Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 10th

Haha man my mission has just been to crazy to say the least. But my
> prayers came true!! Saturday President called and decided he was going
> to leave me in Okolona because he feels that Elder Baker and I are
> going to be doing great things. So thats super exciting. That means
> Elder Ferguson will be going back to Versailles with a Visa Waiter and
> he doesnt really know the area. He was only there for 1 week and so
> hes really nervous. Its pretty much like they are white washing the
> area. Ya our apartment is 508. My bad. But ill be going back onto a
> bike tomorrow so im not really excited about that in all honesty. Its
> going to be a really cold winter haha. We have had a car this week
> just because there were no missionaries in Versailles, but now that
> Ferguson is going back we have to go back to bikes. This week has
> rained every day and so its going to be really cold if it keeps
> raining. Like raining all day. But I am really excited to be back here
> serving with Baker and around Warner and Duran. I guess in the Zone
> Leader conference with President, Warner and Duran talked to President
> about me staying so that makes me feel good that they wanted me to
> stay!!
> This week was a really hard week though. Just all of our plans fell
> through like every day and it was really frustrating. We were planning
> on having at least 6 to church for sure, and then we only ended up
> having 2. I guess thats better that nothing. 2 is what President
> expects from us so at least we met the standard. Something that really
> scared me that happened this week, we were going to Versailles with
> the AP's to pack up the rest of my stuff and they were talking to
> Baker about how he has felt being a District Leader and then when we
> were leaving they said they want us to be "Co District Leaders" And so
> I think Elder Baker will be going Zone Leader after this transfer and
> then I will be going District Leader.... SCARY!!! I feel like im not
> really ready for it. Like I am excited, but nervous for sure. Like
> there are a lot of Elders that areant District Leaders until theyve
> been out like 16 months. Ive only been out 8. And they also said Ill
> be training soon and If Elder Baker goes to Zone Leader we will be
> short missionaries and I think ill have to train a Visa Waiter. Its
> kinda nerve racking to say the least. Like im willing to do it, but I
> just didnt think it would be happening soooo fast.
> Before I forget, please send me a Westbrook 7th ward roster cause I
> think im going to put together kinda a Christmas letter and so I
> wanted to send some to people there.
> So my watch.... no offense... I probably wont wear it so Im going to
> send it in the Christmas package home. You can just take it back. I
> would just rather not have a watch to be honest. Like we carry a phone
> but ya. Maybe ill look at TJ Maxx and see If I can find anything. But
> thanks for the package. It was really nice. The OREOS are great and
> Elder Baker is loving the TimTams haha. He had never had them before.
> Im not really sure where we will be skyping..... honestly I dont know
> who has skyping capability in my area. Like Frankfot I could have
> found anyone, but there areant a lot of members in my area, and most
> of them dont have a lot of fancy stuff. Pablo and Fabiola might. And
> we might be able to go where the zone leaders go. But Im not positive
> if I will be able to skype just so you know. Ill try all that I can to
> be able to find a way to do it, but ya.
> So i have wrote a lot about Pablo and Fabiola through out my emails.
> They were inactive when I first came into this area ya know?? This
> week, Pablo gave the lesson in Elders Quorum and it was sooo amazing!!
> Like he has come such a long way. I feel like it was just as rewarding
> as baptizing someone. It was so great to sit there and just see him
> teach and share his experience about being inactive for so many years
> and how the gospel has just changed his life.
> Ill be honest Im kinda sad to not be able to go back to Frankfort and
> say goodbye to everyone. Cause President told me I was going back so I
> didnt really tell bye to anyone, and then he told me I was staying to
> I just had to call them and a lot of them were really sad. But I am
> happy to be back. Its going to be an adventure in the rain to say the
> least. Its been raining every day this week!!!! Like I really hope it
> stops raining now that were going back to bikes.
> I dont really have too much else to add this week. There wasnt really
> anything that just was ridiculous or anything. Just kinda a same old
> same old. i feel like i repeat myself every week but thats ok.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

December 3rd

 So pretty much your never going to believe what really happened to me
> this week. Like you saw I got sent back to Versailles with Elder
> Ferguson-Villegas. Hes from Riverside California and has been out like
> 15 months. Hes a pretty good Elder. But really I was pretty much the
> Sr Companion this week and it was really hard. We are pretty much
> opening up a new area cause we have nothing to work with. So needless
> to say we tracted a lot and did a lot of planning and looking at the
> area book and things. But I really feel like I did pretty good. We got
> 2 people to church and we probably could have set a couple of bap
> dates, but it just didnt happen. It was a really exhausting week to
> say the least. Also our appartment is infested with bed bugs so its
> really gross. Like my matress and box spring is all bloody from
> killing bed bugs everywhere.
> But ya I havent got your package yet and I probably wont get it for
> another week at least. I got a call Friday night from President and
> the Visa Waiters had gotten their Visa. Usually they make them stay
> the whole transfer, but Peru is really in need of missionaries. So I
> got sent back to Okolona and just got here 2 hours ago. Im working
> with Elder Baker again and im really excited. Its kinda hard to leave
> an area right after you did so much work in one week and had so much
> progression. Thats pretty much why we didnt set bap dates cause we
> dont know exactly when we are going back and I guess President was
> talking to Baker and said he might just send the Visa Waiter to
> Versailles with Elder Ferguson and then I stay here with Elder
> Baker!!! I really hope that happens. And then I think he would leave
> to go Zone Leader in the next transfer or so and then I would probably
> be District Leader... AHHHH haha. I dont really know if I could do it
> just yet cause really I still feel really young in the mission. Even
> though tomorrow ill be 1/3 of the way done. (dont know if you realized
> that one)
> But ya we had a lot of cool stories. We had a lesson with a man named
> Adan yesterday and he like wants to come to church and wants us to
> come back so much and we gave him a Book of Mormon and told him we
> would be back in a week or so and he was like I think ill probably
> read the whole thing by the time you get back. So that was really
> cool. He works on a horse farm. And then Dalia is a person I met one
> time with Elder Granados and I taught her 2 with the English Elders
> and shes really cool. She had a baptismal date, but it got dropped
> cause she wasnt going to church and she needs to get married. We had a
> lesson with her Saturday? And it was a really spiritual lesson. She
> allowed us to write a note on her Refridgerator to say she cant eat
> until she reads the BOM. And then we committed her to come to church
> and she came even though she was baby sitting. She showed up with 5
> kids haha. It was super great and she really loved it. Then the man
> named Marvin that I found a few weeks ago on a split with the Zone
> Leaders, he came to church. He really enjoyed it and had a really
> great time. Like Sacrament was probably the best Sacrament I have had
> in my mission. So Im in an english ward like I told you, but Sunday
> like everyone bore there testimony in Spanish for the investigators I
> brought. Like we had Brother Gonzalez, Sister Gonazalez, Yunior,
> Sister Sherrat, Brother Swain and his new wife from Peru. Just like
> everyone and the investigators were just really feeling the spirit for
> sure.
> But ya I got a call from the Doctor and he said all the tests came
> back ok. He thinks I have irratable bowl syndrome and so he gave me
> some pills and wants to see me back in a couple weeks. We will see if
> that helps or not.
> It kinda sucks my p-day is pretty much over. Like I had to pack and
> finish laundry this morning and then we had to drive for over an hour
> to get here and so really I just havent had any time to rest. And the
> mission office didnt know I was getting sent here so Ill have a lot of
> mail in Versailles and our mailbox doesnt have a lock so Im going to
> call a member and ask him to go get my package and stuff on Wednesday
> or something. Like there is a package box thats locked, but they put
> the key in our mailbox that doesnt have a lock and so I just dont
> really want anything to get stolen. But ill be at 503 Markwell Crt
> this week so if you need to send anything here.
> There isnt really too much thats going on down here. Same old same
> old. Im excited to be back in Okolona but I bet the members are going
> to be so confused. President is letting us keep the car so thats good.
> President is so funny haha when he called he was like "Elder Knudsen,
> you might want to sit down for this one" and then just told me all the
> stuff and then today he was like Elder Knudsen... maybe your next area
> Ill just leave you there for 6 transfers to make up for moving you all
> the time!! Man 6 transfers is so much!! That would be 9 months in one
> area. I hope he doesnt do that Ill be honest haha thats just too much
> time in one area.
> Well I love you all
> Elder Knudsen