Friday, November 16, 2012

October 29th

 Well I am now sitting at the library with Elder Sizelove and Elder
> Forsgren.  We did a lot of service this weekend. Can I just tell
> you... I HATE DRYWALL!!! So we went to a members house whose bringing
> there baby home a few months early so they have had a lot of work to
> do and so we went up there and were having to sand.... man it was
> sooooo awful haha but it was fun. I got my first cheesburger since
> being on my mission so I was grateful for that :)
> Thats so dang crazy that Carli is going on a mission. I got word this
> week that Celeste is too. She has her interview this week. I heard
> that usually Salt Lake gets 600 applicants every week but the week
> after conference they got 7000!! Crazy right?
> So ill be staying in Frankfurt for the next 3 weeks. I was talking to
> President and hes not going to close Versailles so either ill be in
> Frankfurt for the next 3 weeks or 9 weeks. I think ill either be
> training or getting Elder Ferguson which I would really like. Hes a
> good missionary. He served in Arcadia (louisville) when I was there so
> I got to know him pretty good. Hes from Cali as well. I think I would
> love to train, but I would be scared out of my mind.
   Pedro got the priesthood yesterday so that was
> really cool to see. Im happy for him. So... funny story... Yesterday
> during one of the talks Granados asked if I could translate so he
> could go sit in the bathroom so I did. The talk was from a former
> bishop.... and can I just say... I didnt even know what he was saying
> in English let alone Spanish. He was talking about like the history of
> the nation and just weird things Ive never heard of and just quoting
> people and like saying words Ive never heard before. So needless to
> say Pedro got nothing out of that talk. I was just like "Pedro, Im
> sorry, I dont even know what hes saying in english let alone translate
> it to Spanish so Im sorry. (he chuckled after I said that haha)
> Its getting pretty cold here! If you could send me out... um...
> thermals, gloves, maybe under armour, scarf, sweaters, (I dont know if
> ill need my jacket) and maybe some warmer socks. Thanks again for the
> package. It was really great. I would love it if you sent me out some
> more CD's. More kinda like an artist singing, not MOTAB. And get me
> some really good Christmas Music!!! I dont think it has to have the
> church logo for Christmas music! Just like ya.
> Um I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday. Its in Lexington so ill
> be going to that and then we will see whats going on. Ive been feeling
> better, but I think something still might be wrong, but I dont know.
> I bet dad is happy about the Giants winning. I knew that they were up
> 2-0 cause I was wearing a Tigers shirt to service and Brother
> Christensen was like I like your shirt, but there not doing so hot and
> then updated me with everything. Wanna know whats weird. 3 transfers
> after this one and ill be hitting my year mark!!! And 1 month and a
> couple of days until your baby turns the big 20!!! and less than 2
> months until you get to see me! So thats something im really looking
> forward too in the next little bit.
> Not really too much here from me. I love you all
> Elder Knudsen

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