Friday, November 16, 2012

October 22nd

Well this week was a roller coaster for sure! I dont even know what to
> say. It was the longest week of my life to say the least! Um lets
> start with the good news :) Well Pedro got baptized on Saturday night
> and then confirmed on Sunday morning. I had the opportunity to baptize
> him so that was really special. Ill send pics in a separate email. He
> is just the most amazing man! He was crying after the baptism just
> saying how he has litterally felt a weight lifted off of his
> shoulders. He said he felt so good. So that was amazing. And I just
> got an email from Elder Warner and man Okolona is booming! Elder
> Warner is still in the 5th branch but hes now a zone leader. Um so
> remember how we found Eufemia... like through that investigator that
> we dropped? Well ever since Eufemia has gotten baptized she has just
> been working wonders. So Darely got baptized yesterday and then her
> sister Amiley is getting baptized this week and there kids will also
> be baptized too! Its really a miracle! I taught both of them the whole
> time I was in Okolona, and my baptism already has made a huge impact
> on people around her! People say you have no idea how much of an
> impact just one baptism makes and now I can see that in my own life
> and see the fruits of it! It is just so amazing!! I wish I could have
> been there....
> So there is an amazing member named Bonnie. She is blind, but the
> nicest person you will ever meet! She is just like a superstar and she
> has a gift ever since shes been blind that like after a few visits
> with her she will be able to pretty much give a bio of what kind of
> person you are. It was one of the most touching things on my mission
> so far. So she first started out by saying shes not giving anymore
> nicknames because our nicknames are special and so we will always be
> that name to her and we are just her world and mean so much and so she
> cant keep seeing us come and go. My nickname is Salt Lake haha. Um but
> here is just a few things she said about me. She said I wear my heart
> upon my sleeve and that I have such a love for people and it just
> shows to everyone. There is an attraction that people have to me
> because they can feel of my love. She says I love really easily and
> sometimes it gets me into situations I dont want to be in. She said I
> wouldnt change that though and that I am a person that loves to make
> people happy. That I will go out of my way to make the group better
> and happier even if it means sacrifice on my part. She says I am a
> born leader. I am not a follower. She said your the person on and off
> the field doing the work, your not the one sitting on the sidelines.
> She said I have more potential than I probably realize. And she said
> some more stuff but I cant really remember all of it. It just put me
> into tears though! Like man! Shes like you know I never lie about
> these things, some elders hate when I do it cause I tell them things
> they dont know about themselves and they realize they are true haha.
> Now its time for the bad stuff.  My ticket did end up
> being 181 dollars. I was really upset about that....  But ya I just read
> the ticket wrong, cause like they said my speeding ticket was 36
> dollars but then I had to pay 141 dollars for a court fine and I
> thought I didnt have to pay a court fine if I wasnt going to court,
> but they said since I am paying it I am pleading guilty which is like
> Im going to court so everyone has to pay that fee.
> But ya thats been my eventful week...Sucks
> about the Yankees but I did hear that they were gone.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

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