Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 3-April 26th

Hey ya'll how are ya doing?!?! I’m doing pretty great! It’s crazy to think that next pday it will be a month since I’ve been gone!! I know it feels like I just got in yesterday!! So Saturday was our last day with Hermano Avila and that kinda sucked. Like he was a crazy strict teacher, but it was good because he kept us on track. Now he’s the teacher for the new district we got yesterday. We got 8 new elders so that’s kind of exciting because now I’m not the newbie haha. But ya Hermano Avila gave us all some good praise and what he told me was amazing! It helped me so much! He told me I’m like the happiest kid he has ever met and it’s amazing how positive I am. He also said that he knows I love the gospel and that I try and live it to the fullest and that’s why he can see the love I have for it. He also promised me if I open my mouth I will touch so many lives because I have a strong spirit about me!! It was really amazing because he usually never compliments us so it was kind of cool.

Sunday was probably one of the best days I’ve ever had! It was so spiritual uplifting because I had an answer to so many of my prayers. So I had talked to Vankomen and he was having a really hard time adjusting and so I prayed really hard for him. On Sunday he was made a Zone Leader and he started to love the MTC so that was one answer to my prayers. Um then that night we heard from Stephen B Allen and he gave an amazing talk. Um I don’t really remember what the talk was about.  Then after that we went and watched a talk from Holland that he gave a long time ago in the MTC and honestly it was probably the most inspirational talk I have ever heard! He talked about how we as missionaries are apostolic and how we really are just like him except he has different keys then us! The passion he had for his mission wanted me to work so much harder! I want to have no regrets and I want to go to sleep every night physically and mentally exhausted, so exhausted that I feel like I can’t even make it to the apartment. I want to make Abraham 1:39 personal. I want my work and my happiness to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of the people in Kentucky!! There will be no other time in my life that I will have the keys I do now and so I want to take advantage of that!

We got a new teacher this week! He really is amazing! His name is Hermano Toone and he is ridiculous! Like he can have fun, but he knows when to be serious and spiritual. He will also call you out on things which I like because sometimes we just need to be put into place!

Um I lied. Tuesday was the best day ever! So me and Elder Gonzalez had the best lesson we have had so far with Pedro (Hermano Wadsworth)! It was ridiculously amazing! I started to talk at the end of the lesson, but I honestly couldn’t tell you what I said in that lesson. It all just came out in Spanish, and then my teacher started to cry. I don’t know what I said, but I’m positive that it was all guided by the spirit! Like I can’t even describe that feeling! If only every lesson could be like that. Like all our teachers say we have to do the work like Spanish wise, and then if we do then the spirit will direct us what to say. The gift of tongues isn’t something that just comes, you can’t just learn a language. You have to put in the work, but once you do one of the promises of the Holy Ghost is that he will give you the gift of tongues. Pretty much what I feel like that is, is the spirit will just help you recall words that you already know or have heard. But that’s not even the end of why Tuesday was so great! We got to hear from another apostle! I guess apostles just love the MTC because I have seen 3 in 3 weeks and other elders in my zone have been here for 6 and only seen 3. It was Russell M. Nelson! He helped me learn something I had never noticed while reading the scriptures. In the scriptures, the word doctrines has a bad connotation. Always the word doctrines is attached to things like the doctrines of man and the doctrines of Satan. But the word Doctrine always has a good connotation. It goes with phrases like The Doctrine of Christ. The True Doctrine. I have never realized that so that was cool. Then he just pretty much started talking about the 9 aspects or basics of the gospel. It was really knowledgeable. But during his talk, a thought came to my mind. How great must all these missionaries be! Like literally think of how many billions of people have been on this earth and how many would have wanted to be on this earth at this time in my situation! Like I get to help fulfill the prophesy of bringing the house of Israel together and preparing the way for my Savior! Who wouldn’t have wanted this opportunity in the premortal! It reminds me of the scripture in Abraham, I forgot the exact one, but it talks about the noble and great ones being foreordained, and I know these missionaries are some of the noble and great ones!!

Elder Beverly is gone! Sad day!! I love that kid! It’s crazy to think that he came in the same day as I did and he’s already gone! I hope you got the pictures I sent! I send 2 of the one of me and him because I thought maybe you could give one to his mom because I don’t know if he’s sent any pictures! Um he also got to say the opening prayer for the devotional that Elder Nelson got to speak at! He’s going to be great! I haven’t seen big red yet though so that kind of sucks!! Hopefully I’ll see him at dinner or something like that!
Hermana Pasquale is a dork, but she’s great haha! Now you know what she looks like though! It’s great fun!!

Um I don’t really know what else to say! I’m sorry haha! I don’t really have any input in the name for the new dog haha I kind of wish you would have gotten a mini husky though!!! Do you know how legit that dog would be haha but I know mom can’t not have pugs! Oh and thanks for the package! It was great! I’m going to dominate in the water fight haha the butterscotch stuff was good too. You didn’t have to buy me all new ties haha I thought you were just going to send some of my old ones, but that’s ok too. Maybe if you have to send me anything then throw some of my old ones, because one of the elders in my district only has 4 ties haha!

Well I love you all!!!! Thanks for everything!! Talk to you next week.

Elder Knudsen

 Kyle and Elder Gonzalez (4-5-12)
Kyle and Price (in Peru) and Magnesen (District Leader in back)

 Maggie, Greeny, "Gonzo" and Kyle
 Kyle and Jake Beverly
 Sister Pasquale
 "Master Fort"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 18-April 20th

Hey everyone how are you today!!!!

Um I don't know where to start!! So Sunday was fantastic!!! I was feeling really sick and I didnt really want to go to temple walk and so I actually went and took a nap and it helped a lot! I had a really good talk with Brother Lysonbee though! He's one of the people in the branch presidency and it was great! It was so spiritual and I talked to him a lot about my concerns and everything else! I really love him! Him and President Jolley are amazing people!

We had a great talk on Sunday! Cause every Sunday we have a fireside and then every Tuesday we have a devotional! Sunday it was M. Russel Ballard!!! He was so dang amazing!! I love him so much! He mainly talked about how this is going to be such an amazing time in our life and how it is pretty much the most important time that we will ever have! He also talked about how us being Elders, There are very few people in the church with the title of Elder. It is pretty much only apostles. Also David Archuletta sang "Spirit of God" to us! It was ridiculously good! He left this week to go to Chili because I guess they pushed him out fast cause he just couldnt handle it and he knew a little bit of Spanish.
I feel like someone is really trying to get me out of the MTC haha cause on Wednesday I rolled my ankle way bad in baksetball... I have had it wrapped a lot and its a little swollen but I haven't gone to the Dr because I know all they would say would be to wrap it and put some ice on it!

I really need some mini water guns!! Haha we have been having epic water guns fight at night in the residence hall so I know Chris can help me with that haha if you really want to send me something! Mom thanks for the brownies and I'm sorry for accusing yall of not writing me! Still havent got a letter from my bro though so you should probably chew him out for me! I know he's been busy but come on!! Haha I have had a lot of support from you guys though its been a lot. I've got a few letters from friends, but not that many.

Monday nights we have workshops and we had an amazing workshop! It was on the power of the Atonement and it really hit me hard! I was talking to an Elder during it that had a little bit of a handicap but it is great! I've already seen how being set apart as a missionary gives us so much power and authority to do amazing things. Scriputures pop into my head left and right and it is crazy! Like a lot of people say I'm a scripture wiz here, but really I think I'm just in tune with the spirit. But anyway I was talking to this kid and we were just supposed to share a spiritual thought with one another and for some reason I thought of Ether 12:27 I think it is, It talks about if we come to the Lord with our weaknesses in faith then he will make them strong". I have never really thought much about this scripture applying much to the atonement, but it just came to me. Usually our weaknesses is what we mess up on. And when we do apply the Atonement in our life and become truly repentant, then the Lord will make those weaknesses become strengths. It really hit me hard and it also hit the person I was telling. Like he started to tear up, it was really a cool experience. Also it pretty much just showed me that anyone that I come in contact with on my mission can use the power of the atonement in there life and everyone has the potential to become like God.

I actually finished the Book of Mormon again this week. It was really good. I read it pretty fast cause I started it right when I received my call. And now I'm on section 55 of the D&C already haha crazy huh! I saw Vankomen on Wednesday. I actually waited right where they walk out so that  I could greet him. I think it meant a lot to him. He's struggling, I talked to him yesterday , but I know it will get better for him. Jared also left this week! Sad day! Hes such a stud haha and I love when I see Corbin! I don't get to see him often, but when i do its fantastic!!
I dont really have much more to say! I love you all and im so thankful for all of your prayers!!

Elder Knudsen

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 11-April 13th

I've had issues getting onto Blogger, so I'm sorry this e-mail was posted a bit late.  Better late than never.  I've edited a couple of things I'm sure don't need to be on the world wide web...but for the most part I'm leaving this e-mail exactly how Kyle sent it.


How are ya'll doing? Seems like forever since I've gotten a letter from you! Its been 2 days since I've got anything haha jk its all good I know that I wont get stuff every day. So lets start with Easter Sunday, we had a special sacrament meeting where Boyd K Packer spoke and then also his son Elder Packer of the 70. It was really good, but I'll be honest I had a trouble staying awake because I was just really tired. Well I figured out how to log into my ldsmail without a time limit so now I can email longer. Next friday I'll send you an email in the morning telling you when I'll be on just cause then we can communicate if you would like to haha. But President Packers talk was pretty much just reassuring us that everything is going to be alright. That we are doing what we are supposed to and all is well.

The days are going by a lot faster now. Yesterday was a really rough night, but we will get to that later. So Sunday was a really good day. After the sacrament meeting we had a testimoney meeting just with my zone. It was really great. We have actually lost 2 elders this week in our zone because they are going to Peru. Then we are losing a lot next monday cause a whole district is leaving to Mexico so its going to be weird cause they really are great guys. Sorry if I say stuff that I already have because honestly everything just blends together in the MTC.

The discussions have been going good with Sabastian. We had our last one with him yesterday and he committed to be baptized if he felt that it was true in the next few weeks, but then later on in the day we found out that he will actually be one of our teachers. I was kinda embarassed cause me and elder gonzalez coorindate our ties every day and he asked what color we were going to wear for the last one and we hadnt decided so he told us to wear green, that morning I put on a blue one and I really didnt want to change it and I thought it would be OK cause I would never see him again, but he actually dressed up and wore a green tie haha so now hes just going to give me crap about that now I bet.

To answer all of your questions haha yes I have met Elder Archuletta. I actually talked to him for a little bit. No I havent taken a picture haha. I actually feel really bad for the kid. All he wants is to fit in, but I think its hard for him. Like in gym he always wears sunglasses and he always walks with his head down so I dont really want to bug him.

So my comp took a test to be put in the intermediate class and they suggested that he be puts into it so he would not be my companion or in my district anymore, but we still havent heard anything and I think he took it on Tuesday, so I bet we would have heard something about it by now.

Um the other night I had the most spiritual experience I have had yet in the MTC. Hermana Porter was feeling sick and she aske us to give her a blessing. I got the opportunity to help and it was the strongest I have felt the spirit in a really long time. Like I was overcome and it was ridiculous. My whole body was just...I don't know its hard to explain. It was really cool though, but now I feel like I'm getting sick. Ive had a bad cough starting since last night so I asked the elders in my district to give me a blessing.

We also had a really cool devotional on Tuesday. It was bishop Mcmullan who was in the Presiding bishopric up until general conference. He is a really powerful speaker and his wife spoke with him. I got out of it that not only do i need to pray to find the people who have a open heart and a ready spirit, but I also have to pray for them to find me. There are a lot of people in my mission and it would be a lot easier for them to find me because we kinda stick out. Also that we never know who is watching us so I should always be on my best behavior becasue we should never be embarass ourselves, the church, or most of all our Savior.

Wednesday we also had a service project. We had to be up at 5:45 haha it was really early, but doing service kinda helped me stay awake for the whole day. Ive been able to stay awake more so its been a blessing.

Hermana Pesquale is a great sister. Mi hermana favorito. Ive been bonding with her more than any other hermana. I really feel bad for her. She almost left the first day and she has had a really rough life. Like right before she came out here her sister had a storke and is paralyzed on one side of her body. We made a to do list though for after our mission so hopefully that will happen haha. Its kinda weird, my missionary eyes are kicking in haha but im staying in check I promise. She showed me what she wrote to her family though haha she said im her favorite and we have gotten really close and that i am just the best so that has been good!

Elder Green and I really bonded one night. I started crying haha he told me that he thinks im already mission ready, but i feel like im not there yet, but everyone says I have a strong spirit, but I am staying humble! I know I can work harder and study more, but I'm almost done with the Book of Mormon! I'm half way through Ether so it'll be finished here in the next couple of days.

Um I' going to share my testimoney in spanish.

Yo se que Jesucristo es mi Salvador y atraves de expiacion nosotros llegamos ser a limpiando. Y yo se que Jesucristo es El Rey de todos los Reys. y Yo se que la iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los ultima dias es la iglesia verdadero. Y yo no se que donde me vida would be sin la iglesia. Yo se que Jose Smith es un profeta y con la fuerza de dios El restauro la iglesia en los ultima dias. Yo se que Thomas S Monson es la profeta para nuestro dias y llama de Dios. Yo se que el libro de mormon es verdadero. Es mas verdadero de todos el libros.

Um pretty much what I just said was that I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and through his atonement we can become clean. And I know that Jesus Christ is the King of all Kings. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints is true and I dont know where my life would be without this church. I know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and with the power of god he restored the church in the latter days. I know that Thomas S Monson is the prophet for our days and called of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. It is more true that any other books.

Well that is all I have time for now. Please tell grandma that she is in my prayers and tell grandpa good luck on the mission. Give me other peoples email also!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 4-First E-mail

Elder Knudsen was able to write home today!  We've learned that his P-day is on Friday, so we should expect an e-mail every Friday afternoon.

My mom forwarded the e-mail to me and the subject line was "HEY MADRE Y PADRE COMO ESTAN???"  I honestly thought I was now receiving spam e-mails in Spanish!  English is bad enough!  Anyway, we were so excited to hear from him.

Kyle said the first day in the MTC was overwhelming.  He was able to see multiple friends of his, Corbin Sharp, Jared Hansen, JT, Jeff Butterfield and Jake Beverly all on the first day.  He felt as though the Lord was really looking out for him since he was able to see so many familiar faces!

Kyle's companion is Elder Gonzalez. He is from Ranchocucamonga, CA.  He is a convert to the church and he is 21 years old, and he will be serving in Louisville, KY as well.  Kyle said he and his companion are getting along pretty well so far.  There are 4 people in his room, and he said that it has been really nice.  The other Elders in his room are headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Kyle seems to really like them.

Kyle said the language is coming along pretty well.  They learned to pray in Spanish the second day they were there (Thursday) and learned to bear his testimony yesterday (Friday.)  They actually had to teach a lesson in Spanish to an "investigator" yesterday, and he said that was more difficult.  He said he knows a lot more in Spanish than he thought, so it's been helpful.

Tomorrow, on Easter Sunday, there will be 3 General Authorities coming to visit the entire MTC.  Kyle is really anxious to listen to them.  He has been growing spiritually, and reminds us that the Spirit is strong, no matter where you live in the world.  He also said, "Another big principle that I have learned from being here is that the Lord is always there. He will never move from one spot! Sometimes we feel closer to Him and other times we feel farther apart, but that is because of us. He stays in the same spot and it is our job to come closer to him. And we can always get to where we once were! If we were there once, then we can for sure get there again!"

Kyle says he is the "mature one" in his district! (haha...)  He says he is the first to rise in the morning, and he is always reminding the Elders of when they need to pray, etc.  He says he is obeying their schedule and duties with exactness.  It's difficult for him when they are late, but he feels like he is holding up to his new responsibilities well.  He was headed to the laundromat after he typed the e-mail, so let's home his white shirts are still white!

Kyle seems to be gaining a stronger testimony of prayer.  He says he gets overwhelmed when seeing that he still has 740 days left.  He asks for strength to get through the day, and for little getting up the 10 flights of stairs they go up and down for classes about 9-10 times a day.

He doesn't like the's cold. 
He hasn't seen David Archuleta,
And he forgot his jeans.  :)

Kyle really hopes friends and family will send him pictures.  He wants a bunch to hang up in his room.  He also really looks forward to reading letters.

Kyle ended his e-mail with his testimony:

"I would just like to bear my testimony to you all that I know that this church is true! It is such an amazing thing that I am about to do. I feel like I am still just a kid, but I know that I will be able to change families lives forever! I know that my Savior lives and that He loves and comforts each one of us. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it goes hand in hand with the Bible. I am so thankful for this opporunity in my life and I know that I will be blessed for all eternity because of this decision. I know that y'all will also be blessed! Love you and miss you!"
**He must be trying to sould like a local from Kentucky already!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 1-Goodbyes and Hellos

Hello to all of Kyle's friends and family!

Kyle's sister Lindsay here.  Kyle, oh wait...Elder Knudsen...has asked me to keep a blog for him while he is gone.  This way, he can communicate with friends and family everywhere.  Remember when missionaries actually had to use a pen and paper!?  :)  Anyway, I will be posting pictures, letters, e-mails etc. that he sends to our family over the next two years.  I hope you enjoy!

April 4, 2012, Kyle entered the MTC.  We decided to have a big breakfast together as a family one last time.  We went to Mimi's Cafe in Murray.  Of course, Kyle tried convincing everyone in the family to have the Cinnamon Brioche French Toast with lemon creme and berries on top.  Most of us agreed to it.  Anyway, while waiting for our food, our waitress (who had a very thick Southern accent) was admiring Kyle's niece Oaklee.  Mom asked her where she was from, and low and behold...where do you think she was from?  KENTUCKY!  What a small world. 

Kyle immediately spoke up and explained that he will be serving a 2-year LDS mission there.  She told him how beautiful the country is there and how genuinely nice the people are.  She said they're quite quirky, but nice nonetheless.  Her accent was so thick (and she was quite "quirky" herself) Kyle just kept giggling when she's walk away.  He'd just shake his head, laugh and say how he couldn't wait to get to Kentucky.

We drove from Mimi's down to the MTC.  We cut it pretty close to be able to get all of our family pictures in and still be able to drop him off by his 12:55 deadline.  We parked across the street and took some last family pictures before dropping him off.  Luckily, it was beautiful weather, and the pictures turned out great.

What a goofball...
After we said our goodbyes, we loaded into the car to drive across the street.  We were told which way to drive to drop Kyle off.  Now, Kyle had said at least 5 times throughout the day that he hoped Elder Corbin Sharp would be able to be his host (the other Elder that helps them as they're dropped off.)  We drove slow and we all kept our eyes peeled for Corbin, but we quickly noticed Elder Jared Hansen!  This is one of Kyle's really close friends that is going to serve in Mozambique.  Dad honked the horn, we motioned toward Jared, and he hurried down the hill to meet our car as we pulled over.  Elder Hansen was able to be Kyle's host!  We all felt such relief and happiness to know Kyle was going to be taken care of by one of his friends.  Of course, it was so difficult to leave him there, but we know he was in good hands. 

I apologize for the pictures.  I was trying to take them from inside the car!

The last 24 hours has been pretty difficult.  Little things tend to remind all of us about him being gone, spending his first days without the family.  There's no way to prepare for his being gone, but we are so extremely proud of him and his sacrifice.  He is so prepared to go serve the Lord for 2 years, and we can't wait to here about his success in Kentucky!