Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 8th

Well the highlight of my week was conference for sure! Ive never been
> so pumped for anything in like my whole life. I was pretty much like a
> little kid at Christmas Ill be honest. None of the other Elders felt
> that way in my area. My companion fell asleep in every session and I
> was like dang how can you not just be like soaking this all in. Every
> Elder fell asleep at least one session except this guy!! I think I
> took around 8 pages of notes haha there was just so much going on! It
> was crazy to hear about the age changing. To think if i would have
> been changed when I was 17 and I left when I was 18, I would be coming
> home in like 3 months haha!! Crazy right!! It was really weird to
> think that a lot of the girls that I went to high school with are not
> eligible for mission service! I really think it will increase the
> number of sister missionaries in the field because I bet it is hard
> going at 21 cause that is like right in the middle of your education
> and everything, but now its not too bad. It also might make more of
> the girls I went to school with more available :) Haha jk I dont need
> to think about that! But ya it was a wonderful conference! I cant wait
> for the November Ensign to come out just so I can study them more in
> depth.
> Um the first session we watched at Bishop Whites. Hes not the bishop
> anymore, but ya. He made us some home made chili and stuff so it was
> really good. Hes actually an author and has written a lot of books.
> Like Bluegrass Bishop and things like that. But hes really funny, hes
> just a die hard Kentucky fan and like comes off so mean, but hes way
> funny. Like he does a weekly chronicle for the ward and there is like
> a Bio for all the missionaries where he makes fun of them and things
> like that. I havent received one with me in it yet, but he did tell me
> my nickname. He makes a nickname for everyone. Mine is Ka"nusence" Im
> not really sure if thats how you spell it but its pretty funny Ill
> give him that. But the rest of the sessions we watched at the church.
> Sunday morning our investigator Pedro came and guess what.... the
> spanish feed was broken into our building and a member from the
> spanish branch in Louisville came to pick up Pedro and watch it.... so
> Elder Granados translated the whole morning session on Sunday.... Man
> am I grateful to have a native companion haha. He said it was
> ridiculously hard, but that now he for sure believes in the gift of
> tongues.
> I am still with my companion. I am not really happy about it ill be
> honest. This week I really had a problem with him. I guess everyone in
> my district was like praying that he would get transferred, but it
> didnt happen. There are 2 people from my district that is getting
> transferred, our district leader, and then an english elder serving in
> Georgetown. But I just really havent agreed with a lot of the choices
> hes made as a missionary and hes the senior companion so pretty much
> what he says goes.  He made the decision we were going to go play
> basketball with this kid and his other brother. I asked him.... "Is
> this fulfilling your calling as a missionary?" And he said yes because
> they are potential investigators so I said I would go, but it had to
> be for a reason and we couldnt stay for very long. Needless to say, he
> didnt bring up one thing about the gospel and he made us stay there
> for 2 hours.... so im going to email president about that. Also he was
> with Elder S Sunday morning and he took the keys and got in the
> drivers seat and he doesnt have driving privelages and he wouldnt let
> Elder S drive... on his way into the church parking lot he ran
> into the curb with the car! Like it is so frustrating. And then on
> Saturday morning he woke up late, but wanted to work out. I said I was
> going to study. He said he wanted to go to the gym, I said you know
> then maybe you should have gotten up earlier, but he dragged me to the
> gym so he could work out for 2 hours while I studied. Its just not
> acceptable and im really getting mad.
> Um there is nothing really new with any of our investigators. I feel
> like we havent found anyone or teach anyone ever! I dont know... I
> honestly dont even feel like a missionary in this area. Pedro is doing
> good though. He will be baptized next Saturday. Hes been really
> prepared. Like so I told you last week he went to church an hour and a
> half before sacrament started just because that was his only ride.
> Then I guess he began to vacuum the floor because he wanted it all to
> be clean before Sacrament started. It really shows how much he
> respects the House of the Lord.
> There hasnt really been too much going around here though. Just the
> same old same old. Haha the first nun I have ever seen just walked
> into the library so that was kinda cool. Oh and then last night Elder
> G really wanted to go to dinner at that ladys house cause she
> invited us over again. Elder W really wanted to go also because
> he likes food haha and so them 2 went. They were over there from 630
> until 9 and they didnt give her the answers to the questions she asked
> and didnt bring up any gospel topic... Like really? What were you
> doing for 2 hours?!?! So Elder S and I worked Versailles and
> went and tried to see like 5 part member families. We talked to 2 of
> them and it went really good. Then I decided to stop off by this
> ladies house to see how she was cause we had given her a blessing a
> few days before so that was nice. But we got some good work done
> yesterday just to see where the part members are and if they are
> willing to listen to us.
> My 6 month mark wasnt really anything too exciting haha. I got a
> letter from someone and I think thats about the only thing. Nothing
> really too special that happened. Like we went and did service and a
> few other things. Its weird to think that Im already done with a 1/4
> of my mission. This transfer hopefully should go by fast. Im really
> hoping it will.... But the one after that will fly!!! Next transfer it
> will be, Thanksgiving, My Birthday, Christmas, and New Years all in 1
> transfer!! Haha its crazy!! We dont really have any plans this today
> or this week yet. We will see what happens. I hope all is well in
> Utah. I really loved seeing the things of temple square haha Man I
> miss it.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

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