Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 30th

Haha well.... this week has been interesting to say the least.... Um I was hoping to have had someone send me pictures in my email that I could send you with me in the ER. Yes.... I was in the ER this week... I’m ok now but I had a kidney stone. It really wasn’t fun haha so Thursday night we had correlation meeting with all the missionaries and the ward mission leader and a member of the branch presidency and like my side just started hurting by the end of that, we got home and did our thing and we started to prey and I was just in excruciating pain. Like it was awful and so I walked over in the bathroom and started throwing up. Then I couldn’t move so I just laid on the bathroom floor for about the next hour. Then I finally made it into my room and I was just really uncomfortable, like I was just squirming and it was just really awful. Finally the pain subsided enough that I could go to sleep about an hour later. I woke up the next later and I was just really sore and so Elder Warner just told me to stay in bed. I took a little bit of a nap, because I didn’t sleep the greatest. I got up around 9 or so and we called Sister Woodbury. She gave us the number for the Doctor and he wouldn’t answer for 3 hours so I called Sister Woodbury back and she told me to go to the ER. But President was in Lexington and we're on bikes so we had to wait for the zone leaders to be able to come pick us up. We were in the ER for about 7 hours. They took a urine sample and there was blood in my urine. Then they gave me an IV and took 6 tubes of blood. Then they took a CT scan to see what was going on. They said I had passed a kidney stone and they wanted me to try and filter it to try and find it. I found it Saturday morning and it was pretty large. About the size of a small pea or so. It was really awful, I really hope I don’t have to do that again, so that was kind of a setback for Elder Warner and I.

Um update on Eufemia. She’s doing great and she talked to her boss yesterday and he changed her schedule so she has Sundays off so she should be getting baptized in August sometime. We didn’t really get to see her much this week just cause we were busy and then when we weren’t she was so it was kind of bad, but were going to see her tonight. The weird thing is, we were supposed to see her yesterday, then she called and said her husband was sick and they needed to take him to the hospital so we couldn’t come by, we were in the area of her apartment, and we see her husband get home from work, so either Elder Warner misunderstood her on the phone or she lied to us, but why would she lie if she’s like trying to get work off and stuff so were pretty sure that we just misunderstood us. Maybe she was calling and asking about me, because like every day she has called and asked how I’m feeling and stuff like that just because she wanted to know and she felt bad. She really is such a nice lady. But hopefully everything goes well with her. She’s quit coffee too so we don’t really have to worry about that anymore either so everything is really working out for us.

Roland and Yasmin really had a change of heart this week. We were supposed to see them a couple times, but we always got caught up with something so we couldn’t see them until Friday this week and pretty much we just spent the whole day with them and it was so much fun. They really are the cutest family. Like even if they didn’t get baptized, they would be a family I would want to come back and visit because they are so funny and have the cutest kids in the world! So we went over there Saturday morning and just talked with them for a little while and had a little lesson with them and just kind of was talking about everything. We invited Rolando to come and play soccer that night and he said he wanted to come. So we left and then him, his wife, and there kids came and picked us up to go to the park and play soccer with all the other investigators and missionaries so it was really fun. Like I feel like we’re really good friends. They also came to church yesterday too, so pretty much they would only have to come to church one more time and they would be eligible to be baptized, it’s just getting them to that point soon, but Elder Warner and I are really hopeful. We felt really bad, so we took the baby that’s about 1 to the nursery and then Ashley to Primary and then we went with them to Gospel Principles. Were sitting in Gospel Principles and we hear a crying outside, it was their baby Ranoldo. He has never been really away from his parents so he was just scared out of his mind, like he was trembling, but then we got him some cake from the kitchen and he was the happiest kid ever and it all worked out in the end. And Ashley loved primary so it was really good Sunday. They were the only investigators that came, but it’s better than none.

Oh haha one more thing about them. So she always makes really good drinks when were over there and so she made a Tamarindo drink that’s really good. I had a glass and then like an hour later she gives me another glass... then guess what I found.... A COCKROACH in my drink haha it was so gross. It was drown and like so gross haha I’m just really happy I didn’t drink it! That would have been so gross haha. There house is always like infested with cockroaches, but I love them anyway. Rolando is the funniest guy ever haha.

We have 2 new investigators this week that are really good too. Their names are Vincente and Dinely. Vincente is from Venezuela and then Dinely is from Cuba. They have about 3 months in the United States and there English is really good. They always try to practice it on us and we can understand most of what they say. They said they were going to come to church, but something came up. Vincente knows a lot about the church because he had a lot of friends that were members that live in Ven. Dinely doesn’t know anything cause the church isn’t in Cuba because it’s so dangerous. But they are really the nicest couple ever. So polite and so nice. They have one little kid, he’s kind of crazy, but that’s ok haha like they gave us ice cream and man did it hit the spot haha I feel like I haven’t had ice cream in forever. I miss it a lot haha. But we have an appointment  with them Tuesday, and the funny thing is some English elders tracted into this man that was Spanish but spoke English and wanted missionaries to come over, and he’s actually there friend so  that’s always good when they can learn with a friend so we have high hopes for them. They don’t have a car though so it’s just another person to find a ride for which is kind of hard haha but that’s ok.

I can’t really think of anything else that has happened that has been too exciting this week. I’m sorry, but pretty much that’s about it. I hope all is well in the SoJo. Kentucky has been pretty great. There was the worst rain storm ever after the ER on Friday, like we honestly couldn’t even see the tail lights of cars it was raining so hard, so I’m happy I wasn’t biking in it haha. I’m really nervous for winter. Elder Warner and I were talking about that today and like it gets below 0 and just really wet so it’s really frigid haha so I’m not excited for that.

4 months until I’m 20!!!! CRAZY RIGHT!!!!

Elder Knudsen

So the first picture is me with some of the kids at a family home evening we had. I love the little boy in the front with the spikey hair. His name is jiaro haha hes way funny, a hand full but funny. Um the cowboy hats and other stuff thats at Pablo and Fabiolas house so thats them. Then the other random pics are for Sister Woodbury cause shes making us do this thing like day in the life of the GKLM (Great Kentucky Louisville Mission) So idk if youll get that video too or what  

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23rd

Well first of all ya I got your email and that’s really exciting that you talked to his mom. She mentioned it in her email too and she was really grateful. Haha I’ll be honest.... I can’t see you as a ward missionary haha but that’s sweet though haha it’s been a pretty hectic week to say the least. At the beginning of the week... Um I got 4 flat tires in 2 days haha, needless to say Elder Warner and I were really frustrated because we want to do the work, but there is only so much we can do when we have mishaps like that. Oh I LOVED THE TIES that you sent me. They are amazing!!! Compliments left and right haha like Elder Warner is really jealous of my orange one, haha and the zone leaders too. It’s exactly what I wanted so thanks for that.

This week has really just been a beautiful week haha like you have no idea how beautiful Kentucky is. On Wednesday there was pretty much a firework show for an hour with lightning and we were like right next to it. Not raining at that moment, but it was so legit. My title of my journal entry that night was "Heavens Pinball" I can’t take credit for the title though haha Elder Warner came up with that one, but ya. Like I really can’t even put into words what it was like. She like a light show in the sky. Just bursts of light like every few seconds and then you would see a web of lightning. It was really spectacular. Elder Warner and I were riding home from Holiday Park at the time so we just pulled off to the side of the road on the freeway to watch (ya we ride our bikes on the freeway) haha but it really was amazing I wish I could have gotten something to capture that moment.

So I have told you about Eufemia and just how amazing she is.... So Monday... We get a call from her and she was like my husband doesn’t like you guys and won’t allow me to read the book of Mormon or go to church or meet with you guys and was just heartbroken. This was the same day that we had like 2 flat tires, so we were really upset and didn’t really know what to do. So we were thinking maybe we would just stop by one day just to see if we could talk to her about it or talk to him, like we really didn’t know what to do. So Tuesday we were in the same area as her apartment and I guess she saw us and so she ran out of her apartment (where her husband was) and came and talked to us just saying how evil Satan is and how bad she wants us to come by and just that she knows the church is true. She wanted us to come by on the days he is working, but Elder Warner and I decided that wouldn’t be the greatest idea because we need the permission of her husband, but she just asked us to pray for him to have a change of heart and she would pray too. Oh and at this time the Zone Leaders had asked if we would share a story about her at the meeting where a member of the 70ty was coming to haha so we didn’t really know what to do cause we didn’t want to lie with a 70ty there haha but anyways we went back 2 days later to see how she was doing and to tell her we can’t do anything behind her husband’s back. Her husband opened the door.... he has a smile on his face and lets us into the house.... ANOTHER MIRACLE I HAVE SEEN. He’s not interested in our message at this time, but he opened his heart to allow his wife to do the things she knows to be true, so Eufemia is right back on track. Oh and she’s gotten a new job since we’ve been teaching her and she gets paid more and doesn’t have to work as much so it’s been another blessing. She said she had to work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday... while we were in her apartment after she told us this, her boss calls and says he needs to change her schedule to Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday so she couldn’t go to church. She told us she is going to talk to her boss and tell him she needs to have Sundays off or else she’s going to quit so it’s really been amazing. She has sooooo much faith it’s ridiculous!!!

Rolando y Yasmin.... that’s where we're having the problem right now.... they looked on the internet. She said she’s been looking at Mormon stuff and asked about polygamy and stuff like that.... so we answered it.... then she started talking about the virgin Mary and how were bad cause we don’t worship her.... then how we don’t worship the cross and we say its cause we worship the living Christ.... the she said all churches are good because they teach about the same God... and asked why we use water instead of wine.... like so many questions. I think someone brainwashed him and her... so we don’t really know what to happen. They said they prayed and God told them that all churches are good.... But yet like there trying to apply the stuff we’ve taught them. I don’t really know what were going to do with them so I’m really not excited about that. I love them to death.... but there is only so much we can do... like last lesson was just really bad.... I pretty much didn’t say a word and just let them like bible bash.... we got nowhere to say the least.

Um what else happened this week? Hm.... Oh I got the meal that probably is the worst meal that someone could feed me haha FISH AND SALAD haha my heart sank when I saw what they were making. We had fried tilapia, like they did it home made, and then salad and rice. The fish was actually really good, you just throw some lime on it and some spicy stuff and it masks the fishy flavor haha.... the salad... I just can’t do it yet. Like I can do lettuce in things and on things.... but by itself... not my favorite. But they have come to church the last 2 weeks so it’s been cool to see that we’ve made a difference in reactivating them. Also there is a family that we love that we’ve been working with. Jairo and Cathy. Cathy has a lot of faith, but Jairo has fallen into drinking again. But he actually quit about a week ago and so that’s been really cool to see. You have just seen the change in their marriage, like I think he actually wasn’t staying at the house for a little while. It’s weird, she’s like 23 and has a kid that 9 and 5 and 1 haha like that’s only 4 years older than me!!! She’s great though.

Um we had a wedding this week haha it was so much fun!!! So there is a part member family that the North side area is teaching. Like she’s a member, but he’s not, but he really wants to be, but they have to be married first, They don’t have their papers and so like they can’t in Kentucky, or North Carolina (where there from) but we found out in Indiana it’s a lot easier, like all you need is a birth certificate.  So we planned a wedding in about a week haha and the missionaries did like all the work it was really fun and really stressful haha. So Saturday we were in Indiana decorating and finishing up cooking and all that fun stuff. It turned out sooooo great. Like we got over 40 people there and usually at a typical wedding like that it’s lucky to maybe have 20. I’ll be sending pics in an email. They are the cutest couple. Shes like 7 months pregnant, you could never guess. And they have 2 little boys. But that was pretty much our day on Saturday.

Um the apartment complex is repainting our apartment today, so we had to move all of our stuff today. It was a real pain and there being really mean about it, but oh well haha. I haven’t felt the greatest the last 2 days either. Like I feel like I have pleurisy again, but oh well. It’s not that bad... but it’s really uncomfortable.

I can’t really think about anything else that has happened this week that has been really that exciting. Oh Elder Munds and his Wife came and spoke to us. He’s a member from the quorum of the 70ty so that was really cool and Elder Warner and I got to share the story of Eufemia with  like 3 zones and president and then the Munds haha so it was really cool. Like President was so happy with us and loved our story and it just fit in perfect with this whole meeting and what they talked about. It was really good though. We have another one coming in August so ya. Oh we didn’t have any investigators at church again yesterday so that really wasn’t fun. But oh well.

Oh I forgot to tell you about Friday. Ah Friday was probably the worst day ever. We rode our bikes forever because nobody was home and all of our appointments fell through. Like we really had nothing to do all day because all our plans and back up plans had fallen through so we just kept riding around trying to find something. Well it like like 630 and we were about to pull into an apartment complex and I just prayed to have something good come out of that day, we ride in and like no one is there and were about to ride out when we get flagged down by this lady. She’s from Cuba and we had met her once and had been trying to find her for about 2 weeks. We had met her at a man’s name Yidel. He’s kind of an investigator, but they were really interested, but they ran off before we got there info. So it was amazing to see her flag us down. Then her husband and kid come around the corner and we just talk for like an hour and a half and give her a book of Mormon and she’s really excited to read it. They said they are for sure going to come to church this week so I’m really excited about that! They are a great couple. The husband is from Venezuela and they are just so nice. They try and speak English to us because they really want to learn it, and they are actually really good at it so it’s kinda nice, but anyways... that was my week pretty much

I hope you all had a good week.

I love you all

Elder Knudsen

Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 16th

Haha I don’t even know where to start about this week haha it went by really fast. I can’t believe I’m already done with my first transfer. I’ll probably only have elder Warner for one more transfer which is kind of sad. In my district we had an elder and a sister going home and then one sister got transferred so it’s really changed here. Yesterday.... WE HAD 3 INVESTIGATORS TO CHURCH!!! WHOO RAAA haha it was so great. It’s kind of really stressful though because like members.... they can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Like our church is about 20 min from our apartment in a car so we ask this member to pick us up and 1 investigator. Well needless to say.... he was late so then our other 2 investigators were in the chapel without us so we called the other elders and made sure they made them feel welcome and stuff, but it was so great to finally have investigators come. And Pablo and Fabiola, the one that feed us every week, I guess we have made a change with them, they talked to their boss this week to ask if they could switch schedule so they could come to church, so they were there on Sunday too. I was like a little kid at Christmas.

So... let’s first start by talking about Eufemia. She’s the lady from Cuba. She came to church yesterday and just loved it like she was just in awww the whole time and like couldn’t stop talking about how much it touched her. She’s so ready. I actually went on an exchange with Elder Dewey this week (zone leader) and we taught her the plan of salvation. It wasn’t going the greatest, but then at the end I bore my testimony and she started crying and then we set a bap date, we didn’t know it but we set it for her birthday, then she got even more emotional and was just saying it was meant to be and stuff. Like she is so great. She pretty much started to plan a trip to Cuba with Elder Warner and I after our missions haha she’s the nicest lady ever like I’m happy every time we leave her apartment. I don’t know if I told you the story of how we found her so I’m going to tell you anyway. We had an investigator that we were thinking about dropping cause she just wasn’t progressing after 6 months, we prayed and decided to give it one more week, the next day we met Eufemia at the investigators house. Like it was just meant to be, and I’m so happy we were being lead by the spirit not to drop her. Like she said after Sunday she just wants to be baptized next week, but it will probably be in August but were so excited. Like I feel like she’s my mom, grandma away from home haha she’s just so nice. She reminds me of a grandma, but she’s only 55 so she’s not that old haha. She’s just great though.

Um the other 2 investigators that came is a couple from Mexico. Rolando y Yasmin. They are just so funny I love them so much. We laugh and just have a good time at their house all the time. They have 2 kids, Ruby and Ranoldo. They are the cutest kids you will ever meet haha but only the 2 came to church. I think they liked it pretty well. Like there a pretty quiet group unless you’re in their house. But ya... this week we had a good lesson with them about the word of wisdom. Like we didn’t even bring it up, it was the wife. She then was like my husband drinks haha so we set some goals like all of us so were easing him off alcohol and he’s doing really well. Like usually he has 3 a day, but he’s only have 6 in the last week. So were going to try and set a bap date with them this week and we will see how that goes. Were having a family home evening at Pablo and Fabiolas this week with them, because they both live in the same place so I’m excited for the fellowshipping that our investigators are receiving at this time. Um so.... Rolando and Yasmin had us over for dinner this week. We had tamales.... and COW TONGUE TACOS!!!! Haha it wasn’t too bad actually.... Like taste= not bad. Texture= not the greatest. Knowledge of having an animal’s tongue in my mouth= AWFUL haha and it didn’t help when Elder Warner is sitting there saying, just think about it, it’s like you’re making out with Betty the Cow right now haha what a dork. The first time he had it, I guess it was a lot worse cause it was in bigger chunks, cause mine was diced up, his.... he could feel the taste buds haha how gross, but it’s like the most expensive thing and so really it’s their favorite. But that was an adventure I had this week haha.

Oh man do I have a story for you. You’re not going to even believe it! Like I wish I could tell you in person because I don’t think I can really give it justice with my words haha it’s kind of a sad story.... but really... you just have to laugh at it now. So we were contacting outside of a Hispanic store on Thursday night just because one of our appointments fell through. It’s been like 15 minutes when this guy whistles at us. We had stopped by his house like 4 weeks before and he was kind of a jerk, so really we weren’t very optimistic and we were kind of nervous. He asks us to come in and he said he just got a divorce last week and he really wants to come to God. So we were really pumped. He’s like I really want to come to church... do I need to sign something or what do I need to do. So he offered to give us a ride to church so we could just lead him. Then we were talking about baptism and he wanted to be baptized. So like at this point I’m just thinking wowwww haha like it was probably about a 45 min lesson or so then when were leaving he says, (in Spanish of course) "I was praying and God told me to look out the window, I saw you 2 standing there and God told me you 2 were going to be the ones to carry me to Him" So at this point I’m smiling from ear to ear just thanking Heavenly Father for all the miracles he has shown me. He asked us to come back Friday but we couldn’t so we said Saturday. So... I was pumped ya know... W knock on his door, he looks out the window and then just goes back. We thought he was just going to put on a shirt or something so we’re just waiting outside. While were waiting we see some other elders so they ride up and start talking to us. He walks out with like his hair in a net like he had just got it done and a little bag of trash and he was like give me one second I’m just going to throw this away... so were like ok.... then we look down... HES IN HIS CAR!!!! We make eye contact and he looks down the street and just goes pedal to the metal haha. Elder Warner and I were so confused. Like maybe we misunderstood him or what so we went into the store to get a churro to wait. We come out and he’s still not back... hm... This is a first haha so we decide just to go see some other people. When were riding home we see his car back haha but we decide not to bother him. Yesterday morning we call him to see if he wants to go to church.... he says something and then like starts blowing in the phone and hangs up haha like really!!!! Cubans are just crazy haha so we will probably stop by later this week if we need a good laugh just to see what he’s going to do this time haha.

Like it’s been a funny week. It’s actually rained a lot the last little while haha like we go to appointments drenched haha its just fantastic but I love the rain. There is nothing like rain in Kentucky, It comes down harder then I have ever seen in Utah, but then it goes away in like an hour and its happened like 4 days this week haha but it’s been nice cause its really cooled it down. Today is a little hotter though. It’s ya... It’s been really fun though haha

Thanks so much for the pants and ties they are great. I was actually going to email you...um.... so since it rains so much.... it’s not good to have silk ties.... haha so if you ever want to find me some polyester ties that would be great haha but you don’t have to do it right away haha. Um color wise... maybe... I really want yellow, um orange, and maybe red. Maybe like find some that look pretty solid. Like they just have a pattern or something. Like it’s hard to explain, but I don't know just whatever haha thanks so much. But that’s pretty much all I have for this week. Haha it’s been a fun week and now I’m starting my 2nd transfer. Like this transfer went by so fast. I have 15 more. Like I feel like my mission is going to fly by. Like Christmas is in 5 months, then I’ll talk to you on mother’s day, and then I’ll say... "One more call and then I’ll be home" like it’s going great out here.

Love Elder Knudsen

July 9th (sorry so late!)

This week has been pretty great, but nothing too exciting. So this letter will probably pretty short. It’s been really hot this week. It’s been record highs I guess. But this coming week it’s supposed to get a little cooler so I’m excited about that. Um we found a really legit investigator this week!! Like her name is Eofemia. She is soooo amazing it’s not even funny. So it’s kind of a miracle and just the power of being led by the spirit. So during weekly planning last week we were thinking about possible dropping Darley because she has had so many bap dates and she never comes to church and so we were just thinking about dropping here, we prayed, decided we would hold off on it. So we went by her house on Monday and she had a friend walk in and she pretty much just starts bashing on us saying she’s found the true church cause she was watching the Christian channel and there was a little boy with an amazing testimony and so she’s just looking straight at us and then Darley kind of sticks up for us saying she really likes this church and stuff and pretty much taught a lot of the first lesson to her. It kind of sparked her interest soooo Elder Warner and I started to teach her the first lesson. She accepted it so well like it’s ridiculous. She’s been a member of about 6 churches and she just thinks they are all missing something and stuff. Then we talked about the Great Apostasy and showed some scriptures to support is and then went into the Restoration. We shared the first vision and she was just amazing and she was like this is what I have been waiting for. We gave her a book of Mormon and she was like I’m going to read it right away. She left, came back 5 minutes later with her glasses and just started reading while we were visiting Darely. Before we had left, she had finished the intro, the testimony of the 3 and 8 and Joseph Smith and was starting 1 Nephi. She has pretty much finished 1 Nephi in 1 week and she says she’s never read a book that has touched her so much. Like she is very well versed in the Bible and she’s been having a rough time with her Daughter because it’s really getting scary in Cuba, but this week while she’s been reading the Book of Mormon it’s just all changed. She said she wanted to come to church and was planning on it. We went to pick her up and she had been throwing up all night. She was like stupid Satan. Haha She thinks this is the true church and she was like Satan doesn’t want me to come so he got me sick, and so she was like next week no matter how much Satan does to me, I’m coming to church. So she is like the most legit lady ever haha. The only problem we might have is she sure does love her coffee haha so we will see how that goes. Her favorite part of the book of Mormon so far is when Moroni appears to Joseph in his room and just how he describes it haha.

Um Rolando y Yasmin. They are really progressing, but were kind of frustrated haha. THEY HAVE NO DOUBTS. Like we feel like it’s too good to be true and were nervous there just saying what they think we want them to say cause they say they think Joseph Smith is a prophet (my spelling is shot cause of Spanish, I just want to type Jose Smith haha) but anyway and they think the book of Mormon is the word of God also and just everything. We called them Sunday morning to see if they’re coming to church and Yasmin said she was just waiting for Rolando to get home and then they were going to be going on their way. We called them again right when church was starting and they didn’t answer. They didn’t after church either, so we really need to get in contact with them. But they are still doing great so I’m excited to see them this week.

So we went on an exchange this week for a couple of hours. I went to Arcadia (the sketchy area) while Elder Warner went to a District Leader meeting. We were just doing service for a member and she made us food.... I wanted to throw up. Pretty much it was the biggest bowl of just onions.... and a little tomato, and maybe one little piece of chicken. And it was cold as could be.... it was really hard to get down.... like wow.... I don’t know what I’m going to do with things that are worse. Like it was really funky. The Spanish just loves there onions and I’m not a fan haha like it’s a major ingredient in everything. But she did make us this pretty good drink. Like it was hot chocolate, but had corn meal or something in it and it made it thick, like it was pretty good. Had to use that to wash down the other stuff haha.

Pablo and Fabiola. I love them so much. So they are the members that feed us every week and they are just so dang nice and funny. Like I love going to their house so much! We went over there on the 4th of July and we had bbq ribs and honey mustard chicken and macaroni and cheese haha it was kind of a random meal but it was pretty good. Then the next day we were just in the area teaching someone and they saw us and they were like come over after your done and eat, so we got to go eat with them 2 this week. They made tostadas and they were really good. So you have like a fried tortilla then you put either chicken and cream cheese mixture at the bottom or beans, then lettuce, then sour cream, then guacamole, then some hot sauce. And man was it hot haha like the hotter one had dang good flavor, but you could have like 6 little drops on your tostada and then you were dead but it had a lot of flavor. Then Elder Warner (oh how much I love him) haha he told them that I really want to eat lengua... tongue.... and so... I think they are going to be making lengua for us soon and I’m not excited. They make it shredded... So ya I'll let you know how that goes. I helped them order some glasses on zennioptical too haha cause I told them how cheap it is and they were really thankful for that.

Hm adventures this week.... Well it’s been kind of a hectic week like I feel like we have just been in meetings all week. Like Thursday we didn’t have time to do anything. We had district meeting from 10-4 and then we had an hour to eat at our apartment then get on the bus at 5 to go to English class, then coordination meeting after that. Like our whole mission is changing right now. Like just on the things we report to president and just like lots of other stuff. President is getting a lot more strict about some things, but were trying to push the GKLM (great Kentucky Louisville mission) to the next level. That’s really what our mission is called. Like our mission trailer just has GKLM all over it haha its kind great. But anyways so that’s why this week has been kind of hectic. This week I’m going on an exchange with one of the zone leaders. I’m kind of nervous so he comes down to Okolona and I pretty much just have to lead all that we do so hopefully I know the area by now haha.

Oh dang I have something way scary to tell you. So 2 weeks ago the 2nd counselor at the branch asked me to bear my testimony, they didn’t have time so he was like next week, then last week was fast Sunday, so I thought he would have forgotten. I show up to church yesterday and he said I’m giving a talk. Like that one person would be sharing their testimony then I would have to take up the rest of the time. I was freaking out because I was just planning on bearing by testimony and that’s a lot of time to take up in Spanish. But then they got it figured out and just had the new 1st counselor give a talk instead so I was really grateful for that haha I was scared out of my mind. And I didn’t have to bear my testimony haha but dang like even Elder Warner hasn’t had to do that since being out here. I’m really sad that I probably only have 1 more transfer with Elder Warner like we get along so great. But he’s been in Okolona for awhile now. I wish Elder Howard would be my next come. He reminds me so much of Ford it’s not even funny haha we get along great like he’s legit. He’s in Arcadia and he will probably getting transferred the same time as Elder Warner, but the person that takes my comps spot will be the District Leader and Elder Howard has only been out like 7 months so it’s probably not going to be him. 

You wanna do just something great. It would make Elder Warner’s moms day. You should call her one day and just say that your son is companions with her son. And it was his Dads birthday on the 7th so you could wish his dad a happy bday too. His moms name is Jody. So ya... that could give you something to do. Hm... what else has happened this week. Not much haha it’s been a really fun week though. I don’t really know why though.

Oh district meeting was pretty great. So my district completed this challenge by the zone leaders, and so our "prize" was we got to tie them up to a tree and just throw whatever we want on them. The sisters made like 100 water balloons filled with water and die so that was great, then elder Warner and I brought some old soup we had, it was pretty disgusting and then like one of the zone leaders old gel that he left in Okolona cause he didn’t like that and put that all over them, but then I had a really bad idea..... We poured this old balsamic vinegar dressing on them. Dang did it smell awful..... Like after they showered they could still smell it hahahahaha but it kind of dripped down there head into their eyes so it kind of burned I guess haha I'll be sending pictures of it in another email so ya... But I think that is about all.

Oh and thanks for the cleats and marking supplies. I got the cleats on Friday so they came really fast. I would have got them Thursday, but it was UPS and we weren’t home, so ya.  Thanks a lot for that. I hope you all had a good 4th of July. Only 1 more without me so that’s something good haha.

Hope all is well and I love you.
Elder Knudsen

Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd

Well this week has been the hottest week of my life.... like wow.... Haha um I think the high I saw this week was like 110 and that was pretty much every day since Thursday. Wednesday was really nice though haha, but since then... WOW!!!! Haha. Um to answer your question no we haven’t been able to get in contact with that family again. Whenever we go over there the dad is sleeping because he just works a ton!! So that’s been really hard so I don’t really know what were going to do with that. Pretty much we have 0 baptismal dates now. Jose dropped us because he won’t come to church. Darely we dropped until she will come to church. She’s come 2 in 6 months of teaching so were just done with that. Then Beatriz we haven’t really dropped, but she never has time to talk to us and her bap date is in like 4 weeks and she would have to divorce her old husband and marry her new one, so we really would need a miracle.

On a lighter note. We found the most legit family ever! I know I said that last week.... but this week I really mean it. Elder Warner said they are probably the best family he has ever taught, like being ready wise. We taught them last Monday and we taught them the Restoration and we talked a little bit about families being able to be together forever and that just made the mom so excited and so she just kept asking about that. But it was a really good lesson. Then we taught them again on Thursday and they had read the reading assignment we had given them and we taught a really long lesson about the plan of salvation with them. They committed to go to church... and then they were on their way to church and they wouldn’t find it and their kids were screaming... so... they turned around!!! It killed us. So this week at sacrament we had 0 investigators again! We got an inactive to come with us though. She is one of the ladies we taught my first day. Her name is Mora and she’s from Cuba. She’s a great lady, but she has started smoking again so we have just tried to emphasize the Atonement and stuff in our lessons with her.

We also met a really nice old lady named Joy this week. She’s not Hispanic but she just lives by us and we did a little service for her this week. She is so nice. She’s like in her 80s and just loves the bible and lives alone and has no family left so we have been just trying to help her out. She’s lived in Okolona for like her whole life. She’s so sweet. She has crazy stories because she was a big horse trainer I guess and so she used to always be at the derby. Like she helped train Seabiscuit. And she’s good friends with Miss Penny and stuff like she has some pretty dang crazy stories. She loves her horse racing haha he’s great. We were talking to her last night and it started to storm last night. Like Kentucky weather is just crazy. Like yesterday was 109 and we were out with a member, then he dropped us off and we walked then it just started lightning like every 5 seconds and pouring rain and the tornado alarms were going off haha it was pretty crazy but it was exciting.

That family is still feeding us every week. It’s pretty good. Last week we had a pasta with a bunch of stuff in it. It was ok... not my favorite, but its food haha. I’m really nervous to try some of the stuff.... Like Elder Warner said that I will probably be having lengua soon (tongue) and I’m really not excited for that. And then they eat the insides of their stomach and I guess that stuff is the worst cause the texture and it’s just really heavy. And then also pig skin. They love their pig skin. Like Elder Warner said that was the worst thing he has eaten. Like its pig skin fried, but then they make it gooey and put something around it... like he just had to flex every time he took a bite to now throw it up... and guess what... the family that fed him all of this.... JUST MOVED INTO OUR AREA haha like it’s a family that Elder Warner baptized a while back and so we're going to be over there trying to get them to the temple and stuff. Not excited though I’ll be honest... I really have become not picky though.

Um I think I have had 1 flat tire this week and I think Elder Warner has had 3. They are usually a couple hour adventures and we can’t keep enough water in our back packs because it’s just too heavy with our scriptures and teaching material and books of Mormon and so I’m pretty much always dehydrated haha it’s just great. Then today... I came out of Kroger from shopping, Elder Warner had a flat tire, and someone had kicked my bike and messed it all up and I couldn’t walk it cause it would have destroyed my tire... so I pretty much had to carry my bike for a mile haha so that wasn’t fun at all. I really am not digging the bikes haha.

Um we had zone conference this week so that was really fun. We have that like every other transfer so not that often. Isn’t it just crazy to think that I’m 1/8 of the way done with my mission already haha likes its pretty dang crazy. But um we had the stake president speak, President Chadwick and he is just amazing. Like he always just puts things like I’ve never thought of before. Like he said whenever he gives a blessing he thinks of in the preeternal when God the father set apart his son Jesus Christ to be the Savior, and Redeemer of the world. Can you imagine that? But really you know it must have had to happen. Sorry for my spelling, like really Spanish just destroys it haha so I’m sorry about that. But then President Woodbury just talked about tithing and that was really strong and then after that Sister Woodbury talked about patience and shared a really touching story about when she had cancer right at the beginning of their marriage and they said she was going to die and president Woodbury gave her a blessing, not saying everything would be ok, but just that it would be hard, but that they needed to be patient and stuff but it was really good.

Then we had a service project this week. Kill me now haha like I love doing service, but it was just killer. Like we moved his whole house into a storage unit and it was reallyyyyyy hottt haha like too hotttt to handle, but ya so that was fun. Everyone is going bowling today for pday, but we don’t really have time so it’s just going to be a relaxing day for us, which isn’t always a bad thing. Oh ya the package you sent was amazing. Like the otter pops... best idea ever haha but really everything has just helped a ton so thank you so much! I’ll probably be sending home some stuff next week. Um if you think about it and have time one of these days and want to send me a package... please send me scripture markers.... like not markers, but just something to mark my scrips and make sure there sharpened haha it would be much appreciated.... also.... maybe some cheap soccer cleats if you can find some.... would be great. 10 or 10 1/2 haha but if not that’s ok too.

You should go in my branch and get mad at Megan and Aubree haha because they still haven’t written me.

I think that’s about all this week that I have. I still need to write some other people.
Elder Knudsen