Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 15th

Well yes its true I got a speeding ticket. Um so I was able to call
the Credit Union, I dont really need permission for that and then I
wasnt planning on calling you. My companion told me I should have a
member named Sara call you. So I had given her your information
earlier that day to call you and she hadnt done it yet. We had went
over there for dinner and she hands me the phone and was like Im just
going to have you call her, and so I looked at my companion and he was
like Go right ahead so ya... I talked to Chris to if you didnt hear
from him haha.

Haha funny story about my health. I got 2 letters yesterday from the
hospital and the doctor I saw in Louisville. So the one from my doctor
said all my labs were good but she wants me to go into another place.
Then the other one was an appointment she had set up for me to go to
this place thats like General Laproscopic Surgery and Endoscopy haha
so that was scheduled for the 2nd of this month so I missed it. I
called them and they were understanding, but I talked to Sister
Woodbury and I think shes going to have me go into the Doctor.

Yes I got the package Friday. Thanks so much. I cant believe you didnt
send me anything special for my 6 month mark!!! Whats up with that
haha jk. Um we actually found out were moving again.... haha sorry!!
Were moving to Frankfort, in with the Elders down there so ya. Like
were still going to work Versailles, but just our focus is going to be
on Frankfurt now. Um so I think my address is going to be 103 Oakmont
Dr Apt number 3. Frankfurt KY, Im pretty sure thats right. But were
going to be there for a bit and then get a bigger apartment in
Frankfurt, cause theres isnt very big anyway. We found that out like
Saturday and it was really nonchalant thinking that we had already
heard. Like we have to be out by the end of the month!

So Pedro is getting baptized this week! Hes really excited. We think
were going to have a member baptize him, cause they are really good
friends because he takes him to church every week and just stuff like
that. Ill be  honest I really wanted to do it but thats ok. Hes so
prepared! Like yesterday he paid his tithing and hes not even a member
yet! He just loves church so much and everyone always talks to him.
Yesterday I translated priesthood for him... It was really hard haha.
So like I have a headset and so does he and I talk into it and he can
hear me. So its really hard haha. Like they were just talking about
random things and President Christensen kept looking over and just
trying to say as big of words as possible just to make it hard on me
haha it was funny. We were talking about the word of wisdom so it
wasnt too bad to translate, but then just random questions like " I
heard that the smell of the meat actually comes from the urine? Like
random things like that So i wouldnt translate that haha. Then like
the last 15 min they were just talking about home teaching and members
they havent seen in awhile so that was kinda boring for him to listen
to I bet haha. We also had a "linger longer" after church yesterday
cause there are 2 people leaving on missions in this ward. One is
going to Las Vegas and the other to Guatemala. So that was really fun.

So we also had something really cool happen this week. So we have an
investigator named Will that weve been teaching and hes been coming to
church and stuff and then we found out he was moving so that sucked.
But then he texted us and asked us to come by cause he had good news.
So we went over there and he said there not moving anymore because he
doesnt want to just run from his problems and him and his wife really
likes us and they wanted to stay to be a part of the church! Then he
just expressed his love towards us and how weve changed the feel in
his home and just lots of stuff. It was really cool the difference
weve made in his life. He then said he would be baptized, but then
yesterday we found out hes on probation, so we dont really know if he
can.... So that really sucks. He reminds me so much of Chris its not
even funny. Like he does but he doesnt. He just is way cocky and loves
his stories haha like he has a shirt that just says "Old School" and
so he said thats what they call him on the basketball court and saying
hes like the best there ever was and stuff..... needless to say.... we
went and played and I beat him and so did Elder Granados. He just has
some crazy stories and he just loves to try and mess with you haha.

The new elder is a pretty good elder. Hes really obedient, but hes
really awkward and  hard to talk to. Elder S is having a real
hard time cause his companion wont even talk to him. Hes from Idaho.

Im really starting to make some good friends in the ward. It was funny
so like there was 2 kids that came to church by themselves yesterday
and so I went and sat by them. There names are Carlos and Chris. There
parents are members but they never come. One is 9 and ones 6 and man
they are the best kids! Like I sat with them all through sacrament and
then during the linger longer they were fighting about who could sit
by me haha it was so cute. So I was like why not one on one side and
the other on the other side. Then they were asking when I was going to
come play with them and stuff, cause last time we were at there house
I threw a football to them a few times and they just thought I was so
cool cause I could throw it really far haha. There so funny.

I had my first roadkill this week too!!! Ill be sending pics of it!
Its great!! Haha I was pulling into the drive way and I hit and killed
a posum. I hope Landon and Preston got the picture I sent them haha it
was way funny. Like I customized a picture at walgreens and so its me
standing over the dead posum and then in red it says "Posum" at the
top and then at the bottom "Kill of the week" haha its kinda an inside
joke but it was super funny.

I almost tracted into a voodoo house! I forgot to tell you about that
one! So I was on an exchange with Elder S so I decided we would
go tracting at this one place and were going about and we reach this
door and I was about to knock when I look down and there are like
these swirls made in chalk and then like 4 dead flowers with chalk
circles around them... it was really creepy... Lets just say.... i
skipped that house haha.

I got a cool little package thing from the westbrook stake this week.
So it was a big envelope telling me about there youth conference and
it was something boot camp and it was to honor the missionaries
serving from the stake and also the military and so I have like 10
letters from kids in the youth and then they sent me like 50 pages of
testimonies to put in book of mormons that I hand out. Then they put
in like a candy bar and a picture of all the youth and stuff. It was
really cool. I kinda feel like since Ive gotten to Versailles, like
they are throwing away my mail. In Okolona I would get mail all the
time... now its very rare!!!

Man thats awful about the Yankees!! They can pull it out though! They
lost to the Tigers last year!!! That could maybe be career ending for
Derek Jeter cause hes kinda getting old anyway! Just think.... only
one more baseball season and then Ill be home!! I feel like time has
kinda sped up the last little bit. I feel like we just started October
and now its halfway through! Whats up with that!!

I hope all is well. I love you
Elder Knudsen

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