Monday, November 26, 2012

November 19th

 So yes this week has been really hard medically ill be honest. The
> immaging they did on Wednesday was they made me drink this sulfer
> mitrate or something and then just took pictures of it every 15
> minutes and it was really gross stuff. Its pretty much concrete and
> so you have to stay hydrated or it will harden and plug you up. So
> that wasnt fun, but the radiologist said everything seemed to be
> pretty normal off first glance.
> The prep work for the Colonoscopy was absolutely disgusting! I got
> about 3 1/2 liters down of the 4, but it all worked out. I was gagging
> like the last 4 glasses pretty bad haha. So this morning I got it done
> and it was a piece of cake. He said he didnt find really anything too
> abnorml, but he ran some biopsies on a few things and so we will see
> what happens with that. I hope everything will be ok and its just a
> minor thing.
> So I have some big news. I dont think I told you but tomorrow is
> transfers, and I told you I would probably be getting an Elder, but I
> didnt know exactly who.. well... IM GETTING TRANSFERRED haha its only
> temporarily for like a week, 2 max. But guess where im going....
> OKOLONA!!!! MANNNNNNN IM so exicted!!! Im really like a kid at
> Christmas. I get to go see Eufemia and Darely and Amiley and just
> everyone! Its the boost I think I really need! So im happy you sent my
> winter stuff to say the least cause ill be riding a bike for a little
> bit haha. Ill be serving with an elder named Elder Baker. Hes a really
> good missionary. And ELDER WARNER IS BACK IN MY DISTRICT haha I know
> its only short lived, but I really need to get out of this place for a
> little bit haha. Go back to my Home :). So thats been the big news of
> the week. Elder Sizelove is getting transferred and so Elder Forsgren
> is going to be training. After Okolona ill be coming back here to
> Versailles and working with Elder Ferguson probably. Hes a really
> funny kid. He was in my last zone and hes a real good missionary too.
> So if you need to send anything just send it to the mission home for
> the next little bit haha. Unless you want to just send it to Okolona.
> I think its 503 Markwell Crt. I bet you have it though.
> We had 5 investigators come to stake conference yesterday! Thats a
> ridiculously high number. Like man. And Frankfort is about 45 min to
> Lexington where it was. So it was really surprising to see that. I
> think I really helped out this area the last 3 weeks. Cause the week
> before I came in they had 0 to church like 2 weeks straight and then
> the last 2 weeks weve had 4 and 5 haha. Im not taking the credit for
> sure, but its just cool to see an area start booming after you get
> done with it. Ill be kinda sad if I dont get to see Rebeckahs baptism,
> but no offense I would rather be in Okolona on a bike... Thats how
> much I love the people.
> I dont really know if I told you about a spanish guy I found last
> week. So I was on an exchange with a zone leader for only like an hour
> and I decided hey lets go try a potential, and she wasnt home. So then
> I had the thought to go to Landings (a street) and tract and like the
> 5th door we found this man named Marvin. Hes from Honduras and he let
> us in the very first time he met us. We went by again this week and he
> let us in again and he had said he had read in the book of mormon and
> we had a really spiritual lesson. I told him that the last lesson
> wasnt my greatest effort cause I was nervous cause I was with my zone
> leader and he just laughed. But it went really well. Im sad to just
> leave him hanging in the dust for the next couple of weeks, but I
> think he will be ok. I just hope we can get back in contact with him
> once I get back. But ya so that was something cool as well.
> We also had a lesson with a man named Darrin. I shared an experience
> with him that really touched him. He was like man... thats the things
> I need to be hearing cause thats what pushes me to believe this church
> is true and he just keeps calling me the guy the really impressed him
> haha. Ive only taught him like 2 and hes pretty close to baptism, but
> yet not. But he said hes really considerring it now so that was really
> cool. I think this area will have a lot of baptisms coming up.... I
> feel like I always have to leave once the field is white. Like its
> hard ill be honest.... I know im doing a good work and just preparing
> the way, but sometimes its hard to just see baptisms coming at a blink
> of an eye everywhere around me, but I cant stay for them. But I guess
> somebody has to do it... and im just the tool.
> But all and all, everythg is going really great. I cant wait for
> tomorrow. I really am like a kid at Christmas. Haha you should have
> seen me on the phone with President. He told me and i was like ARE YOU
> SERIOUS!!! YA!!!! haha and he just laughed and was like I knew you
> would want to go there, but its only temporarily haha then I just
> started running around the apartment screaming haha it was a sight to
> be seen haha.
> Im really hungry though ill be honest haha. I havent eaten since
> Saturday night. I just made myself a little pasta then, and I havent
> been able to eat since so were going to eat after this to say the
> least. So I had to pack up all my stuff on Saturday, cause I knew I
> wasnt going to want to do it yesterday or today haha so im ready to
> go. I dont care if its -20 degrees haha. Im happy. But I hope all is
> going well with you all.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

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