Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 1st (And Pictures!)

So I don’t even really know what I’m going to write in this email today
 I’ll be honest. I really don’t even remember what we did. It went by
 pretty fast though! But it is still pretty hard. I was with Elder
 Sizelove for a few days again this week. He’s going to be a good Elder,
 but it’s kind of hard to work with him right now. He has ADHD or ADD I
 don’t really remember which one and so he always wants things done his
 way. He also is just kind of awkward, but I would rather have that, then
 being lazy so it was pretty good. He’s not very good at tracting so I’m
 trying to work on that with him. He just kind of freezes up and is like
 a robot. He doesn’t involve them in the conversation or really asking
 about the person, but he will learn. He has a drive to do the work,
 but he’s not very good with rejection yet haha he expects this work to
 be easy and easy to baptize people, (which it isn’t) and so when an
 investigator isn’t home for an appointment or we get the door slammed
 in our face he just gets really upset and it affects him for a little
 Um yesterday we had 2 investigators at church so that was really cool.
 We had Pedro and then a man named Will (ya he’s English) and so that
 was pretty good. Pedro is progressing really good. He loves church and
 makes a lot of sacrifices to be at church and so it shows his
 dedication. I had to teach him with Elder Sizelove this week so that
 was really hard cause that meant I had to teach the whole lesson by
 myself. I think it went really well though. Elder Sizelove said he
 could really feel the spirit even though he didn’t really know what we
 were saying. So he might be baptized on the 13 of October so that’s
 pretty exciting. Will had a really spiritual experience at church. He
 has a really tough outer shell, but really nice once you get to know
 him. He got a little bit of help from the church yesterday because his
 daughter got taken away from him cause he didn’t have money to provide
 for her and he wasn’t expecting any money, but the bishop felt
 impressed to give him some. Like he was just asking for any job
 opportunities but then after church he really just expressed how
 grateful he is to have us in his life and he knows we knocked on his
 door for a reason. So were going to try and set a bap date with him
 this week.
 Haha I think I had the funniest thing happen to me since I have been
 out on my mission! Haha so Elder Granados and I were driving into
 Frankfurt and I see this guy in black running on the side of the road
 and I didn’t really think anything of it. Then when I start to get
 closer, I see some things poking out of his head. I was really
 confused haha and then when I got right up next to him I see he’s in a
 full batman suit running on the side of the road!!!! It was the
 funniest thing ever! Like full mask and everything and just this huge
 grin on his face haha. It was priceless to say the least! I wish I
 could have gotten a picture of it, but I couldn’t haha.
 I had another first happen to me this week. So there is this girl
 named Elaine at Walgreens and were really good friends with her. She
 convinced her mom to invite us over for dinner and so we went over
 this week. It was really nice, like amazing family. So it was us and
 then Elaine and her 20 year old bro and 15 year old bro and then her
 mom. They cooked us this roasted chicken with rice and mushrooms and
 then pickled carrots (yuck) but it was pretty good. And then they
 really wanted to play a game of HORSE (basketball) and so we played a
 quick game with them and then we just shared a spiritual thought out
 of the bible (cause Elaine told us her mom was crazy and not a fan of
 missionaries and so we just wanted to make a good first impression) So
 we do that and then her mom just snapped on us!!! Like it was
 ridiculous. We weren’t trying to convert her or teach anything about
 our doctrine really at that time and she just started bashing us.
 Saying that like her religion is true and that we need to look more at
 who Joseph Smith really is and just that she was afraid to have us
 come in her home and she wouldn’t let us pray and just some crazy
 stuff. Like Elaine just starts yelling at her calling her crazy. Then
 she gives us a 7 page packet on questions about Joseph Smith trying to
 disprove us and like giving the sources. (She’s a college professor)
 Like some of the stuff she came up with I’ve never even heard of. She
 got a lot of her info just from Anti Mormon lit. and so it was very
 invalid. Then she asked if we would bring back what we find to her and
 stuff. Like some of the questions was saying the Joseph Smith
 practiced witchcraft and how he told someone that Moroni first
 appeared as a salamander and random things like that and that he
 predicted the 2nd coming and it didn’t happen, but really he didn’t
 predict it, it’s just misunderstanding, like in DC130 it says that if
 Joseph Smith lived to be 85 or something that he would see the face of
 the Savior, this is just pretty much telling him that he’s not going to
 live very old!! AHHH I was soooo mad haha. Then when she gave us the
 packet she was like, " I don’t even know if you will be able to
 understand these questions, they might be a little over your
 knowledge" I was like really your questioning my intelligence. I could
 prove your religion wrong using your own BIBLE!!!! She was Christian
 and they believe in the trinity.... Ya just read the gospels and count
 how many times it says the word Father!!! There are obviously 3
 separate beings!!! Haha it really got my going to say the least! Like
 I might send you a copy of the packet just so you can see how
 ridiculous it is. She has a whole like library of binders of materials
 to prove other religions wrong. She was like oh here is Jehovah
 Witness, here is Catholic... oh and here is Mormon (my largest binder)
 haha. People are soooo naive!
 I’ve been in the boonies this week. We helped a member get this house
 ready for them to move into and man! Like they lived in the middle of
 the forest. They didn’t have a driveway or anything. So we were just
 cleaning up all the walls and things but we have been in the boonies a
 lot this week. It’s been way fun. I really want to live out here just
 in the middle of nowhere. Like there are areas that are just like
 forests with random houses! It’s so legit! I feel like we need a
 different car than a Corolla cause we are offroading a lot, and
 needless to say, a Corolla isn’t the best choice to be doing that! Its
 super fun to say the least. There is actually a castle in Versailles!
 You should look it up. We drove there last night cause it was late and
 we had to get rid of all our miles and so we just went on an
 adventure. Like it’s a really big one too. I tried to take a picture of
 it, but it was too dark to do so.
 I also had my first homemade fried chicken yesterday! It was pretty
 dang amazing to say the least. We went over to a members house for
 dinner and that’s what he cooked. He’s actually an author. He used to be
 the bishop too, but he has some like award winners and stuff. Like
 "Bluegrass Bishop" and some other ones. It’s pretty dang crazy. He’s
 such a smart alec though. Like he won’t let you put any sauce on your
 chicken cause it’s a disgrace and he just is diehard Kentucky and like
 hates everyone else. He’s crazy to say the least, but he’s pretty funny.
 So the picture I’m sending is just a picture I took yesterday at a
 house we went to. It’s out in the middle of nowhere. Those black and
 white specks are cows in the background haha.
 Um I can’t really think of anything else you could send me. Packages
 are really safe at my apartment just so you know. Like they have a
 lock box that they put them in and then put the key in your mail box
 so it’s safe. Um I have been craving homemade cookies. Um I don’t
 really know what else I need. Just whatever. Tell Chris he has to make
 me a CD. Like as long as it’s good wholesome music it’s approved. Like
 Mercy Me would work and people like that. Also Disney music works. But
 don’t buy any CD's that’s for sure.
 Um about the conference. We can either watch it at the ward house or
 we can watch it at a members home. It just depends on like our
 investigators needs. Like with Pedro were going to watch a session
 with him at a members home in Spanish. Cause he lives really far from
 the church and the member lives in the same city as him. But I’m way
 pumped for General Conference! It’s going to be weird if I watch all
 the sessions in Spanish. I probably wouldn’t get as much out as it ill
 be honest, so then I’ll just have to read them all in the Ensign haha.
 But ya time is going by pretty fast. Like it’s weird to think I’ll be 20
 in 2 months. But like we’re going to talk in less than 3 months and
 then after that the next time I’ll talk to you will be over my year mark
 so it’s going fast. It’s just like everyone says, days feel like weeks
 and weeks feel like days, but its good. I feel like I spend a lot of
 time in the car which I don’t really like. I feel like I’m not being as
 productive but that’s ok. I don’t know if I told you last week but I got
 to talk to Eufemia on the phone so that was good. Elder Warner emailed
 me some photos of her baptism so that was nice. He said I was probably
 the easiest person to train haha so that made me feel good. Made him
 appreciate me a little more :) haha jk but ya. He’s also heard I guess
 about how it’s been kind of rough out here, but that’s ok. All is well in
 Zion. I’ll send you the email with the pics in it so ya.
 I hope all is well with everyone
 Elder Knudsen

 Kyle and Eufemia

Elder Warner and Eufemia

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