Monday, November 26, 2012


November 26th

So I am so excited to be back in Okolona you have no idea. My
> companion is so much fun he reminds me exactly of my cousin Colton.
> Like to a T!!! We get along so great and its just been sooooo much
> fun. I want to beg president in my letter to stay. I feel like my work
> isnt done here yet. So I got to see Eufemia. I saw her Tuesday.... and
> she told me she was moving. Her and her husband decided that day that
> they are moving to New Jersey. So they left on Friday.... It was the
> hardest thing I have had to do in my mission so far. She is just so
> great and I know its just going to be that much harder to stay in
> contact with her after the mission. I guess her husband just couldnt
> find work here, but really he had plenty of jobs, but he just didnt
> like them. So that was really hard to say the least. So we saw her
> pretty much every day until she left. She just wanted to feed me all
> she could. She was so happy to see me haha. Cause like Darely and
> Amiley knew I was coming back, but Eufemia didnt and so we had one of
> Darely's kids go and get her and ask her to come to Darelys and she
> walks in and just starts like screaming "Oh mi vida" haha it was so
> cute. She started crying too. It was really hard to say goodbye. Even
> Elder Baker was crying and he was like "Man i only knew her for a few
> weeks and you taught her the whole time." Everyone just loves her so
> much. It really was such a blessing to get to teach her and meet her.
> Its amazing just to think that I had a big impact on someone.
> Its been really cool to see Darely and Amiley since ive been gone.
> They are just doing excellent. They are totally different people. You
> can just see a light and a change about them. We have started to teach
> there kids and they are going to be baptized on Dec 15. But this week
> has really just been so great. Like Elder Jones (the one that Elder
> Warner trained) He got hurt and so he went home and so thats why I got
> sent here. So I think I might be staying here another week. I havent
> heard otherwise at least. But its been so much fun working with Elder
> Warner again and Elder Duran. I just feel so much at home its not even
> funny.
> So we had a really cool lesson with a Cuban lady named Miriam. Like it
> was the first time weve gotten to actually sit down and have a
> spiritual lesson with her and it was really great. Pretty much she is
> Eufemia 2.0. She says the same quirky littly sayings that Eufemia did
> and shes just so prepared. Like this lady just always wants to feed us
> and is just like you always have a place here at my home and she wants
> to go to Cuba with us too. Ill be honest shes probably not as crazy as
> Eufemia, but shes still really fun. Eufemia is like the craziest
> person ever but just super amazing. She just like yells all the time
> haha, not really yell but shes just very animated when she talks to
> say the least. But this lady named Miriam has already talked about
> getting baptized and stuff. She reads a lot in the Book of Mormon too
> and were hoping to set a date with her for maybe Dec 29. She is just
> so amazing.
> We also got back in contact with Rolando and Yasmin. There doing good.
> We had a few lessons with them this week and it went really well. We
> had a good lesson with them together and then we pretty much had a
> lesson with each of them one on one and they are going to start coming
> back to church. Elder Warner actually told me he had a dream that
> Elder Baker and I went over there and started teaching them and they
> got baptized. So I really hope they start to progress again cause I
> love them so much. They just have the cutest family ever. Shes 25 and
> hes 29. And really the cutest kids youll ever meet. So we are going to
> see what happens there. They were supposed to come to church
> yesterday, but Rolando got sick and so we went over there and had a
> lesson with Yasmin. It was pretty good.
> We also found a lady from Peru this week. She actually said she was
> baptized in Peru about 15 years ago and she really wants to come back
> to church. She also really wants her husband and her children to be
> baptized and so we are going to begin teaching them as well. So that
> was really cool too. We dont really know how serious they are just yet
> cause she said she was coming to church and then didnt come cause I
> guess one of her daughters was sick, but ya. Hopefully something good
> will happen there as well. This place is just white as can be. I
> really hope I can stay. I just want President to send one of the Visa
> waiters to Elder Singleton in Arcadia and then Elder Ferguson and
> another visa waiter white wash the Versailles area. I dont think
> President would do it, but we had really good numbers this week so
> maybe he can make other arrangements.... I want to stay here so
> bad!!!!
> Our Thanksgiving was one to remember to say the least. We ate sooooo
> much food. So in the morning we went to Pablo and Fabiolas and had
> breakfast with them and another member family. They always cook a lot
> too. So that was really good and we got done eating around 1 or so.
> Then Eufemia had us over at 3 and made a feast like always and wouldnt
> let us like stop eating cause she was just like "I havent been able to
> feed you Elder Knudsen for a really long time so you need to eat all
> that you can" It was pretty ridiculous. And then Miriam had us over at
> 7 and had a full turkey dinner just for us. Like Turkey, mashed
> potatoes, yuca, corn, platanoes, and lots of stuff. Needless to say,
> Elder Baker and I hated out lives. I actually had to finish his turker
> for him cause it wasnt very good and he couldnt. We kinda threw away
> some food without her knowing cause we just couldnt eat another
> bite.... It was kinda bad for us to do. But you gotta do what you
> gotta do.
> But thats pretty much been my week. Oh one good thing. Since there
> isnt a car being used in Versailles, President is letting Elder Baker
> and I use a car so were not on a bike for the moment. But I would take
> being on a bike in the bitter winter if I could stay in this area. It
> would be well worth it. But ya...
> Um there is one thing I could use for Christmas or my Birthday. A new
> watch. Mine stopped working again. Like TJ MAXX had some really nice
> ones when I was here last time so you could check there. Like they
> were Diesel. Like they had one that was red with like a rubber band
> and it was electronic (or whatever you call it) And Elder Warner got
> one there thats Fossil and you can change out the Bands. Like there
> rubber, but it was a super classy watch. So like it doesnt have to be
> metal or anything. But just something nice and cool. That would be
> great.
Love Elder Knudsen

November 19th

 So yes this week has been really hard medically ill be honest. The
> immaging they did on Wednesday was they made me drink this sulfer
> mitrate or something and then just took pictures of it every 15
> minutes and it was really gross stuff. Its pretty much concrete and
> so you have to stay hydrated or it will harden and plug you up. So
> that wasnt fun, but the radiologist said everything seemed to be
> pretty normal off first glance.
> The prep work for the Colonoscopy was absolutely disgusting! I got
> about 3 1/2 liters down of the 4, but it all worked out. I was gagging
> like the last 4 glasses pretty bad haha. So this morning I got it done
> and it was a piece of cake. He said he didnt find really anything too
> abnorml, but he ran some biopsies on a few things and so we will see
> what happens with that. I hope everything will be ok and its just a
> minor thing.
> So I have some big news. I dont think I told you but tomorrow is
> transfers, and I told you I would probably be getting an Elder, but I
> didnt know exactly who.. well... IM GETTING TRANSFERRED haha its only
> temporarily for like a week, 2 max. But guess where im going....
> OKOLONA!!!! MANNNNNNN IM so exicted!!! Im really like a kid at
> Christmas. I get to go see Eufemia and Darely and Amiley and just
> everyone! Its the boost I think I really need! So im happy you sent my
> winter stuff to say the least cause ill be riding a bike for a little
> bit haha. Ill be serving with an elder named Elder Baker. Hes a really
> good missionary. And ELDER WARNER IS BACK IN MY DISTRICT haha I know
> its only short lived, but I really need to get out of this place for a
> little bit haha. Go back to my Home :). So thats been the big news of
> the week. Elder Sizelove is getting transferred and so Elder Forsgren
> is going to be training. After Okolona ill be coming back here to
> Versailles and working with Elder Ferguson probably. Hes a really
> funny kid. He was in my last zone and hes a real good missionary too.
> So if you need to send anything just send it to the mission home for
> the next little bit haha. Unless you want to just send it to Okolona.
> I think its 503 Markwell Crt. I bet you have it though.
> We had 5 investigators come to stake conference yesterday! Thats a
> ridiculously high number. Like man. And Frankfort is about 45 min to
> Lexington where it was. So it was really surprising to see that. I
> think I really helped out this area the last 3 weeks. Cause the week
> before I came in they had 0 to church like 2 weeks straight and then
> the last 2 weeks weve had 4 and 5 haha. Im not taking the credit for
> sure, but its just cool to see an area start booming after you get
> done with it. Ill be kinda sad if I dont get to see Rebeckahs baptism,
> but no offense I would rather be in Okolona on a bike... Thats how
> much I love the people.
> I dont really know if I told you about a spanish guy I found last
> week. So I was on an exchange with a zone leader for only like an hour
> and I decided hey lets go try a potential, and she wasnt home. So then
> I had the thought to go to Landings (a street) and tract and like the
> 5th door we found this man named Marvin. Hes from Honduras and he let
> us in the very first time he met us. We went by again this week and he
> let us in again and he had said he had read in the book of mormon and
> we had a really spiritual lesson. I told him that the last lesson
> wasnt my greatest effort cause I was nervous cause I was with my zone
> leader and he just laughed. But it went really well. Im sad to just
> leave him hanging in the dust for the next couple of weeks, but I
> think he will be ok. I just hope we can get back in contact with him
> once I get back. But ya so that was something cool as well.
> We also had a lesson with a man named Darrin. I shared an experience
> with him that really touched him. He was like man... thats the things
> I need to be hearing cause thats what pushes me to believe this church
> is true and he just keeps calling me the guy the really impressed him
> haha. Ive only taught him like 2 and hes pretty close to baptism, but
> yet not. But he said hes really considerring it now so that was really
> cool. I think this area will have a lot of baptisms coming up.... I
> feel like I always have to leave once the field is white. Like its
> hard ill be honest.... I know im doing a good work and just preparing
> the way, but sometimes its hard to just see baptisms coming at a blink
> of an eye everywhere around me, but I cant stay for them. But I guess
> somebody has to do it... and im just the tool.
> But all and all, everythg is going really great. I cant wait for
> tomorrow. I really am like a kid at Christmas. Haha you should have
> seen me on the phone with President. He told me and i was like ARE YOU
> SERIOUS!!! YA!!!! haha and he just laughed and was like I knew you
> would want to go there, but its only temporarily haha then I just
> started running around the apartment screaming haha it was a sight to
> be seen haha.
> Im really hungry though ill be honest haha. I havent eaten since
> Saturday night. I just made myself a little pasta then, and I havent
> been able to eat since so were going to eat after this to say the
> least. So I had to pack up all my stuff on Saturday, cause I knew I
> wasnt going to want to do it yesterday or today haha so im ready to
> go. I dont care if its -20 degrees haha. Im happy. But I hope all is
> going well with you all.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

Friday, November 16, 2012

November 12th

We had a good amount of success this week. Remember the girl I told
> you about last week that we had started to teach. Ya we set a baptism
> date with her for.... DECEMBER 1 haha what a coinicidence right?? But
> too bad I wont be able to teach her all the way up until her baptism
> cause ill be getting a new companion next Tuesday. I think I might be
> getting Elder Simms!!! Man I love that Elder! He was my zone leader in
> my last area and in my district and hes a great elder. We are thinking
> its him, or Elder Duran (funniest person I know) or maybe Elder
> Ferguson. So Im really excited to be able to work Spanish work again,
> but Ill be honest its going to be hectic cause its like were going to
> be opening a new area.
> I had a really cool thing happen to me this week. So the zone leaders
> came on.... I think it was Thursday and I went with Elder Richins and
> he only has one more week left in his mission. But I decided we were
> going to go try a former Spanish investigator and so we did, she didnt
> answer, and then the thought came to me to go to a street called
> Landings. Like the 5th door we knocked on was hispanic and before I
> could even get out that we were missionaries he asked us to come in
> and teach him. We ended up teaching him and 2 other men. They are all
> from Honduras and he had seen missionaries there and had always wanted
> to speak to them but never had. Hes been here in the states for 5
> months. But we taught him the Restauration and he really liked it and
> we set up a return appointment for last night, we went over and he
> hadnt got off work yet so that kinda sucked. Oh wait.... nvm it was
> Saturday, but ya I really think they could progress!! It was a really
> cool experience cause its really rare to have Hispanics just let you
> in on your first contact with them out here.
> We had 3 investigators to church yesterday so that was really good. My
> translation is getting a lot better to say the least. I felt like I
> did really good yesterday during Sacrament. We had a returned
> missionary sister speak and also a high council man, and so it was
> pretty profound talks too. But like even a member was like Dang Elder
> Knuden, That was pretty impressive, seeing as you didnt speak like
> that last week haha. So its getting better to say the least.
> Elder Sizelove said something funny to me this week haha. He was like
> Elder Knudsen, I know why your speaking Spanish now, Its because if
> you were speaking English your mission would just be too easy for you.
> I really have felt really comfortable speaking English and I feel like
> I can connect to a lot of them. Like Its just the other elders door
> approaches and contacts are really awkward and seem like rehearsed and
> so they get the door shut on them, but when you start to speak to them
> like a person, then thats when they will open there hearts.
> But there wasnt really anything too much different about this week. We
> recieved a training on how to change our door approaches that
> President learned from his Mission President Seminar for the 17
> Southern missions. And guess what.... It came from the Ft Lauterdale
> mission haha I was like PONDDDDD haha. I guess when they tract they
> say "We representatives of Jesus Christ and as such we bring His peace
> and blessing to your home, could we maybe come in and offer a pray
> with you?" And they have seen there baptisms sky rocket. Like my
> mission, we have never had more baptisms than we are having right now.
> We might hit 70 this month which is really high for this mission,
> Actually the highest its ever been, but there mission had 160 last
> month and they have less missionaries than we do! Crazy right!?!?!
> We also had some crazy guy. Man I was so mad that day. He asked us to
> come in and then he starts asking all these questions that were very
> specific to the temple and I wouldnt answer them and so he went into
> that hes done research on the Mormons for 7 years and hes found out
> that we are Satan worshipers and stuff like that. It was just
> ridiculous. It made me sick to my stomach some of the stuff he said,
> so i got up and left the room.
> Ive been really tired this week Ill be honest. Its went by pretty
> fast, but man. Im just exhausted or something. Its crazy to think I
> turn 20 in less than 3 weeks haha. It sure doesnt seem like im that
> old. Like im going to hit my year mark in no time. Like its only 3
> transfers away!! Man I hope I actually get to go to transfer meeting
> this time. But I think they will just bring my companion out here and
> I wont go, but I wish I could just see everyone down there haha like I
> really do miss Louisville. I feel like Louisville is my home.
> Thanks for sending out my winter stuff. Man im not excited for winter
> to hit. Ya its been pretty warm this week, its been nice. Today its
> been raining all day and it was raining all last night and just a lot
> of wind, so I think its coming haha. I didnt feel the earthquake by
> the way. But the Elders Im with have been making fun of how much
> winter stuff I got. But im like man Im going to need it. But then
> again one of my companions is from Alaska, and the other is from Idaho
> and apparently it gets like -30 where he lives too. So they are really
> used to the cold to say the least.
> But everything is going good with me. Just the same old song and
> dance! Hope all is good with you all.
> Elder Knudsen

November 5th

> Well it has been a pretty good week to say the least. We had a lot of
> success and it was nice getting back into missionary mode haha I know
> that sounds bad but th last little bit it felt like I was doing
> nothing with my time. I feel like I am a pretty good edition to this
> companionship to say the least. They are just an awkward companionship
> to say the least haha. But we had some good success. Last week they
> had 0 to church and this week we had 5. 5 is a really big number for
> investigators that attend sacrament and so that was really cool to
> see.
> Um I did have a miracle happen this week. So the 2nd day I was with
> Elder Granados we tracted and we found this girl and he didnt really
> think anything of it, but the other day I decided we should go back
> and see her with the other Elders. She opened the door and said that
> she was wondering what had happened to us and asked if we could come
> back in like 2 days, so we did of course! Then she told us that she
> had prayed to come closer to God, and in less than 24 hours we had
> knocked on her door. So it was really cool to hear that and just know
> I guess I was being lead by the spirit when I thought about going back
> to her. She came to church on Sunday and really enjoyed it. She even
> brought a friend along with her. She said it was the thing she was
> looking for, cause she had been to churches where they talk in tongues
> and things like that, and it had scared her kids and so this was what
> she thought church should be like. But man the first lesson we had
> with her.... I feel like I am going to have to take the lead in
> everything.... its really hard. So we get in there and im just asking
> a few questions and she had her roommate come listen too. Then we
> start talking about her background and why she wanted to hear from us
> and just basic things to do as you begin to teach. Then Elder Forsgren
> starts talking about how the Priesthood is the thing different about
> us and then ran through just the titles of the restauration (like a
> robot) and then just wanted to talk about the Book of Mormon. Like if
> I was an investigator I would have been so confused. Like his lesson
> went something like this " Ya you know Prophets are so important cause
> they are called of God and then Chris came to earth and did all the
> things he did and like established a church and then he died and there
> was a lot of confusion and then there was a boy named Joseph Smith
> that had a vision and here is a book to prove it" LIKE REALLY?!?! So I
> immediately jumped in and was like um ya..... so... that is a quick
> summary of the lesson we wanted to teach and then I jumped into it
> more in deapth and got her like asking questions and talking and she
> really liked it. Then we go to the car and Elder Forsgren was like
> that was the worst lesson ever and saying his part was the best part
> and stuff! I was like are you serious!?!?! Cause really you need to
> know the background knowledge to understand why Joseph Smith was
> needed and the Book of Mormon but he disagreed. Elder Sizelove took my
> side though. We was like trying to debate his case for 30 min in the
> car. It was ridiculous. I was like, if she would have got up and left,
> you wouldnt have skipped a beat in your "so called lesson" But its
> just really hard to teach with them cause they just are so anxious to
> say everything that it doesnt make sense. They dont explain anything
> or make them feel like we are teaching them and not just a lesson. But
> we have really high hopes for her, I think me and her really connected
> though and so ya.
> Um we also have an investigator named Will that Elder Granados and I
> taught a couple times and he told us this week that he wants to be
> baptized. But the thing is, is he isnt eligble until the end of next
> year cause hes on probation. So that isnt fun!!!! But he came to
> church yesterday and bore his testimony and stuff, hes a really cool
> guy. Haha from the hood to say the least. His wife also came to
> church, they have a little girl about Oaklees age. I dont know if you
> heard about what happened in Louisvile about the train wreck and the
> chemical spill, but I guess they were down in Louisville when it
> happened and they dont have a car so they couldnt get evacuated and
> there daughter passed out from exposure to chemicals!! It must have
> been crazy!!
> Um we had interviews with President this week. They went really well.
> He pretty much just talked to me about Elder Granados and stuff like
> that. Apparently he chose to go home. Like President was going to
> allow him to stay if he commited to be obeident, but he wouldnt commit
> to it, so he sent him home. I guess this isnt the first thing thats
> happened on his mission involving a girl though.... so ya... Like
> Sister Woodbury was telling me they have had a problem with him ever
> since he got into the mission, but ya there is an update on him. But
> President is debating on weather to have me train or not. He thinks I
> could handle it, but just from whats gone on he doesnt know if he
> wants to send a senior companion out here just to help me get back
> into the swing of things. I would just be training a visa waiter, so
> like someone that is going to a foreign country that has to wait for
> their visa. So we will see what happens in 3 weeks haha. I would love
> to train, but honestly I wouldnt know where to start in the Spanish
> work, just cause Granados left me nothing.
> Um my doctors appointment went fine. He took some blood and he said if
> it comes back normal he is going to have me get a colonoscopy (YAY
> ME!!!) So ill be getting the results of that this week. So thats all
> there is on that. I actually got sick this week too. I had an awful
> headache and sore throat and my nose was all stuffy, but im feeling
> better. I think it was from tracting in the rain all day haha.
> Just send me what you think would be best. I honestly dont know if ill
> need my coat right now just cause when I get transferred I dont know
> where im going to haul it. I know its going to get cold, but I dont
> know. I would love CD's if you could. My address is the 103 Oakmont
> apt 3. or whatever. I gave it to you when I thought I was moving. But
> ill be back in Versialles in 3 weeks and we still work there and so
> whenever were in the city we check my mail box, so its just wherever
> you want to send it to be honest. \
> We dont really have plans for Thanksgiving just yet, but im sure
> someone will invite us over. Halloween wasnt really exciting. We went
> to one members from like 530 to 630 and played a candy game with them
> and then from 7 til 9 we had a correlation meeting with our ward
> mission leader and then they also fed us dinner, but we do that every
> week so it wasnt anything too exciting.
> Ya its crazy I hit my 7 month mark yesterday. Next month ill be 1/3 of
> the way done. MY BIRTHDAY IS IN LESS THAN A MONTH!! Crazy right??
> But there isnt really anything else thats new with me. Your going to
> be amazed by my cooking skills to say the least! I made a huge meal
> the other night! Like Elder Sizelove was like dang Elder Knudsen you
> need to teach me how to cook. It wasnt even that fancy, like i took
> some chicken and dethawed it and then seasoned it up and then cooked
> it in a pan and then I made some Alfredo and some noodles, but it was
> real good! I also had greens for the first time this week. Like
> collard greens?? They were actually really good. Your going to be
> amazed what I eat when I get home haha. But its hectic as ever to say
> the least.
> Love yoou all
> Elder Knudsen

October 29th

 Well I am now sitting at the library with Elder Sizelove and Elder
> Forsgren.  We did a lot of service this weekend. Can I just tell
> you... I HATE DRYWALL!!! So we went to a members house whose bringing
> there baby home a few months early so they have had a lot of work to
> do and so we went up there and were having to sand.... man it was
> sooooo awful haha but it was fun. I got my first cheesburger since
> being on my mission so I was grateful for that :)
> Thats so dang crazy that Carli is going on a mission. I got word this
> week that Celeste is too. She has her interview this week. I heard
> that usually Salt Lake gets 600 applicants every week but the week
> after conference they got 7000!! Crazy right?
> So ill be staying in Frankfurt for the next 3 weeks. I was talking to
> President and hes not going to close Versailles so either ill be in
> Frankfurt for the next 3 weeks or 9 weeks. I think ill either be
> training or getting Elder Ferguson which I would really like. Hes a
> good missionary. He served in Arcadia (louisville) when I was there so
> I got to know him pretty good. Hes from Cali as well. I think I would
> love to train, but I would be scared out of my mind.
   Pedro got the priesthood yesterday so that was
> really cool to see. Im happy for him. So... funny story... Yesterday
> during one of the talks Granados asked if I could translate so he
> could go sit in the bathroom so I did. The talk was from a former
> bishop.... and can I just say... I didnt even know what he was saying
> in English let alone Spanish. He was talking about like the history of
> the nation and just weird things Ive never heard of and just quoting
> people and like saying words Ive never heard before. So needless to
> say Pedro got nothing out of that talk. I was just like "Pedro, Im
> sorry, I dont even know what hes saying in english let alone translate
> it to Spanish so Im sorry. (he chuckled after I said that haha)
> Its getting pretty cold here! If you could send me out... um...
> thermals, gloves, maybe under armour, scarf, sweaters, (I dont know if
> ill need my jacket) and maybe some warmer socks. Thanks again for the
> package. It was really great. I would love it if you sent me out some
> more CD's. More kinda like an artist singing, not MOTAB. And get me
> some really good Christmas Music!!! I dont think it has to have the
> church logo for Christmas music! Just like ya.
> Um I have a doctors appointment on Wednesday. Its in Lexington so ill
> be going to that and then we will see whats going on. Ive been feeling
> better, but I think something still might be wrong, but I dont know.
> I bet dad is happy about the Giants winning. I knew that they were up
> 2-0 cause I was wearing a Tigers shirt to service and Brother
> Christensen was like I like your shirt, but there not doing so hot and
> then updated me with everything. Wanna know whats weird. 3 transfers
> after this one and ill be hitting my year mark!!! And 1 month and a
> couple of days until your baby turns the big 20!!! and less than 2
> months until you get to see me! So thats something im really looking
> forward too in the next little bit.
> Not really too much here from me. I love you all
> Elder Knudsen

October 22nd

Well this week was a roller coaster for sure! I dont even know what to
> say. It was the longest week of my life to say the least! Um lets
> start with the good news :) Well Pedro got baptized on Saturday night
> and then confirmed on Sunday morning. I had the opportunity to baptize
> him so that was really special. Ill send pics in a separate email. He
> is just the most amazing man! He was crying after the baptism just
> saying how he has litterally felt a weight lifted off of his
> shoulders. He said he felt so good. So that was amazing. And I just
> got an email from Elder Warner and man Okolona is booming! Elder
> Warner is still in the 5th branch but hes now a zone leader. Um so
> remember how we found Eufemia... like through that investigator that
> we dropped? Well ever since Eufemia has gotten baptized she has just
> been working wonders. So Darely got baptized yesterday and then her
> sister Amiley is getting baptized this week and there kids will also
> be baptized too! Its really a miracle! I taught both of them the whole
> time I was in Okolona, and my baptism already has made a huge impact
> on people around her! People say you have no idea how much of an
> impact just one baptism makes and now I can see that in my own life
> and see the fruits of it! It is just so amazing!! I wish I could have
> been there....
> So there is an amazing member named Bonnie. She is blind, but the
> nicest person you will ever meet! She is just like a superstar and she
> has a gift ever since shes been blind that like after a few visits
> with her she will be able to pretty much give a bio of what kind of
> person you are. It was one of the most touching things on my mission
> so far. So she first started out by saying shes not giving anymore
> nicknames because our nicknames are special and so we will always be
> that name to her and we are just her world and mean so much and so she
> cant keep seeing us come and go. My nickname is Salt Lake haha. Um but
> here is just a few things she said about me. She said I wear my heart
> upon my sleeve and that I have such a love for people and it just
> shows to everyone. There is an attraction that people have to me
> because they can feel of my love. She says I love really easily and
> sometimes it gets me into situations I dont want to be in. She said I
> wouldnt change that though and that I am a person that loves to make
> people happy. That I will go out of my way to make the group better
> and happier even if it means sacrifice on my part. She says I am a
> born leader. I am not a follower. She said your the person on and off
> the field doing the work, your not the one sitting on the sidelines.
> She said I have more potential than I probably realize. And she said
> some more stuff but I cant really remember all of it. It just put me
> into tears though! Like man! Shes like you know I never lie about
> these things, some elders hate when I do it cause I tell them things
> they dont know about themselves and they realize they are true haha.
> Now its time for the bad stuff.  My ticket did end up
> being 181 dollars. I was really upset about that....  But ya I just read
> the ticket wrong, cause like they said my speeding ticket was 36
> dollars but then I had to pay 141 dollars for a court fine and I
> thought I didnt have to pay a court fine if I wasnt going to court,
> but they said since I am paying it I am pleading guilty which is like
> Im going to court so everyone has to pay that fee.
> But ya thats been my eventful week...Sucks
> about the Yankees but I did hear that they were gone.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen