Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'm sorry I've been so neglectful in getting pictures posted for the last couple of months.  These are most of what Kyle has sent.  I kept out the pictures of them gutting a pig for Christmas dinner. :)

January 28th

Well it was a pretty normal week to say the least. My eye is doing pretty good now. Um it was some sort of infection that starts at the roots of your eyelashes and you can pretty much get it from anything. It was really miserable riding a bike with only one eye though. Like I honestly refused to go to Holiday Park because we have to go up and over the freeway and so there are a few on ramps and off ramps where we ride and I couldnt really see very good so I told Elder Baker I didnt really feel safe to ride all the way there.

So I actually got sick this week too. Im pretty sure it was food poisoning though. We had carne asada and it was soooo good and I ate a lot and then Elder Baker told me that he was watching Pablo cook and that some of the meat wasnt cooked all the way through. Like it was delicious, but then that night I threw my guts up and so we stayed in Friday most of the day. And then Friday night I threw up again and Saturday I felt pretty miserable. We went out Saturday morning and I just couldnt ride on my bike. I felt really noscious and I wanted to throw up. So we went  back to the apartment and did a hispanic remedy that Elder Duran made me do. So hispanics just come up with weird things to try and cure whatever they want haha. So first off he asked if I felt the need to throw up and I told him ya, and so then he made me take half of a lime and pour like a volcano of baking soda on top of it and then bite into it and it makes you throw up. Ya.... that didnt really work for me... I did it 3 times and it was soooo disgusting and it didnt make me throw up. Cause like its a super weird chemical reaction when you bite into the lime and it just starts foaming in your mouth and you just hold it there. Like it made me gag for sure and I felt the throw up sensation, but just nothing would really come up. So thats what I did first. Then he made me do the water remedy. So the water remedy is pretty bad. So you hop in the shower without the water on, but turn it to as cold as it possibly will, then you turn in on and you have to wash certain parts of your body in a certain order. Like the right side, then the left side, then the front, then the back, then the bottom half, and like the spout has to hit all the parts, you cant just wipe it around, so you do that really fast and then turn off the water and sit there for 20 seconds. Then you do it again, wait for 20 seconds, then do it a 3rd time, but then you get out of the shower dripping wet and wrap yourself in your sheets and then pile as much blankets as you can find on top of you and like get all tucked in. So this like knocks you out cause your body goes into shock. Like it was the weirdest sleep ive ever gotten, and then you sweat out all the bad stuff thats in your body. Maybe yall should try it haha. I actually felt pretty good when I woke up. I felt different, but not like 100 percent fully recovered. But like you only fall asleep for like an hour, and it feels like you didnt even ever fall asleep, its real weird.

I dont remember if I told you about the other spanish remedy I got last week with my eye. So we went to Pablo and Fabiolas neighbor named Aidee, shes a member. We had dinner with her and pablo and fabiola and the other elders. It was super good. And when were about to leave she stops us and says shes going to cure my eye cause it was like at the beginning of everything. So the first thing I see is her pull out a jalepeno and I was like oh great haha. So then she cooked it whole like on the stove top to make it really hot and like there was black marks on it. Then she made me sit down and she wiped this burning hot pepper on my eye. It killed haha. It made my eye water like none other. Elder Baker said I was a champ though haha but it was pretty bad. Then she saw that it didnt work and she told me she did it wrong. She was supposed to cut open the pepper and rub all the juices on my eye and then we were supposed to rinse it out with water. She wanted to do it but I was like no its ok I have medicine thats working haha. Spanish remedys are way funny though. They think Alka Seltzer cures everything too haha.

So Marissa Trujillo got her mission call. She doesnt have a Facebook so you couldnt have known. Shes going to Reno Nevada speaking Spanish!!! Thats super cool!! Like its a brand new mission. She leaves at the end of March so its pretty cool. Weve been writing lately. She sent me a package this week.

So on Tuesday we went to the Muhammad Ali museum cause hes from Louisville. Its super cool. Its a really well put together museum. Hes super cocky though. It kinda made me not like him as much, but like you had to respect him for what he did. But like they had his 1977 Rolls Royce there and also his motorcycle that Orange County Choppers did and just the most ridiculous art work ive ever seen. It was super fun. It was better than most things we do on P-day. We also went to buffalo wild wings, I wish they had one in Utah, they are so good. But man Im so broke haha. I only had like 8 dollars on my credit card to buy groceries for the week. Like we get paid this week, but ya I was super poor.

So then we went to Dunkin Doughnuts to get a doughut afterward. Man the dumbest thing ever happened to me. So like we are all eating our doughnut and like one of the ones I got was powderred and like I scrapped it off the table into the bag that I had to kinda clean up. But there was still some powder stuff on the floor. Then I went to the bathroom, and apparently when I was in the bathroom one of the workers like brought out a broom and got like mad at whoever spilled powder stuff on the floor and made us clean it up!!! Like wow... no customer service to say the least. That dont happen in Utah haha.

So I contacted a super cool person this week. Like Elder Baker and I dont really have anyone to teach right now. Were just tracting and just trying to find. Like its suuuuper hard right now. We have no idea where to go and so Im just trying to do all that I can. So I have been trying to contact everyone I can on the streets cause President wants us to contact at least 10 people on the streets a day. So we were kinda in a rush and somehow I got on the other side of the street at Elder Baker and then a hispanic guy walks by me. I ride up to him and we just start talking and he is from Chiuaua Mexico and I told him that my cousin served his mission there and stuff and it was a cool contact then I talked about Jesus Christ and just some other stuff and I kinda felt like it was just a normal contact. Then like when I was about to just get up and ride,something told me to wait. So I waited and this look came over his face. So I asked him "Like is there anything we can do for you, is everything ok, like whats wrong?" Just seeing why that look came over his face. Then he looked at me and said I looked familiar and that it wasnt just coincidance that we were talking, but that God wanted us to talk. So he tried to tell me his address cause hes new to town, and he doesnt have a phone, but we couldnt find his apartment. He had our number and we know where he works, but I just keep praying that he calls. Hes super cool.

So I was listening to a song today that I think you would like. Actually I think you would just love the CD. Like you dont have to buy it or anything. You could probably just listen to it on Youtube and like I dont need it cause pretty much every missionary has it so I can get it from someone. But the CD is called "A Nashville Tribute to the Missionaries: The Work" And then there is a song called Bless my Son. Im sure itll make you cry mom haha. But its a real good CD.

But I dont really have too much else to say. I cant believe Lindsay hasnt sent it off, I thought you were going to send me a letter right away to tell me if im going to have another niece or a nephew. I better find out this week or Ill be upset. So this is the 5th week of the transfer and so next Saturday is Transfer calls. Im pretty positive Elder Baker and I wont be staying companions. There is a few things that could happen. Elder Baker could get moved and I could stay here. Or I got to an area called Arcadia (most sketch area in the mission) and I would be white washing it (which means they bring in 2 new elders that dont know the area, its fun but super hard. But they havent been having any success there for awhile) Or I could go to Shelbyville as a Senior Companion/ District Leader. So we will see what happens. I kinda feel like Im going to Shelbyville. I heard its just white right now too. They are working to get a full time spanish branch in there right now, That would be super cool if I could help to make it from a group to a branch!

One thing I want is just kinda like a photo album that I could put all the photos I have in. Not a huge one, but semi decent size.

Well thats all for me. Love yall

Elder Knudsen

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22nd

Well this week has been a super rough week to say the least haha. Like
> man. I just cant really get a break. Happy Aniversary by the way.
> Thats super crazy.
> I really dont feel like I have a lot to write about today. So one
> thing that happened.... I got an infection in my eye. Ive been having
> to go home every 4 hours to do like a 20 minute treatment and its
> really just been a pain. Like I just want to do the work but there are
> always just little things that makes it that much harder. So today has
> been the first day I could open my eye. Its been sealed shut since
> friday or so. Its been really hard biking with only one eye, but the
> work goes on. I just feel awkward too when I go into a houe or
> something and they just ask about my eye and stuff, but oh well I
> guess. But I have picture to show you how it was for the first little
> while.
> I got to go on an exchange with Elder Warner this week so that was
> really fun. It was weird to be working Okolona again with him. It felt
> like the good old days. You better plan on going to his farewell haha
> Itll be in June. He only has 3 more transfers after this one which is
> pretty crazy!! Like its going to go by so fast!! We are actaully all
> going to the Muhammad Ali museum today with the Zone Leaders so that
> should be fun. Its closed on Mondays and so were taking advantage of
> the Pday on Tuesday.
> There was one thing that was really cool that happened to me this
> week. So we were in this area where there are a pretty good amount of
> Spanish and weve tracted most of it. We were just standing there
> deciding what to do. I asked Elder Baker if he had ever knocked this
> one door. He said for some reason they never did when they tracted
> over there. So I told him we needed to knock on it and so we went and
> knocked on it and gave our little door approach and the guy wasnt very
> interested, but then there was a woman that was inside that told us to
> come in. We were taken by surprise so we walked in. We sit down and
> start telling her were missionaries and that the reason she has never
> heard about us is because the church isnt formed in Cuba yet. She
> asked where our church was and said she had been searching for a
> church ever since she has got here but hasnt found one, she said she
> was going to try and make it this week, but she couldnt. But we gave
> her a pamphlet (wow my spelling is awful cause of spanish) and she
> like asked if we had any more material to read cause she likes to read
> and wanted to read it. It was super cool because I know that I was
> listening to the spirit to knock on that door and it was the perfect
> time to go, cause she works a lot and if she wasnt home we wouldnt
> have been able to get in.
> It has gotten really cold that last little bit and super windy which
> is the worst on bikes. I think it was last night or maybe tonight I
> dont remember, but its supposed to get below 0 with wind chill. Like
> just riding to get our groceries today was miserable haha. My face
> just loses all feeling and it just stings. But the work goes on and
> there are a lot of missionaries on bikes so I really shouldnt be
> complaining.
> You should tell that sister in our ward to write me :) Haha When does
> she leave for Austrailia?
> I cant believe Lindsay finds out what shes having today. And I cant
> believe Chris is thinking about moving. Man they just barely bought
> that house haha. Where are they thinking about moving?? It better be
> close!!
> Haha funniest line ever yesterday. So we went to subway and Elder
> Baker asked the guy if the Chicken Chipotle sandwhich was good and the
> guy was like "Ill be honest, I dont really like chicken unless its
> fried." Haha only in Kentucky would you get someone to say that!!
> Pretty much we are in finding mode right now. Just knocking a lot of
> doors because we dont have a lot of names to go see right now. Vicente
> pretty much has dropped us and wont return our phone calls. We just
> dropped Ronal yesterday cause he wont read the Book of Mormon. Hes so
> ready, but he just doesnt know it. Like he has never been religious
> and he told us hes gotten a lot closer to God since weve come by and
> he feels the spirit when he reads the bible. But he just has never
> seen the confusion with the Bible and so he doesnt understand what the
> Book of Mormon offers. Like its just really frustrating when you cant
> help someone understand something.
> But really thats pretty much all I got this week. I hope you all are
> doing well. Love yall
> Elder Knudsen

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14th

Well this week has actually been really warm until today. Yesterday it
> rained all day, but like it was in the high 50's for like 2 or 3 days.
> Now its supposed to be in the low 30's to 20's but with wind chill and
> humidity its a lot colder!! But it was a really hectic week to say the
> least.
> So last week I told you I could possibly be having a baptism this
> week. We had fasted with her last weekend and I really felt like it
> was going to work. We were in a lesson with her last week and I had an
> idea pop into my head that that weekend was fast sunday and so I
> brought up fasting and she shouldnt make a decision until we fasted
> with her. So all weekend I really felt like it was going to happen. I
> just kept telling Elder Baker that all was going to work out. Saturday
> night and Sunday morning I pleaded that the people who bore there
> testimonies would say something that impacted Micaela. Then when I was
> sitting there in Sacrament I felt like every single testimony was
> directed at her. We then asked how she felt after Sacrament and she
> just said it was good and that she was ready to go to Gospel
> Principles. So that kinda broke my spirits cause it didnt seem like
> she had really felt anything or had recieved anything from the
> meeting. So then we had Family Home Evening at the apartment of the
> Branch Mission Leader and we asked Darely and Amiley to pick up
> Micaela. Anyways.... they were like 30 min late and missed the lesson
> and Micaela was kinda upset so I really didnt think her baptism was
> going to work out. Cause she also told us we couldnt come over on
> Monday to talk to her. But we set up an appointment with her for
> Tuesday. We went over there with a man named David Sapon (who I found
> out today lived in T-ville and im pretty sure he was in our stake
> cause he has always looked so familiar but he couldnt really remember
> the name cause it had been 5 years) But anyway, so we sit down and
> start talking. We say a prayer and the first question we ask her was
> how was the fast and she just said it was fine. Then we asked if she
> recieved any answers. She then started to say "Well I havent had any
> dreams like I thought I was going to have, but I know I need to be
> baptized on the 12!" AHHHH It was sooo crazy!! Like I didnt even know
> what to think. Elder Baker and I had to ask her just to make sure we
> didnt hear wrong haha cause we thought it was going to take a lot more
> to help her understand her answer. Then the member looks over at us
> when Micaela went in the other room for a second and was like "Do you
> need any more help" Haha it was so funny but such an amazing
> experience.
> So then like Elder Baker and I were just on cloud nine, but we came
> back to reality real fast when we thought of how much preparation we
> had to do to get this baptism to go through. We still hadnt taught her
> everything at this point cause she doesnt really like visiting with us
> more than once a week. So then we set up an apt with her Wednesday to
> finish the lessons. Then Thursday we were going to go over the bap
> interview questions with her and then Friday have her interview and
> then Saturday her baptism and then Sunday her confirmation. But just
> like everything else in missionary work... it doesnt always work out
> how you expect it to. She called us Wednesday and said she wouldnt be
> able to meet with us that day. So then Elder Baker and I went into
> panic mode and he wanted to move her baptism back a week but I told
> him, we shouldnt really wait if she can be baptized cause we never
> know whats going to change in a week. So we ended up finishing the
> teaching on Thursday and set up her interview on Friday. Her interview
> scared me to death cause hispanics dont really grasp everything too
> well and dont retain a lot. But she did great and passed. So then
> Friday we called a few people to give talks and prayers for the
> service Saturday night. We then had to make the program Saturday
> morning and it was just super hectic. But it all worked out in the
> end. Then on Sunday the person who usually gives her a ride had to be
> at church early so she didnt have a ride and so we were freaking out
> and had to call so many people to try and make other arrangements.
> We had Joel, our branch missionary leader baptize her cause he really
> helped in the teachings. She didnt have a preferrance on who she
> wanted to baptize her. We thought it would be a really cool thing for
> Joel to do it because we found out he might be getting deported soon.
> Like Elder Baker was thinking I should baptize her cause like I was
> there from the start with Elder Warner and just saw her progression,
> but we both in the end decided it would be good for Joel to do it. We
> had a really good turn out from the branch too so it was really
> exciting.
> So pretty much that was my whole week. Just preparing a baptism and it
> was so great. We had a fireside last night in President Woodburys home
> with all the investigators and members and missionaries that live
> close. Well like all spanish at least. We do that every month and its
> always really fun to see all the other missionaries you know. Cause
> like every spanish elder is there except 2 areas, Lexington and
> Versailles just cause there really far away. But it was fun. David
> Sapon gave the talk. The one that confirmed Micaela and also the one
> that was in our stake in the 10th branch I think. Hes such a stud. Hes
> from Guatemala and just like amazing. Hes the Elders Quorum president
> in the branch right now. But ya it was good times.
> I havent been getting any letters!!! So thats kinda lame. No I havent
> got Grandpas package yet. Its probably sitting at the mission office
> cause they dont forward out packages because we are there every week
> and because we live in a pretty sketch area.
> Oh ya.... I heard a bunch of gunshots this week. Haha it was super
> sketch. So Elder Baker and I decided to go to these apartments that
> weve never been before. So we ride in and we see some cops there and
> so were like hmmm... this kinda doesnt look very good. Then we hear
> like 3 shots pop off and the cops just start like running into this
> place and so needless to say Elder Baker and I decided to.... KNOCK
> THE APARTMENTS haha jk we just left. I dont think we will really go
> back to those apartments haha.
> We also went to Churhill downs again last monday with the Zone Leaders
> and then also an English Companionship. It was pretty fun, but like I
> had already been before so I didnt really have anything too exciting
> happen. I decided Im so coming back for the Kentucky Derby though.
> Elder Baker Elder Warner and whoever else that wants to join us is
> going to come back next May for the Kentucky Derby and do the infield.
> Like I guess its super crazy... but a lot cheaper that seats. They are
> only like 50 bucks, but usually there are like 50,000 that do the
> infield so it takes like 2 hours to just get into the infield... itll
> be an adventure to say the least. I also decided Elder Baker and I are
> going to be real close friends haha. He wants me to come to Arizona
> and room with him soooo bad. Like he was like what will it take to get
> you to come down and I was like when you go to El Salvador you have to
> take me and pay for me and he was like DONE haha it was super funny.
> Ya I took the watch back and got a really cool watch at Target. Like
> its super classy. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it. Its
> mossimo I think or somethink I dont really know. But its super nice.
> So I didnt get a belt but ya.
> I think thats pretty much all on my part. I hope all is going well with yall
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 7th

> So this week... everything that could go wrong.... went wrong....
> Like I honestly dont even know where to start haha. So Ill start with
> Micaela. Shes an investigator that Elder Warner and I found and shes
> been progressing really well. Shes been to church 10 times and just
> loves it and her baptism was supposed to be this Saturday, but she
> doesnt really feel ready. We fasted with her this weekend to try and
> make her recieve an answer. Its just cause she doesnt think she has
> enough knowledge of the Bible yet and thinigs like that so that was
> really frustrating so today were going over and we will find out if we
> are having a baptism this week. Elder Baker was impressed by that
> lesson. Like I guess what I shared was really powerful, but ya. It was
> a good lesson we had with her last time like when we decided we were
> going to fast with her. I really think she will be ready by Saturday,
> but we will just have to wait and see.
> So the most awkward thing ever happened in my mission!!!! So a few
> weeks ago I contacted into a way cool Cuban lady when I was on an
> exchange with Elder Duran and she really wanted us to come over, so we
> went over a couple times and there is no man that lives with her so we
> cant go in, so we just talked to her like the first 3 times. Then we
> were supposed to have a lesson with her Thursday, but then couldnt
> because her roommate was watching TV and so she wanted to go to
> another location with the member we brought to have a lesson, but we
> werent really prepared for that so we changed it for Saturday. So she
> wanted to have it somewhere besides her house. So we called this old
> Cuban man that lives with his Granddaughter and asked if we could go
> over there. He told us there wasnt a problem and that we could. So we
> go with the member to pick her up to take her to this house. When we
> get to the house the old man is standing outside in full winter
> gear.... I guess he thought that Elder Baker told him that we just
> wanted him to come to a meeting and so then we were going to go try
> Jose Emilios (another old Cuban) But then the investigator felt really
> uncomfortable cause it was her with 4 guys and we were going to
> another guys house so she just started like having a panic attack and
> so then we had to take her home and she was just like really upset so
> we dont think we will ever be able to have a lesson with her again....
> Elder Baker feels like its his fault because he is the one that called
> Alberto, but it could have happened to anyone. It was really
> awkward!!!
> Then Thursday was just the worst day ever. It was frigid cold and
> there was absolutely no one home and all of our plans fell through.
> Like it was the lowest I have felt in my mission. So I said a prayer
> in my heart and asked Elder Baker to call a potential that we had met
> a long time ago that wasnt really interested at the time. He calls her
> and she says she would love if we came over. So we took a member with
> us that night and saw her!!! It was probably one of the coolest
> lessons ever. She said the last week she had been praying to find
> happiness in her life and to find God and to find her purpose in life.
> She wanted to know what God expected of her, and just all these
> amazing questions that we just love as missionaries!!! So we had a
> super powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon and how it really can
> answer all of the questions of the soul. Then I had one of the coolest
> things in my mission happen, like usually I feel like I go by the
> spirit, but this sentance popped in my head and I said it and
> immediately the spirit confirmed to me that that was what I was
> supposed to say at that moment. Like it really impacted her and was
> close to tears. I said "This Gospel will bring you a joy that man cant
> take away" And she had been having I guess trust issues with men and
> just lots of other stuff and it really hit her.
> So then we set up another appointment to go see her Saturday night!!!
> But this time..... HER KID WAS CRAZY!!!! Like im way excited to have
> kids, but man.... this made me not excited at all. Hispanics dont know
> how to discipline there kids so we was just going crazy throughout the
> whole lesson. He is like 4 years old. He was throwing things, hitting
> things, and it was just so distracting and the spirit couldnt be there
> and finally she just asked if we could come by another day cause he
> wouldnt calm down. It was devastating. Like Saturday was the worst day
> ever. That was the same day when the whole thing with the Cuban lady
> happened and then Micaela cancelled on us so we couldnt go start the
> fast with her at her home and we had to do it over the phone. It was
> just the worst thing ever!!!
> Like we had a pretty successful week number wise, but I really just
> felt like everything fell apart and that nothing was going our way.
> OHHH And we were going to teach this Cuban man named Martin that was a
> friend of a member and he came to church last week and liked it and
> Elder Baker and I just knew he was going to get baptized, we show up
> on Wednesday I think it was, and he dropped us. His family anti-ed him
> and so he said he wouldnt be able to meet with us anymore and tried to
> give the Book of Mormon back to us, but we let him keep it. It was
> just a super hard week and it was freeeeeezing cold!!!
> Bike+Winter=Miserable!!! Like really we walk outside and within 5
> minutues our face is numb and it just stings and like its the worst!!
> Its so stinking cold!!
> But I think thats about all that happened this week!!! Oh and thanks
> for the Calendar!!! I LOVE IT!!! Best gift ever. Have you heard about
> anyone else going on missions. I dont think I told you but Marissa is
> going on one. Her papers are in so thats pretty cool.
> I love you all
> Elder Knudsen

> at Christmas. I couldnt stop smiling. So we went with a member to
> knock on his door just out of hope, and he wasnt home, I was
> devastated cause I have knocked on that door 20 times since I have
> been back. So then we went and saw Ronal, one of his friends that is
> investigating a little bit and he lives pretty close to him. We asked
> Ronal about Vicente and he told us he changed his job and that
> weekends he has off. We were excited to hear that and then right when
> we were about to leave.... IN WALKS VICENTE!!!! I was soooo happy. He
> was happy to see us too. He told us to come over Saturday cause during
> the week he works really hard hours. Hes working at a slaughterhouse
> and so its a really hard job and he works a lot of house but said we
> could come saturday and that he really wants us too and said he will
> come to church this week!!!! Like you have no idea about this man.
> Like when Elder Simms first met him the first words that came out of
> his mouth was... "Branch President" Like he has been prepared and will
> make a huge change. And I know I knew him long before this life.... He
> looks sooooo familiar. Well that was it.
> Elder Knudsen

December 31st

Well this
> week was really cold to say the least. We got some snow and then it
> snowed a little bit more and then it was just really cold. It got
> below the 30's most of the days. My face is like numb by the end of
> the day ususally. We definately have mastered the bus system.
> Christmas was great to see you all. It was a really fun day. After we
> talked to you we went to a Cubans house and had a Cuban dinner with
> some Cubans and were there for about an hour and then we went home and
> did laundry at like 730 cause we didnt have time the day before. So
> that was pretty much how i finished my Christmas. So not too exciting,
> but its still real good. Mothers day is going to come real fast. Its
> only in like 3 transfers. And yes I should be able to skype you. I
> dont really know why I wouldnt be able to. Like I know we are for sure
> allowed to do it, it just depends on where I am and if I have the
> capabilities.
> So Elder Baker and I are staying in Okolona. So ill be here at least
> until the middle of February. So pretty much either Ill get transfered
> out then, or ill be here a really long time. Cause Elder Baker will be
> going Zone Leader in March and so then I would have to stay here at
> least another transfer to show someone the area, and we are also
> getting a new Elder in March, so if I trained I would be here for 2
> more transfers. Hes actually from Peru, so it would really help my
> Spanish cause he doesnt really know English haha. So we will see what
> happens there. Elder Warner and Elder Duran are still in Zone Leader
> so thats good, and then Sister Dunlop goes home tomorrow which is
> crazy. She gave a talk in church yesterday and it was soooo good! I
> cant even imagine what its going to be like when its my last sunday.
> Im going to be a wreck to say the least. Like its going to be super
> hard. I think the hardest part of my mission will be taking off the
> tag.
> So this week was pretty rough number wise. We didnt get in a lot of
> doors just cause everyone said they were busy with the holidays and
> things like that so that kinda was lame. I actually contacted into a
> way cool Cuban last week though. Shes super cool. We have high hopes
> for her. It was when I was on an exchange with Elder Duran. But shes
> only been in the states like 3 months and those are the best so they
> dont get antied and they dont have jobs yet so they are open to talk
> to you whenever :) and then we also got a referral from an old Cuban.
> He actually brought him to church yesterday and wants us to teach him.
> I am pretty sure he will be baptized real fast too. I think we could
> have a good amount of baptisms this month. We have 3 dates right now,
> Im pretty confident about 2 of them. And then I think there are
> another few potentials that just havent accepted dates yet. So it
> should be an exciting transfer to say the least.
> Today is a non prosiliting day, so were just staying in cause no one
> invited us over and were poor and its cold haha. We were going to do
> something with Elder Warner and them, but they dont have any miles
> since its the end of the month. So I wish we could, but there isnt
> really anything we can do about it.
> I dont really have too much to say this week haha. There wasnt really
> anything too overly exciting, No I havent gotten your package yet
> because we told the mission office not to forward our packages just
> cause they have gotten stolen in the past and were at the mission
> office at least once a week, so Ill be getting in on Wednesday. I also
> am going to take back the watch today haha. Bout time right??
> We finally got in contact with Vicente this week!!!! He works like 12
> hours a day 7 days a week and so its been impossible to see him. We
> had an apt with him on Wednesday, but he had a new job interview so he
> wasnt home, but we talked to him like friday and he said he really
> wants to meet with us and asked if we would call today so we could set
> something up. He said my spanish has really improved haha so that was
> exciting. Like he is sooo legit. When Elder Simms met him he was like
> "Future Branch President for sure" Like I really hope we can get
> something rolling with him again cause he told us he knew it was true,
> but then he got his permission to work like 5 months early and got a
> job a week before his baptism, definatly a trial of his faith. So we
> are going to do all that we can to help him!
> I think thats about all I have this week.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

December 17th

Well today has just been same old same old. I really dont remember
> anything that has happened. I think there really wasnt anything that
> happened. The work is really progressing along and I really cant wait
> for this week, its going to be way super fun. So today, the sisters in
> my district has a wedding for 2 investigators so they can get married
> so were going to Indiana today so thats kinda exciting. Its my 2nd
> wedding on my mission haha. And then Tuesday I think were going to
> have a family home evening and then we also have a blitz with the zone
> leaders so I think I get to work with Elder Warner for a day!! Haha
> that should be fun. He said he was going to write you last week, but
> then just ran out of time. And then Saturday is the Branch Christmas
> Party which should be super fun, and then Sunday is pretty much just
> going to be a normal day, and then Monday we have a Mission Christmas
> Party/Conference. ITS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!! President Woodbury has
> never seen all of his missionaries at once. I really hope its just a
> blast, actually I know it will be. All hispanics actually celebrate
> the 24 and so thats when all the partying is going to be. We are going
> to Pablo and Fabiolas house that night. They are buying a whole
> pig!!!! Were having Carnitas!!!!! I LOVE TACOS HAHAH. Tacos are my
> favorite food now, they have to be authentic though. Like we were
> riding home this week from Holiday Park and there was a Taco Truck and
> so we stopped and had some.... MAN THEY WERE SOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!! Like
> they were delicious. I had one that was Chorizo (EAST CANYON) And then
> one that was Al Pastor!! Man there is just nothing better then corn
> tortillas with some meat and onions and cilantro.
> We had a pretty successful week though. Like Okolona hasnt had any bap
> dates since I left and everyone got baptized, but this week Elder
> Baker and I set 2, and we have plans to set 3 more this week. So we
> are really making progression. We are just really starting to get
> focused on the work to say the least. Because I feel like some
> missionaries are just too complacent on setting bap dates and like if
> they say no they just drop it, but this week we just really pushed the
> issue with some people and they accepted them. They are both for Jan
> 12, one is from Guatemala, I actually taught her the first time I was
> here and she has seen miracles since shes met us. Like she found us 3
> days before she was supposed to get deported and then we pulled some
> strings and got her to stay and then her son is Guatelmala has just
> had a lot of things happen. She comes to church every week but she was
> baptized earlier in the year at a different church and she thinks its
> not good to be baptized 2, but we just had a really good lesson with
> her and she accepted one. The other one is a man named Jaime, and we
> will see what happens with him.
> Did Sarabeth ever get in contact with you, cause I might have to call
> her and really get mad at her. Cause your hoodie is in Utah, but just
> at Wilsons house and so I dont know whats going on. But me and Elder
> Baker are getting along so great. He reminds me so much of my cousin
> Colton its not even funny. He is convinced I have to move down and go
> to University of Arizona with him, but we will see what happens haha
> he said Im going to be one of his groomsmen at his wedding haha. We
> are real close and have a lot of fun. Its kinda harder on the bike
> cause we dont get to talk as much, but we still have a lot of fun.
> Like we just make every situation fun. Its pretty cold on a bike to
> say the least. Like im not wearing my big coat yet, but it has rained
> a bit and it just gets real chilly at night cause it gets dark at like
> 6 now and so were riding for 3 hours in the dark and its cold.
> I hope everyone likes there gifts. I was thinking you could maybe wrap
> them all, but its up to you. One box has something for my bro and his
> wife. Then in the other it has things for Dad, Lindsay and her
> husband, and then yours is at Elder Wilsons. So maybe just get on FB
> and get real mad at him and he will bring it over. I sent 2 things
> with them, so hopefully you get both.
> I have been really tired lately. The bike is just wareing me out again
> haha. My body has to get used to it again.
> I made Christmas cards today. Ill send one to you today. Thats why I
> asked for the Westbrook 7th ward roster so that I can send some to
> people there. I also need Landons and Caydes address. I dont have it I
> dont think. I wanted to send them to my international friends too, but
> its just too expensive and I didnt make too many cards. Its pretty
> great though :) I think youll like it. There was a companionship in my
> zone that made the funniest one ever!!!! Like it cracked me up. So
> they are just wearing these ugly sweaters and there are like a
> personal one of each on each side of the card and they are in front of
> a Christmas tree just with a funny look on there face, and then in the
> middle there is a picture of them jumping in the middle of the street
> with there arms and legs flailing everywhere, wearing the ugly
> sweaters. Its real good haha.
> I got a letter from the bishop of the ward. It was actually kinda a
> christmas present. There was a Christmas card of him and his family
> and then a card with a picture of the whole bishop bric. They are
> really young!!! But then they also sent me candy and a few pictures
> and stuff so it was really nice. Tell them thanks for me cause I wont
> be able to get a thank you card written in time. I could really use a
> new belt by the way. It would be real nice.
> You sent me an email with my own address.... what was up with that.
> And I think you should tell everyone to just send it to the mission
> office, cause if they send a package I dont want it to get stolen.
> Like the mission office doesnt send them to us just cause were there
> a lot and then we dont run the risk of getting them stolen. Just FYI.
> I cant believe Carli is going to Cali too. Man everyone is going there
> it feels like. And if you could get Moses address too that would be
> great. I need to write that kid.
> Its so weird this is the last time I will write you until I talk to
> you on the phone. I have no idea what the plann is for Christmas. I am
> still trying to find somewhere where I could skype. I think I might be
> able to do it at Pablo and Fabiolas, but they invited us over the 24
> so I dont know if they will want us over for the 25. Im going to ask
> them though. I could also ask Darelys kids. There laptops have it
> built in, but we will see. They said they were just going to stay home
> on Christmas. And it would be super great if you could send something
> real fast for Elder Baker. Just something real small. Cause I guess
> his parents are going to send me something. Then if you wanted to do
> something for my district, but you dont have to. But were going to
> open presents with all our district. So my district is Me, Elder
> Baker, Elder Warner, Elder Duran, Sister Oakey, and Sister Dunlop. If
> not its totally cool. And you could also send something for Pablo and
> Fabiola and there kids. They have a girl thats 10 named Marcela, a boy
> thats 5 named Mariano, and a baby boy named Mauricio that is 1. If not
> you dont have to but just if you wanted to do something you could. I
> also got a letter from Fords mom today so that was real nice so you
> should send cards to some of my friends. I think they would really
> like it.
> I think thats about it for me. But Im going to try and call later in
> the afternoon here. Maybe like 3 or 4 so it would be like 1 there. If
> im going to do skype ill probably call before hand and tell you just
> so you can set up for it or something. I dont know what your plan is.
> And just so you know I wont be able to make any more than 1 phone call
> that lasts 40 min, so if anyone wants to come, they have to be where
> you are. It would be cool if Chris could set up a webcam so I could
> see like the whole room or something, but I dont know how he would do
> it. Im not sure. But ya.
> Love you all and Merry Christmas
> Elder Knudsen
> P.s I wont be writing next week.