Friday, November 16, 2012

November 5th

> Well it has been a pretty good week to say the least. We had a lot of
> success and it was nice getting back into missionary mode haha I know
> that sounds bad but th last little bit it felt like I was doing
> nothing with my time. I feel like I am a pretty good edition to this
> companionship to say the least. They are just an awkward companionship
> to say the least haha. But we had some good success. Last week they
> had 0 to church and this week we had 5. 5 is a really big number for
> investigators that attend sacrament and so that was really cool to
> see.
> Um I did have a miracle happen this week. So the 2nd day I was with
> Elder Granados we tracted and we found this girl and he didnt really
> think anything of it, but the other day I decided we should go back
> and see her with the other Elders. She opened the door and said that
> she was wondering what had happened to us and asked if we could come
> back in like 2 days, so we did of course! Then she told us that she
> had prayed to come closer to God, and in less than 24 hours we had
> knocked on her door. So it was really cool to hear that and just know
> I guess I was being lead by the spirit when I thought about going back
> to her. She came to church on Sunday and really enjoyed it. She even
> brought a friend along with her. She said it was the thing she was
> looking for, cause she had been to churches where they talk in tongues
> and things like that, and it had scared her kids and so this was what
> she thought church should be like. But man the first lesson we had
> with her.... I feel like I am going to have to take the lead in
> everything.... its really hard. So we get in there and im just asking
> a few questions and she had her roommate come listen too. Then we
> start talking about her background and why she wanted to hear from us
> and just basic things to do as you begin to teach. Then Elder Forsgren
> starts talking about how the Priesthood is the thing different about
> us and then ran through just the titles of the restauration (like a
> robot) and then just wanted to talk about the Book of Mormon. Like if
> I was an investigator I would have been so confused. Like his lesson
> went something like this " Ya you know Prophets are so important cause
> they are called of God and then Chris came to earth and did all the
> things he did and like established a church and then he died and there
> was a lot of confusion and then there was a boy named Joseph Smith
> that had a vision and here is a book to prove it" LIKE REALLY?!?! So I
> immediately jumped in and was like um ya..... so... that is a quick
> summary of the lesson we wanted to teach and then I jumped into it
> more in deapth and got her like asking questions and talking and she
> really liked it. Then we go to the car and Elder Forsgren was like
> that was the worst lesson ever and saying his part was the best part
> and stuff! I was like are you serious!?!?! Cause really you need to
> know the background knowledge to understand why Joseph Smith was
> needed and the Book of Mormon but he disagreed. Elder Sizelove took my
> side though. We was like trying to debate his case for 30 min in the
> car. It was ridiculous. I was like, if she would have got up and left,
> you wouldnt have skipped a beat in your "so called lesson" But its
> just really hard to teach with them cause they just are so anxious to
> say everything that it doesnt make sense. They dont explain anything
> or make them feel like we are teaching them and not just a lesson. But
> we have really high hopes for her, I think me and her really connected
> though and so ya.
> Um we also have an investigator named Will that Elder Granados and I
> taught a couple times and he told us this week that he wants to be
> baptized. But the thing is, is he isnt eligble until the end of next
> year cause hes on probation. So that isnt fun!!!! But he came to
> church yesterday and bore his testimony and stuff, hes a really cool
> guy. Haha from the hood to say the least. His wife also came to
> church, they have a little girl about Oaklees age. I dont know if you
> heard about what happened in Louisvile about the train wreck and the
> chemical spill, but I guess they were down in Louisville when it
> happened and they dont have a car so they couldnt get evacuated and
> there daughter passed out from exposure to chemicals!! It must have
> been crazy!!
> Um we had interviews with President this week. They went really well.
> He pretty much just talked to me about Elder Granados and stuff like
> that. Apparently he chose to go home. Like President was going to
> allow him to stay if he commited to be obeident, but he wouldnt commit
> to it, so he sent him home. I guess this isnt the first thing thats
> happened on his mission involving a girl though.... so ya... Like
> Sister Woodbury was telling me they have had a problem with him ever
> since he got into the mission, but ya there is an update on him. But
> President is debating on weather to have me train or not. He thinks I
> could handle it, but just from whats gone on he doesnt know if he
> wants to send a senior companion out here just to help me get back
> into the swing of things. I would just be training a visa waiter, so
> like someone that is going to a foreign country that has to wait for
> their visa. So we will see what happens in 3 weeks haha. I would love
> to train, but honestly I wouldnt know where to start in the Spanish
> work, just cause Granados left me nothing.
> Um my doctors appointment went fine. He took some blood and he said if
> it comes back normal he is going to have me get a colonoscopy (YAY
> ME!!!) So ill be getting the results of that this week. So thats all
> there is on that. I actually got sick this week too. I had an awful
> headache and sore throat and my nose was all stuffy, but im feeling
> better. I think it was from tracting in the rain all day haha.
> Just send me what you think would be best. I honestly dont know if ill
> need my coat right now just cause when I get transferred I dont know
> where im going to haul it. I know its going to get cold, but I dont
> know. I would love CD's if you could. My address is the 103 Oakmont
> apt 3. or whatever. I gave it to you when I thought I was moving. But
> ill be back in Versialles in 3 weeks and we still work there and so
> whenever were in the city we check my mail box, so its just wherever
> you want to send it to be honest. \
> We dont really have plans for Thanksgiving just yet, but im sure
> someone will invite us over. Halloween wasnt really exciting. We went
> to one members from like 530 to 630 and played a candy game with them
> and then from 7 til 9 we had a correlation meeting with our ward
> mission leader and then they also fed us dinner, but we do that every
> week so it wasnt anything too exciting.
> Ya its crazy I hit my 7 month mark yesterday. Next month ill be 1/3 of
> the way done. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN LESS THAN A MONTH!! Crazy right??
> But there isnt really anything else thats new with me. Your going to
> be amazed by my cooking skills to say the least! I made a huge meal
> the other night! Like Elder Sizelove was like dang Elder Knudsen you
> need to teach me how to cook. It wasnt even that fancy, like i took
> some chicken and dethawed it and then seasoned it up and then cooked
> it in a pan and then I made some Alfredo and some noodles, but it was
> real good! I also had greens for the first time this week. Like
> collard greens?? They were actually really good. Your going to be
> amazed what I eat when I get home haha. But its hectic as ever to say
> the least.
> Love yoou all
> Elder Knudsen

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