! But he came to
> church yesterday and bore his testimony and stuff, hes a really cool
> guy. Haha from the hood to say the least. His wife also came to
> church, they have a little girl about Oaklees age. I dont know if you
> heard about what happened in Louisvile about the train wreck and the
> chemical spill, but I guess they were down in Louisville when it
> happened and they dont have a car so they couldnt get evacuated and
> there daughter passed out from exposure to chemicals!! It must have
> been crazy!!
> Um we had interviews with President this week. They went really well.
> He pretty much just talked to me about Elder Granados and stuff like
> that. Apparently he chose to go home. Like President was going to
> allow him to stay if he commited to be obeident, but he wouldnt commit
> to it, so he sent him home. I guess this isnt the first thing thats
> happened on his mission involving a girl though.... so ya... Like
> Sister Woodbury was telling me they have had a problem with him ever
> since he got into the mission, but ya there is an update on him. But
> President is debating on weather to have me train or not. He thinks I
> could handle it, but just from whats gone on he doesnt know if he
> wants to send a senior companion out here just to help me get back
> into the swing of things. I would just be training a visa waiter, so
> like someone that is going to a foreign country that has to wait for
> their visa. So we will see what happens in 3 weeks haha. I would love
> to train, but honestly I wouldnt know where to start in the Spanish
> work, just cause Granados left me nothing.
> Um my doctors appointment went fine. He took some blood and he said if
> it comes back normal he is going to have me get a colonoscopy (YAY
> ME!!!) So ill be getting the results of that this week. So thats all
> there is on that. I actually got sick this week too. I had an awful
> headache and sore throat and my nose was all stuffy, but im feeling
> better. I think it was from tracting in the rain all day haha.
> Just send me what you think would be best. I honestly dont know if ill
> need my coat right now just cause when I get transferred I dont know
> where im going to haul it. I know its going to get cold, but I dont
> know. I would love CD's if you could. My address is the 103 Oakmont
> apt 3. or whatever. I gave it to you when I thought I was moving. But
> ill be back in Versialles in 3 weeks and we still work there and so
> whenever were in the city we check my mail box, so its just wherever
> you want to send it to be honest. \
> We dont really have plans for Thanksgiving just yet, but im sure
> someone will invite us over. Halloween wasnt really exciting. We went
> to one members from like 530 to 630 and played a candy game with them
> and then from 7 til 9 we had a correlation meeting with our ward
> mission leader and then they also fed us dinner, but we do that every
> week so it wasnt anything too exciting.
> Ya its crazy I hit my 7 month mark yesterday. Next month ill be 1/3 of
> the way done. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN LESS THAN A MONTH!! Crazy right??
> But there isnt really anything else thats new with me. Your going to
> be amazed by my cooking skills to say the least! I made a huge meal
> the other night! Like Elder Sizelove was like dang Elder Knudsen you
> need to teach me how to cook. It wasnt even that fancy, like i took
> some chicken and dethawed it and then seasoned it up and then cooked
> it in a pan and then I made some Alfredo and some noodles, but it was
> real good! I also had greens for the first time this week. Like
> collard greens?? They were actually really good. Your going to be
> amazed what I eat when I get home haha. But its hectic as ever to say
> the least.
> Love yoou all
> Elder Knudsen

October 29th

 Well I am now sitting at the library with Elder Sizelove and Elder
> Forsgren.  We did a lot of service this weekend. Can I just tell
> you... I HATE DRYWALL!!! So we went to a members house whose bringing
> there baby home a few months early so they have had a lot of work to
> do and so we went up there and were having to sand.... man it was
> sooooo awful haha but it was fun. I got my first cheesburger since
> being on my mission so I was grateful for that :)
> Thats so dang crazy that Carli is going on a mission. I got word this
> week that Celeste is too. She has her interview this week. I heard
> that usually Salt Lake gets 600 applicants every week but the week
> after conference they got 7000!! Crazy right?
> So ill be staying in Frankfurt for the next 3 weeks. I was talking to
> President and hes not going to close Versailles so either ill be in
> Frankfurt for the next 3 weeks or 9 weeks. I think ill either be
> training or getting Elder Ferguson which I would really like. Hes a
> good missionary. He served in Arcadia (louisville) when I was there so
> I got to know him pretty good. Hes from Cali as well. I think I would
> love to train, but I would be scared out of my mind.
   Pedro got the priesthood yesterday so that was
> really cool to see. Im happy for him. So... funny story... Yesterday
> during one of the talks Granados asked if I could translate so he
> could go sit in the bathroom so I did. The talk was from a former
> bishop.... and can I just say... I didnt even know what he was saying
> in English let alone Spanish. He was talking about like the history of
> the nation and just weird things Ive never heard of and just quoting
> people and like saying words Ive never heard before. So needless to
> say Pedro got nothing out of that talk. I was just like "Pedro, Im
> sorry, I dont even know what hes saying in english let alone translate
> it to Spanish so Im sorry. (he chuckled after I said that haha)
> Its getting pretty cold here! If you could send me out... um...
> thermals, gloves, maybe under armour, scarf, sweaters, (I dont know if
> ill need my jacket) and maybe some warmer socks. Thanks again for the
> package. It was really great. I would love it if you sent me out some
> more CD's. More kinda like an artist singing, not MOTAB. And get me
> some really good Christmas Music!!! I dont think it has to have the
> church logo for Christmas music! Just like ya.
> Um I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday. Its in Lexington so ill
> be going to that and then we will see whats going on. Ive been feeling
> better, but I think something still might be wrong, but I dont know.
> I bet dad is happy about the Giants winning. I knew that they were up
> 2-0 cause I was wearing a Tigers shirt to service and Brother
> Christensen was like I like your shirt, but there not doing so hot and
> then updated me with everything. Wanna know whats weird. 3 transfers
> after this one and ill be hitting my year mark!!! And 1 month and a
> couple of days until your baby turns the big 20!!! and less than 2
> months until you get to see me! So thats something im really looking
> forward too in the next little bit.
> Not really too much here from me. I love you all
> Elder Knudsen

October 22nd

Well this week was a roller coaster for sure! I dont even know what to
> say. It was the longest week of my life to say the least! Um lets
> start with the good news :) Well Pedro got baptized on Saturday night
> and then confirmed on Sunday morning. I had the opportunity to baptize
> him so that was really special. Ill send pics in a separate email. He
> is just the most amazing man! He was crying after the baptism just
> saying how he has litterally felt a weight lifted off of his
> shoulders. He said he felt so good. So that was amazing. And I just
> got an email from Elder Warner and man Okolona is booming! Elder
> Warner is still in the 5th branch but hes now a zone leader. Um so
> remember how we found Eufemia... like through that investigator that
> we dropped? Well ever since Eufemia has gotten baptized she has just
> been working wonders. So Darely got baptized yesterday and then her
> sister Amiley is getting baptized this week and there kids will also
> be baptized too! Its really a miracle! I taught both of them the whole
> time I was in Okolona, and my baptism already has made a huge impact
> on people around her! People say you have no idea how much of an
> impact just one baptism makes and now I can see that in my own life
> and see the fruits of it! It is just so amazing!! I wish I could have
> been there....
> So there is an amazing member named Bonnie. She is blind, but the
> nicest person you will ever meet! She is just like a superstar and she
> has a gift ever since shes been blind that like after a few visits
> with her she will be able to pretty much give a bio of what kind of
> person you are. It was one of the most touching things on my mission
> so far. So she first started out by saying shes not giving anymore
> nicknames because our nicknames are special and so we will always be
> that name to her and we are just her world and mean so much and so she
> cant keep seeing us come and go. My nickname is Salt Lake haha. Um but
> here is just a few things she said about me. She said I wear my heart
> upon my sleeve and that I have such a love for people and it just
> shows to everyone. There is an attraction that people have to me
> because they can feel of my love. She says I love really easily and
> sometimes it gets me into situations I dont want to be in. She said I
> wouldnt change that though and that I am a person that loves to make
> people happy. That I will go out of my way to make the group better
> and happier even if it means sacrifice on my part. She says I am a
> born leader. I am not a follower. She said your the person on and off
> the field doing the work, your not the one sitting on the sidelines.
> She said I have more potential than I probably realize. And she said
> some more stuff but I cant really remember all of it. It just put me
> into tears though! Like man! Shes like you know I never lie about
> these things, some elders hate when I do it cause I tell them things
> they dont know about themselves and they realize they are true haha.
> Now its time for the bad stuff.  My ticket did end up
> being 181 dollars. I was really upset about that....  But ya I just read
> the ticket wrong, cause like they said my speeding ticket was 36
> dollars but then I had to pay 141 dollars for a court fine and I
> thought I didnt have to pay a court fine if I wasnt going to court,
> but they said since I am paying it I am pleading guilty which is like
> Im going to court so everyone has to pay that fee.
> But ya thats been my eventful week...Sucks
> about the Yankees but I did hear that they were gone.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 15th

Well yes its true I got a speeding ticket. Um so I was able to call
the Credit Union, I dont really need permission for that and then I
wasnt planning on calling you. My companion told me I should have a
member named Sara call you. So I had given her your information
earlier that day to call you and she hadnt done it yet. We had went
over there for dinner and she hands me the phone and was like Im just
going to have you call her, and so I looked at my companion and he was
like Go right ahead so ya... I talked to Chris to if you didnt hear
from him haha.

Haha funny story about my health. I got 2 letters yesterday from the
hospital and the doctor I saw in Louisville. So the one from my doctor
said all my labs were good but she wants me to go into another place.
Then the other one was an appointment she had set up for me to go to
this place thats like General Laproscopic Surgery and Endoscopy haha
so that was scheduled for the 2nd of this month so I missed it. I
called them and they were understanding, but I talked to Sister
Woodbury and I think shes going to have me go into the Doctor.

Yes I got the package Friday. Thanks so much. I cant believe you didnt
send me anything special for my 6 month mark!!! Whats up with that
haha jk. Um we actually found out were moving again.... haha sorry!!
Were moving to Frankfort, in with the Elders down there so ya. Like
were still going to work Versailles, but just our focus is going to be
on Frankfurt now. Um so I think my address is going to be 103 Oakmont
Dr Apt number 3. Frankfurt KY, Im pretty sure thats right. But were
going to be there for a bit and then get a bigger apartment in
Frankfurt, cause theres isnt very big anyway. We found that out like
Saturday and it was really nonchalant thinking that we had already
heard. Like we have to be out by the end of the month!

So Pedro is getting baptized this week! Hes really excited. We think
were going to have a member baptize him, cause they are really good
friends because he takes him to church every week and just stuff like
that. Ill be  honest I really wanted to do it but thats ok. Hes so
prepared! Like yesterday he paid his tithing and hes not even a member
yet! He just loves church so much and everyone always talks to him.
Yesterday I translated priesthood for him... It was really hard haha.
So like I have a headset and so does he and I talk into it and he can
hear me. So its really hard haha. Like they were just talking about
random things and President Christensen kept looking over and just
trying to say as big of words as possible just to make it hard on me
haha it was funny. We were talking about the word of wisdom so it
wasnt too bad to translate, but then just random questions like " I
heard that the smell of the meat actually comes from the urine? Like
random things like that So i wouldnt translate that haha. Then like
the last 15 min they were just talking about home teaching and members
they havent seen in awhile so that was kinda boring for him to listen
to I bet haha. We also had a "linger longer" after church yesterday
cause there are 2 people leaving on missions in this ward. One is
going to Las Vegas and the other to Guatemala. So that was really fun.

So we also had something really cool happen this week. So we have an
investigator named Will that weve been teaching and hes been coming to
church and stuff and then we found out he was moving so that sucked.
But then he texted us and asked us to come by cause he had good news.
So we went over there and he said there not moving anymore because he
doesnt want to just run from his problems and him and his wife really
likes us and they wanted to stay to be a part of the church! Then he
just expressed his love towards us and how weve changed the feel in
his home and just lots of stuff. It was really cool the difference
weve made in his life. He then said he would be baptized, but then
yesterday we found out hes on probation, so we dont really know if he
can.... So that really sucks. He reminds me so much of Chris its not
even funny. Like he does but he doesnt. He just is way cocky and loves
his stories haha like he has a shirt that just says "Old School" and
so he said thats what they call him on the basketball court and saying
hes like the best there ever was and stuff..... needless to say.... we
went and played and I beat him and so did Elder Granados. He just has
some crazy stories and he just loves to try and mess with you haha.

The new elder is a pretty good elder. Hes really obedient, but hes
really awkward and  hard to talk to. Elder S is having a real
hard time cause his companion wont even talk to him. Hes from Idaho.

Im really starting to make some good friends in the ward. It was funny
so like there was 2 kids that came to church by themselves yesterday
and so I went and sat by them. There names are Carlos and Chris. There
parents are members but they never come. One is 9 and ones 6 and man
they are the best kids! Like I sat with them all through sacrament and
then during the linger longer they were fighting about who could sit
by me haha it was so cute. So I was like why not one on one side and
the other on the other side. Then they were asking when I was going to
come play with them and stuff, cause last time we were at there house
I threw a football to them a few times and they just thought I was so
cool cause I could throw it really far haha. There so funny.

I had my first roadkill this week too!!! Ill be sending pics of it!
Its great!! Haha I was pulling into the drive way and I hit and killed
a posum. I hope Landon and Preston got the picture I sent them haha it
was way funny. Like I customized a picture at walgreens and so its me
standing over the dead posum and then in red it says "Posum" at the
top and then at the bottom "Kill of the week" haha its kinda an inside
joke but it was super funny.

I almost tracted into a voodoo house! I forgot to tell you about that
one! So I was on an exchange with Elder S so I decided we would
go tracting at this one place and were going about and we reach this
door and I was about to knock when I look down and there are like
these swirls made in chalk and then like 4 dead flowers with chalk
circles around them... it was really creepy... Lets just say.... i
skipped that house haha.

I got a cool little package thing from the westbrook stake this week.
So it was a big envelope telling me about there youth conference and
it was something boot camp and it was to honor the missionaries
serving from the stake and also the military and so I have like 10
letters from kids in the youth and then they sent me like 50 pages of
testimonies to put in book of mormons that I hand out. Then they put
in like a candy bar and a picture of all the youth and stuff. It was
really cool. I kinda feel like since Ive gotten to Versailles, like
they are throwing away my mail. In Okolona I would get mail all the
time... now its very rare!!!

Man thats awful about the Yankees!! They can pull it out though! They
lost to the Tigers last year!!! That could maybe be career ending for
Derek Jeter cause hes kinda getting old anyway! Just think.... only
one more baseball season and then Ill be home!! I feel like time has
kinda sped up the last little bit. I feel like we just started October
and now its halfway through! Whats up with that!!

I hope all is well. I love you
Elder Knudsen

October 8th

Well the highlight of my week was conference for sure! Ive never been
> so pumped for anything in like my whole life. I was pretty much like a
> little kid at Christmas Ill be honest. None of the other Elders felt
> that way in my area. My companion fell asleep in every session and I
> was like dang how can you not just be like soaking this all in. Every
> Elder fell asleep at least one session except this guy!! I think I
> took around 8 pages of notes haha there was just so much going on! It
> was crazy to hear about the age changing. To think if i would have
> been changed when I was 17 and I left when I was 18, I would be coming
> home in like 3 months haha!! Crazy right!! It was really weird to
> think that a lot of the girls that I went to high school with are not
> eligible for mission service! I really think it will increase the
> number of sister missionaries in the field because I bet it is hard
> going at 21 cause that is like right in the middle of your education
> and everything, but now its not too bad. It also might make more of
> the girls I went to school with more available :) Haha jk I dont need
> to think about that! But ya it was a wonderful conference! I cant wait
> for the November Ensign to come out just so I can study them more in
> depth.
> Um the first session we watched at Bishop Whites. Hes not the bishop
> anymore, but ya. He made us some home made chili and stuff so it was
> really good. Hes actually an author and has written a lot of books.
> Like Bluegrass Bishop and things like that. But hes really funny, hes
> just a die hard Kentucky fan and like comes off so mean, but hes way
> funny. Like he does a weekly chronicle for the ward and there is like
> a Bio for all the missionaries where he makes fun of them and things
> like that. I havent received one with me in it yet, but he did tell me
> my nickname. He makes a nickname for everyone. Mine is Ka"nusence" Im
> not really sure if thats how you spell it but its pretty funny Ill
> give him that. But the rest of the sessions we watched at the church.
> Sunday morning our investigator Pedro came and guess what.... the
> spanish feed was broken into our building and a member from the
> spanish branch in Louisville came to pick up Pedro and watch it.... so
> Elder Granados translated the whole morning session on Sunday.... Man
> am I grateful to have a native companion haha. He said it was
> ridiculously hard, but that now he for sure believes in the gift of
> tongues.
> I am still with my companion. I am not really happy about it ill be
> honest. This week I really had a problem with him. I guess everyone in
> my district was like praying that he would get transferred, but it
> didnt happen. There are 2 people from my district that is getting
> transferred, our district leader, and then an english elder serving in
> Georgetown. But I just really havent agreed with a lot of the choices
> hes made as a missionary and hes the senior companion so pretty much
> what he says goes.  He made the decision we were going to go play
> basketball with this kid and his other brother. I asked him.... "Is
> this fulfilling your calling as a missionary?" And he said yes because
> they are potential investigators so I said I would go, but it had to
> be for a reason and we couldnt stay for very long. Needless to say, he
> didnt bring up one thing about the gospel and he made us stay there
> for 2 hours.... so im going to email president about that. Also he was
> with Elder S Sunday morning and he took the keys and got in the
> drivers seat and he doesnt have driving privelages and he wouldnt let
> Elder S drive... on his way into the church parking lot he ran
> into the curb with the car! Like it is so frustrating. And then on
> Saturday morning he woke up late, but wanted to work out. I said I was
> going to study. He said he wanted to go to the gym, I said you know
> then maybe you should have gotten up earlier, but he dragged me to the
> gym so he could work out for 2 hours while I studied. Its just not
> acceptable and im really getting mad.
> Um there is nothing really new with any of our investigators. I feel
> like we havent found anyone or teach anyone ever! I dont know... I
> honestly dont even feel like a missionary in this area. Pedro is doing
> good though. He will be baptized next Saturday. Hes been really
> prepared. Like so I told you last week he went to church an hour and a
> half before sacrament started just because that was his only ride.
> Then I guess he began to vacuum the floor because he wanted it all to
> be clean before Sacrament started. It really shows how much he
> respects the House of the Lord.
> There hasnt really been too much going around here though. Just the
> same old same old. Haha the first nun I have ever seen just walked
> into the library so that was kinda cool. Oh and then last night Elder
> G really wanted to go to dinner at that ladys house cause she
> invited us over again. Elder W really wanted to go also because
> he likes food haha and so them 2 went. They were over there from 630
> until 9 and they didnt give her the answers to the questions she asked
> and didnt bring up any gospel topic... Like really? What were you
> doing for 2 hours?!?! So Elder S and I worked Versailles and
> went and tried to see like 5 part member families. We talked to 2 of
> them and it went really good. Then I decided to stop off by this
> ladies house to see how she was cause we had given her a blessing a
> few days before so that was nice. But we got some good work done
> yesterday just to see where the part members are and if they are
> willing to listen to us.
> My 6 month mark wasnt really anything too exciting haha. I got a
> letter from someone and I think thats about the only thing. Nothing
> really too special that happened. Like we went and did service and a
> few other things. Its weird to think that Im already done with a 1/4
> of my mission. This transfer hopefully should go by fast. Im really
> hoping it will.... But the one after that will fly!!! Next transfer it
> will be, Thanksgiving, My Birthday, Christmas, and New Years all in 1
> transfer!! Haha its crazy!! We dont really have any plans this today
> or this week yet. We will see what happens. I hope all is well in
> Utah. I really loved seeing the things of temple square haha Man I
> miss it.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 1st (And Pictures!)

So I don’t even really know what I’m going to write in this email today
 I’ll be honest. I really don’t even remember what we did. It went by
 pretty fast though! But it is still pretty hard. I was with Elder
 Sizelove for a few days again this week. He’s going to be a good Elder,
 but it’s kind of hard to work with him right now. He has ADHD or ADD I
 don’t really remember which one and so he always wants things done his
 way. He also is just kind of awkward, but I would rather have that, then
 being lazy so it was pretty good. He’s not very good at tracting so I’m
 trying to work on that with him. He just kind of freezes up and is like
 a robot. He doesn’t involve them in the conversation or really asking
 about the person, but he will learn. He has a drive to do the work,
 but he’s not very good with rejection yet haha he expects this work to
 be easy and easy to baptize people, (which it isn’t) and so when an
 investigator isn’t home for an appointment or we get the door slammed
 in our face he just gets really upset and it affects him for a little
 Um yesterday we had 2 investigators at church so that was really cool.
 We had Pedro and then a man named Will (ya he’s English) and so that
 was pretty good. Pedro is progressing really good. He loves church and
 makes a lot of sacrifices to be at church and so it shows his
 dedication. I had to teach him with Elder Sizelove this week so that
 was really hard cause that meant I had to teach the whole lesson by
 myself. I think it went really well though. Elder Sizelove said he
 could really feel the spirit even though he didn’t really know what we
 were saying. So he might be baptized on the 13 of October so that’s
 pretty exciting. Will had a really spiritual experience at church. He
 has a really tough outer shell, but really nice once you get to know
 him. He got a little bit of help from the church yesterday because his
 daughter got taken away from him cause he didn’t have money to provide
 for her and he wasn’t expecting any money, but the bishop felt
 impressed to give him some. Like he was just asking for any job
 opportunities but then after church he really just expressed how
 grateful he is to have us in his life and he knows we knocked on his
 door for a reason. So were going to try and set a bap date with him
 this week.
 Haha I think I had the funniest thing happen to me since I have been
 out on my mission! Haha so Elder Granados and I were driving into
 Frankfurt and I see this guy in black running on the side of the road
 and I didn’t really think anything of it. Then when I start to get
 closer, I see some things poking out of his head. I was really
 confused haha and then when I got right up next to him I see he’s in a
 full batman suit running on the side of the road!!!! It was the
 funniest thing ever! Like full mask and everything and just this huge
 grin on his face haha. It was priceless to say the least! I wish I
 could have gotten a picture of it, but I couldn’t haha.
 I had another first happen to me this week. So there is this girl
 named Elaine at Walgreens and were really good friends with her. She
 convinced her mom to invite us over for dinner and so we went over
 this week. It was really nice, like amazing family. So it was us and
 then Elaine and her 20 year old bro and 15 year old bro and then her
 mom. They cooked us this roasted chicken with rice and mushrooms and
 then pickled carrots (yuck) but it was pretty good. And then they
 really wanted to play a game of HORSE (basketball) and so we played a
 quick game with them and then we just shared a spiritual thought out
 of the bible (cause Elaine told us her mom was crazy and not a fan of
 missionaries and so we just wanted to make a good first impression) So
 we do that and then her mom just snapped on us!!! Like it was
 ridiculous. We weren’t trying to convert her or teach anything about
 our doctrine really at that time and she just started bashing us.
 Saying that like her religion is true and that we need to look more at
 who Joseph Smith really is and just that she was afraid to have us
 come in her home and she wouldn’t let us pray and just some crazy
 stuff. Like Elaine just starts yelling at her calling her crazy. Then
 she gives us a 7 page packet on questions about Joseph Smith trying to
 disprove us and like giving the sources. (She’s a college professor)
 Like some of the stuff she came up with I’ve never even heard of. She
 got a lot of her info just from Anti Mormon lit. and so it was very
 invalid. Then she asked if we would bring back what we find to her and
 stuff. Like some of the questions was saying the Joseph Smith
 practiced witchcraft and how he told someone that Moroni first
 appeared as a salamander and random things like that and that he
 predicted the 2nd coming and it didn’t happen, but really he didn’t
 predict it, it’s just misunderstanding, like in DC130 it says that if
 Joseph Smith lived to be 85 or something that he would see the face of
 the Savior, this is just pretty much telling him that he’s not going to
 live very old!! AHHH I was soooo mad haha. Then when she gave us the
 packet she was like, " I don’t even know if you will be able to
 understand these questions, they might be a little over your
 knowledge" I was like really your questioning my intelligence. I could
 prove your religion wrong using your own BIBLE!!!! She was Christian
 and they believe in the trinity.... Ya just read the gospels and count
 how many times it says the word Father!!! There are obviously 3
 separate beings!!! Haha it really got my going to say the least! Like
 I might send you a copy of the packet just so you can see how
 ridiculous it is. She has a whole like library of binders of materials
 to prove other religions wrong. She was like oh here is Jehovah
 Witness, here is Catholic... oh and here is Mormon (my largest binder)
 haha. People are soooo naive!
 I’ve been in the boonies this week. We helped a member get this house
 ready for them to move into and man! Like they lived in the middle of
 the forest. They didn’t have a driveway or anything. So we were just
 cleaning up all the walls and things but we have been in the boonies a
 lot this week. It’s been way fun. I really want to live out here just
 in the middle of nowhere. Like there are areas that are just like
 forests with random houses! It’s so legit! I feel like we need a
 different car than a Corolla cause we are offroading a lot, and
 needless to say, a Corolla isn’t the best choice to be doing that! Its
 super fun to say the least. There is actually a castle in Versailles!
 You should look it up. We drove there last night cause it was late and
 we had to get rid of all our miles and so we just went on an
 adventure. Like it’s a really big one too. I tried to take a picture of
 it, but it was too dark to do so.
 I also had my first homemade fried chicken yesterday! It was pretty
 dang amazing to say the least. We went over to a members house for
 dinner and that’s what he cooked. He’s actually an author. He used to be
 the bishop too, but he has some like award winners and stuff. Like
 "Bluegrass Bishop" and some other ones. It’s pretty dang crazy. He’s
 such a smart alec though. Like he won’t let you put any sauce on your
 chicken cause it’s a disgrace and he just is diehard Kentucky and like
 hates everyone else. He’s crazy to say the least, but he’s pretty funny.
 So the picture I’m sending is just a picture I took yesterday at a
 house we went to. It’s out in the middle of nowhere. Those black and
 white specks are cows in the background haha.
 Um I can’t really think of anything else you could send me. Packages
 are really safe at my apartment just so you know. Like they have a
 lock box that they put them in and then put the key in your mail box
 so it’s safe. Um I have been craving homemade cookies. Um I don’t
 really know what else I need. Just whatever. Tell Chris he has to make
 me a CD. Like as long as it’s good wholesome music it’s approved. Like
 Mercy Me would work and people like that. Also Disney music works. But
 don’t buy any CD's that’s for sure.
 Um about the conference. We can either watch it at the ward house or
 we can watch it at a members home. It just depends on like our
 investigators needs. Like with Pedro were going to watch a session
 with him at a members home in Spanish. Cause he lives really far from
 the church and the member lives in the same city as him. But I’m way
 pumped for General Conference! It’s going to be weird if I watch all
 the sessions in Spanish. I probably wouldn’t get as much out as it ill
 be honest, so then I’ll just have to read them all in the Ensign haha.
 But ya time is going by pretty fast. Like it’s weird to think I’ll be 20
 in 2 months. But like we’re going to talk in less than 3 months and
 then after that the next time I’ll talk to you will be over my year mark
 so it’s going fast. It’s just like everyone says, days feel like weeks
 and weeks feel like days, but its good. I feel like I spend a lot of
 time in the car which I don’t really like. I feel like I’m not being as
 productive but that’s ok. I don’t know if I told you last week but I got
 to talk to Eufemia on the phone so that was good. Elder Warner emailed
 me some photos of her baptism so that was nice. He said I was probably
 the easiest person to train haha so that made me feel good. Made him
 appreciate me a little more :) haha jk but ya. He’s also heard I guess
 about how it’s been kind of rough out here, but that’s ok. All is well in
 Zion. I’ll send you the email with the pics in it so ya.
 I hope all is well with everyone
 Elder Knudsen

 Kyle and Eufemia

Elder Warner and Eufemia

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 24th

It’s going to be different for sure to say the least. Um Ya I’m not really sure where to start I’ll be honest. My area is the largest in the mission. I take up 4 counties so it’s really hard because they only give us a certain amount of miles for the month. So our apartment is in Versailes but most of our work is in Frankfurt. And so there are 2 English Elders that live in Frankfurt so we usually spend a few nights a week at their apartment which isn’t the best cause that means I sleep on a couch and we have no food in their apartment haha. There isn’t a lot of Spanish work out here either. They haven’t had a baptism in almost a year so that’s not to reassuring, but we have 3 people with baptismal dates, I think 2 will be getting dropped but I’m pretty sure this one guy will be getting baptized. His name is Pedro. He’s from Nicaragua. You’re never going to guess how he was found, so someone from the last branch I was working at ran into him at the airport and like got down his info and gave it to the missionaries so it’s kinda crazy. He’s really elect though.

Um I got to talk to Eufemia yesterday. That was really cool. She said her baptism was amazing and she loved every minute of it and she feels like a new person. Elder Warner baptized her and gave her the Holy Ghost. She said she really misses me and that the new Elder doesn’t speak Spanish at all so he can’t understand her at all. She was asking when I was coming back, I think she expected it to be really soon but then when I told her the earliest I could be back in the 5th branch would be probably in about a year and she was really sad about that haha

Um it’s going to be really hard I’ll be honest.... So Elder G, like I said has a rep for being a little lazy. He’s been "sick" most of the week and then the district leader has been pretty sick too and so I have been working with a greeny in an area that I don’t know at all. He’s been out about 4 weeks and he’s from Alaska. He’s afraid to tract and freezes up in lessons, so needless to say it’s been really rough. And so if it’s a Spanish lesson I have to do all the talking and then tracting I do all the door approaches and then in English lessons he just doesn’t know the keys of good teaching yet so he’s just kinda awkward. Also all 3 of them fight like every night because they have ADHD. Like my companion yelled at me because I forgot to remind him to grab some medicine for the elder from Alaska so then he made me drive back to the apartment and get it and stuff. It really bugged me. My companion and the greeny are really immature and like the greenie tries to boss me around. Like it really makes me mad haha but oh well. It’s going to be a really hard trial in my life.... this was the longest week of my life.... I really wish I could go back to Okolona....

It’s a really cool setting out here though so it’s really pretty. Very much country and farms and stuff. We actually worked on a farm this week for service haha. She has chickens and rabbits and then just grows a lot of stuff haha. I had to do stuff to prepare a chicken coop/feeder haha I’m not really sure what I was doing then I was pulling out all the corn plants from the ground cause there not growing anymore and then ya. It was really some hard work and I guess we work there every week. She fed us rabbit stew for lunch haha it was pretty good. With some lima beans and squash and homemade bread and stuff. We get feed soooo much out here haha I haven’t even bought any food since I’ve been out here haha I’m going to get fat!!! We went to the coolest house yesterday!!! It’s like out in the middle of nowhere and we had to take this like dirt path in a Toyota Corolla haha it’s such a sweet house. They are just in the middle of nowhere up in the forest with a cabin and some turkeys and chickens and stuff haha.

Um one of the Elders I’m serving around is from Murray so that’s kinda cool. He’s really apostate though because he only has 2 months left. And my zone leader is actually from West Jordan haha he went to Copper Hills but I didn’t know him before. He lives up by sunset ridge.

My apartment is really nice though. It’s like double the size of my old one and we have a washer and dryer and a dish washer haha so that’s nice not having to spend money on that stuff but ya. It’s pretty nice out here. I really hope my companion gets transferred at the end of this transfer but we will see. I really am trying to get along with him. He’s an amazing teacher, but just apostate and it’s been affecting me. Like when were in Frankfurt apartment the DL is very apostate too and so I’m sleeping on the couch in a different room and they don’t set an alarm so then I don’t wake up until like 730 and so I guess I’m going to have to bring my alarm clock to that apartment. It’s been a real challenge the last week. The members are great. The ward is in English but ya.... idk... I hope all is well down there.

There are a few things that I need. I need a GPS. You don’t need to buy one, but just send the one we have out. Cause really with how big our area is, ill need one once my companion leaves cause he’s the only one that has one. Um also... have you tried the white chocolate m and m's? Haha not that great! They pretty much just taste like frosting.

Um my new address is 139 Macey Ave. Apt X
                                   Versailes, KY, 40385

Saturday, September 22, 2012

September 17th

Haha well its been the hardest last 2 days of my mission.... and probably not the reason you think! Haha so.... we have had amazing things happen this week, i dont really know where to start. Heck ill just give you the news. So.... Yesterday the Assistants called us at like 9 in the morning and then they said they wanted to talk to me. They are doing an emergency transfer (which is ridiculously rare) because an Elder is coming in tomorrow and so.... Im getting transfered..... Elder Warner is training again. I really dont want to leave this area.... Its so hard to have someone have to tell you your leaving 5 days before your first baptism.... So its been a really rough few days but im staying strong. I know that there is a reason in all things. Who knows maybe ill just be like  John the Baptist and just prepare the way for baptisms. But ya I leave tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM so I hope you havent sent anything to our appartment... cause I wont be there haha. Um im going to the boonies of Kentucky. Its called Versailles. Its about an hour away from here and the 2nd farthest spanish area. Its in a richer area, but its just hick country. Its the place I was describing when I thought I was getting transfered. Like they eat posum, raccoon, and rabbit out there haha so that should be fun. My companion is going to be Elder Granodos. He was Elder Warners tranier.... like I dont want to judge him yet and im not.... but everyone says hes the worst missionary. Hes really lazy and disobedient. Everyone says its the longest time in there mission when they are with him.... but we will see what happens. Im going in with an open mind and im not going to lower my standards for him. Im making him work!!! But it should be pretty fun out there. Im in a car so thatll be nice during the winter thats for sure!!! I think Elder Warner is kinda bumbed he is staying here. If he trains this kid all the way through the training program he will have been in this area for 10 1/2 months and then he will go zone leader for sure so his whole mission will have been right in downtown louisville pretty much, but hes being a trooper.
It was the hardest thing to have to Eufemia that I couldnt baptize her this Sunday. She started crying at church and was just saying the Lord wont allow it to happen. But today she was more ok with it.... she started crying again today though. Its been really hard to just say goodbye to everyone I have grown so close to. Its worse when its so unexpected ya know? So im all packed up and everything. Like I guess the zone leaders really loved me.... like Elder Simms, I felt like we were on ok terms, but just like friends ya know and he like took me aside and almost started crying when he said he was going to miss me. Its been really rough to say the least.... but im sure its not the first time its happend to anyone so its ok. Um I actually have a letter from Eufemia to you all. Its in Spanish so I translated it and ill just type it on here!
"Dear Brothers/Sisters
I would like to write this letter to you all to congradulate you for the son so marvelous that God has given you. He is the most beautiful thing that has come into my path at my age of 55. I have been blessed to meet him and get to know him. The Lord has used him as an instrument so that I came to know the Gospel. And which I give thanks to God because I am sure that it is the true religion and that this is the true church. So my life has changed completely and I can assure you that I am ther person most happy now that I know the Gospel and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. In all my prayers to the Lord I pray for all of you and for all the missionaries. I ask the Lord everyday that he will continue blessing your family and their lives.
It was just so sweet. You dont know how amazing this woman is! She is so elect and is going to be such an amazing member of the Church.
Um we also had a really cool lesson this week with Darely and Amiley. They are investigators that have been investigating for almost a year now. We pretty much dropped them, but we see them every once and awhile cause they live right by Eufemia. We walked in and just started talking to Darely and then Amiley walks in with her Bible and asks if we can teach something. So we just taught a little bit about Baptism.... then at the end of the lesson Amiley asked if she could be baptized. That she thinks its the right time in her life. It was the most amazing thing ever! And Darely knows the church is true and so does her mom Marth, they just dont like going alone, and they are friends with Eufemia... so now they want to come to church.
So we had a party on Saturday for all the branch and all investigators and stuff with just a bunch of food and then dances from like the elders and the primary and relief society and things like that. Amiley and Darely and Eufemia and her husband and then all the kids of Darley and Amiley came to the party and loved it. Then on Sunday they all came to church too. So its looking like this area could have 6 baptisms in the next transfer. Cause Eufemia will be baptized sunday. Then Darley and Amiley and Martha want to be baptized and they have 2 kids that tell us they want to come to church and be baptized. So needless to say... we had a very successful week and so thats why its so dang hard to leave. But they saying is always leave an area better than when you got in it....and this area is pretty dang white to say the least!!
Um thats pretty much all I can remember with whats been going on this week just cause Ive been really caught up in just all of this thats just happened. Um If you could maybe send out my singulair and maybe some stamps that would be great but make sure you send it to the mission office and they will get it to me.
Elder Knudsen