Friday, May 31, 2013

May 28th

So this week went by really fast actually. I dont really know why, but it did. There isnt really anything too much to tell yall I am not going to lie. Like we are having success with our investigator named Cristina. She is going to be baptized next Saturday so thats pretty exciting. She told her work she couldnt come in because she was going to church and then her boss asked what church and she said the mormon church and he was like I thought you were Catholic and she was like ya, but this is where God wants me. And then like people always ask her why shes choosing the Mormon church and stuff and she just always tell them, Well why dont you ask God and then he will tell you why. Like shes super legit. Last night we taught the word of wisdom and she drinks coffee and she was like thats kinda weird, but if its a commandment from God that means I have to obey it so ill do it. Like shes so prepared its not even funny!
We had Zone Conference this week. It was the last time ill see Elder Warner!! Crazy right!! So always at your last zone conference you get to bear your testimony so there was a lot that bore there testimonys and man. Warner straight up made me cry! So I have never seen him cry my whole mission, like with Eufemia or anything. Hes not an emmotional guy, but at the end of the testimony he just starts talking about his companions and just starts breaking down, like man. I dont know why I was so lucky to have him as a trainer. I was the only companion he had had that was in that room. He said you better go to his homecoming and hes going to look for you, like you have to say hi to him no matter how many people are there. But it was a super powerful moment.
Nothing really too exciting. We have been having a lot of food from other countries though. Like this week we had a dish from Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Ireland, and Mexico. Like its been super good. I have actually been eating salads lately for lunch haha just some spinach with some ranch and maybe some chicken, ya no bigs. I had to buy some more spinach this week cause like I went through a whole bag last week.
We went to the most amazing house last night. Its in the middle of no where. They own 35 acres of just like straight up forest and you have to go on a gravel path for 2 miles to get to their driveway and  then their driveway is like a gravel path through the woods for another mile. It was super legit. We had hamburgers and brats and orange salad and potato salad and all that good stuff. Like I really want to just live in the middle of no where in Kentucky haha. But like he paid for it all in cash, like he built his house himself and everything. Hes pretty nuts. His son is going to Brazil on his mission. But man do I have a story for you. ONLY IN KENTUCKY. So we are sitting at the dinner table with them last night, they go and pull out 2 baby racoons and start feeding them milk from a bottle and the dinner table haha. It was so dang funny. Can only find it in kentucky. And then they have like 4 snakes as well.
Elder Torrico is super funny though. Like today we saw a pretty big truck and he was just like man!!! Elder Knudsen look at that and asked me to take a picture of him in front of it. But everything is going really well.
Thats nuts about all that has happened with Dad and everything. Ya translation was pretty rough on Sunday. Like all it was was about memorial day and soldiars (wow I dont know how to spell any more) and so it was super hard to translate. Like when you try and translate and english talk, it usually makes no sense in spanish because english people just ramble on and on about things. Its the worst haha.
Well I hope all is well. Love you all
Elder Knudsen

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