Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 24th

It’s going to be different for sure to say the least. Um Ya I’m not really sure where to start I’ll be honest. My area is the largest in the mission. I take up 4 counties so it’s really hard because they only give us a certain amount of miles for the month. So our apartment is in Versailes but most of our work is in Frankfurt. And so there are 2 English Elders that live in Frankfurt so we usually spend a few nights a week at their apartment which isn’t the best cause that means I sleep on a couch and we have no food in their apartment haha. There isn’t a lot of Spanish work out here either. They haven’t had a baptism in almost a year so that’s not to reassuring, but we have 3 people with baptismal dates, I think 2 will be getting dropped but I’m pretty sure this one guy will be getting baptized. His name is Pedro. He’s from Nicaragua. You’re never going to guess how he was found, so someone from the last branch I was working at ran into him at the airport and like got down his info and gave it to the missionaries so it’s kinda crazy. He’s really elect though.

Um I got to talk to Eufemia yesterday. That was really cool. She said her baptism was amazing and she loved every minute of it and she feels like a new person. Elder Warner baptized her and gave her the Holy Ghost. She said she really misses me and that the new Elder doesn’t speak Spanish at all so he can’t understand her at all. She was asking when I was coming back, I think she expected it to be really soon but then when I told her the earliest I could be back in the 5th branch would be probably in about a year and she was really sad about that haha

Um it’s going to be really hard I’ll be honest.... So Elder G, like I said has a rep for being a little lazy. He’s been "sick" most of the week and then the district leader has been pretty sick too and so I have been working with a greeny in an area that I don’t know at all. He’s been out about 4 weeks and he’s from Alaska. He’s afraid to tract and freezes up in lessons, so needless to say it’s been really rough. And so if it’s a Spanish lesson I have to do all the talking and then tracting I do all the door approaches and then in English lessons he just doesn’t know the keys of good teaching yet so he’s just kinda awkward. Also all 3 of them fight like every night because they have ADHD. Like my companion yelled at me because I forgot to remind him to grab some medicine for the elder from Alaska so then he made me drive back to the apartment and get it and stuff. It really bugged me. My companion and the greeny are really immature and like the greenie tries to boss me around. Like it really makes me mad haha but oh well. It’s going to be a really hard trial in my life.... this was the longest week of my life.... I really wish I could go back to Okolona....

It’s a really cool setting out here though so it’s really pretty. Very much country and farms and stuff. We actually worked on a farm this week for service haha. She has chickens and rabbits and then just grows a lot of stuff haha. I had to do stuff to prepare a chicken coop/feeder haha I’m not really sure what I was doing then I was pulling out all the corn plants from the ground cause there not growing anymore and then ya. It was really some hard work and I guess we work there every week. She fed us rabbit stew for lunch haha it was pretty good. With some lima beans and squash and homemade bread and stuff. We get feed soooo much out here haha I haven’t even bought any food since I’ve been out here haha I’m going to get fat!!! We went to the coolest house yesterday!!! It’s like out in the middle of nowhere and we had to take this like dirt path in a Toyota Corolla haha it’s such a sweet house. They are just in the middle of nowhere up in the forest with a cabin and some turkeys and chickens and stuff haha.

Um one of the Elders I’m serving around is from Murray so that’s kinda cool. He’s really apostate though because he only has 2 months left. And my zone leader is actually from West Jordan haha he went to Copper Hills but I didn’t know him before. He lives up by sunset ridge.

My apartment is really nice though. It’s like double the size of my old one and we have a washer and dryer and a dish washer haha so that’s nice not having to spend money on that stuff but ya. It’s pretty nice out here. I really hope my companion gets transferred at the end of this transfer but we will see. I really am trying to get along with him. He’s an amazing teacher, but just apostate and it’s been affecting me. Like when were in Frankfurt apartment the DL is very apostate too and so I’m sleeping on the couch in a different room and they don’t set an alarm so then I don’t wake up until like 730 and so I guess I’m going to have to bring my alarm clock to that apartment. It’s been a real challenge the last week. The members are great. The ward is in English but ya.... idk... I hope all is well down there.

There are a few things that I need. I need a GPS. You don’t need to buy one, but just send the one we have out. Cause really with how big our area is, ill need one once my companion leaves cause he’s the only one that has one. Um also... have you tried the white chocolate m and m's? Haha not that great! They pretty much just taste like frosting.

Um my new address is 139 Macey Ave. Apt X
                                   Versailes, KY, 40385

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