Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26th

So I am so excited to be back in Okolona you have no idea. My
> companion is so much fun he reminds me exactly of my cousin Colton.
> Like to a T!!! We get along so great and its just been sooooo much
> fun. I want to beg president in my letter to stay. I feel like my work
> isnt done here yet. So I got to see Eufemia. I saw her Tuesday.... and
> she told me she was moving. Her and her husband decided that day that
> they are moving to New Jersey. So they left on Friday.... It was the
> hardest thing I have had to do in my mission so far. She is just so
> great and I know its just going to be that much harder to stay in
> contact with her after the mission. I guess her husband just couldnt
> find work here, but really he had plenty of jobs, but he just didnt
> like them. So that was really hard to say the least. So we saw her
> pretty much every day until she left. She just wanted to feed me all
> she could. She was so happy to see me haha. Cause like Darely and
> Amiley knew I was coming back, but Eufemia didnt and so we had one of
> Darely's kids go and get her and ask her to come to Darelys and she
> walks in and just starts like screaming "Oh mi vida" haha it was so
> cute. She started crying too. It was really hard to say goodbye. Even
> Elder Baker was crying and he was like "Man i only knew her for a few
> weeks and you taught her the whole time." Everyone just loves her so
> much. It really was such a blessing to get to teach her and meet her.
> Its amazing just to think that I had a big impact on someone.
> Its been really cool to see Darely and Amiley since ive been gone.
> They are just doing excellent. They are totally different people. You
> can just see a light and a change about them. We have started to teach
> there kids and they are going to be baptized on Dec 15. But this week
> has really just been so great. Like Elder Jones (the one that Elder
> Warner trained) He got hurt and so he went home and so thats why I got
> sent here. So I think I might be staying here another week. I havent
> heard otherwise at least. But its been so much fun working with Elder
> Warner again and Elder Duran. I just feel so much at home its not even
> funny.
> So we had a really cool lesson with a Cuban lady named Miriam. Like it
> was the first time weve gotten to actually sit down and have a
> spiritual lesson with her and it was really great. Pretty much she is
> Eufemia 2.0. She says the same quirky littly sayings that Eufemia did
> and shes just so prepared. Like this lady just always wants to feed us
> and is just like you always have a place here at my home and she wants
> to go to Cuba with us too. Ill be honest shes probably not as crazy as
> Eufemia, but shes still really fun. Eufemia is like the craziest
> person ever but just super amazing. She just like yells all the time
> haha, not really yell but shes just very animated when she talks to
> say the least. But this lady named Miriam has already talked about
> getting baptized and stuff. She reads a lot in the Book of Mormon too
> and were hoping to set a date with her for maybe Dec 29. She is just
> so amazing.
> We also got back in contact with Rolando and Yasmin. There doing good.
> We had a few lessons with them this week and it went really well. We
> had a good lesson with them together and then we pretty much had a
> lesson with each of them one on one and they are going to start coming
> back to church. Elder Warner actually told me he had a dream that
> Elder Baker and I went over there and started teaching them and they
> got baptized. So I really hope they start to progress again cause I
> love them so much. They just have the cutest family ever. Shes 25 and
> hes 29. And really the cutest kids youll ever meet. So we are going to
> see what happens there. They were supposed to come to church
> yesterday, but Rolando got sick and so we went over there and had a
> lesson with Yasmin. It was pretty good.
> We also found a lady from Peru this week. She actually said she was
> baptized in Peru about 15 years ago and she really wants to come back
> to church. She also really wants her husband and her children to be
> baptized and so we are going to begin teaching them as well. So that
> was really cool too. We dont really know how serious they are just yet
> cause she said she was coming to church and then didnt come cause I
> guess one of her daughters was sick, but ya. Hopefully something good
> will happen there as well. This place is just white as can be. I
> really hope I can stay. I just want President to send one of the Visa
> waiters to Elder Singleton in Arcadia and then Elder Ferguson and
> another visa waiter white wash the Versailles area. I dont think
> President would do it, but we had really good numbers this week so
> maybe he can make other arrangements.... I want to stay here so
> bad!!!!
> Our Thanksgiving was one to remember to say the least. We ate sooooo
> much food. So in the morning we went to Pablo and Fabiolas and had
> breakfast with them and another member family. They always cook a lot
> too. So that was really good and we got done eating around 1 or so.
> Then Eufemia had us over at 3 and made a feast like always and wouldnt
> let us like stop eating cause she was just like "I havent been able to
> feed you Elder Knudsen for a really long time so you need to eat all
> that you can" It was pretty ridiculous. And then Miriam had us over at
> 7 and had a full turkey dinner just for us. Like Turkey, mashed
> potatoes, yuca, corn, platanoes, and lots of stuff. Needless to say,
> Elder Baker and I hated out lives. I actually had to finish his turker
> for him cause it wasnt very good and he couldnt. We kinda threw away
> some food without her knowing cause we just couldnt eat another
> bite.... It was kinda bad for us to do. But you gotta do what you
> gotta do.
> But thats pretty much been my week. Oh one good thing. Since there
> isnt a car being used in Versailles, President is letting Elder Baker
> and I use a car so were not on a bike for the moment. But I would take
> being on a bike in the bitter winter if I could stay in this area. It
> would be well worth it. But ya...
> Um there is one thing I could use for Christmas or my Birthday. A new
> watch. Mine stopped working again. Like TJ MAXX had some really nice
> ones when I was here last time so you could check there. Like they
> were Diesel. Like they had one that was red with like a rubber band
> and it was electronic (or whatever you call it) And Elder Warner got
> one there thats Fossil and you can change out the Bands. Like there
> rubber, but it was a super classy watch. So like it doesnt have to be
> metal or anything. But just something nice and cool. That would be
> great.
Love Elder Knudsen

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