Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 3rd

Hey this week was pretty good. Cristina is for sure getting baptized this Saturday so thats really exciting. We had a really powerful lesson with her, cause like before she was just super iffy about it and stuff, but at the end of the lesson I was like so will you be baptized on that date and shes like, Yes I will. It was so legit. She has been so prepared and shes already been inviting her nonmember friends to come to her baptism on Saturday. She wants me to baptize her, but I want to have Elder Torrico do it, so we will see what happens. We have a lesson with her tonight and then we will find out for sure who is going to baptize her.
Ya its so crazy Elder Warner is going home. I talked to him last week cause the Zone Leaders told me to call him to see if he could come out to do the baptism interview just cause there arent any spanish leaders any where close and he said he was busy so to have the lousiville central zone leaders to come out and I was like man Elder Warner this means I will never see you again. And that was that haha. Its super crazy to think about.
So isnt it crazy to think I am officially under 10 months left. Ya I know exactly what day I am coming home, not going to tell you, but we are officially under 10 months haha. Like that is not a lot of time at all!
There wasnt really too much that happened this week though. Like I really dont even remember what we did. It absolutely rained a ton on Saturday. We got straight up drenched! It was super funny cause Elder Torrico was like freaking out haha it was a good time though.
Oh ya haha funniest thing ever. So we show up to our investigators house and we like walk up to his porch and we see a bucket in front of his door with something hanging out of it. So it was a huge snapping turtle that he had caught and put face down in the bucket and tied its tail. I didnt have my camera with me because of the rain, but man I really wanted to show it to you. It was like at least 3 feet long and just these huge spikes on his tail, it was like it was a dinosaur. Our investigator was going to kill it the next day and eat it haha. Only in Kentucky!!!
We found 2 really cool investigators this week that I feel like could be baptized in July. So we knocked on this mans door and offered to say a prayer with him and he invited us in and he said he really needed one cause his wife just had had a seasection and his mom was really sick in mexico and they had just moved into the house and so we prayed and taught the restoration and it went really well. Then we taught a guy last night that had some crazy weird questions and thoughts, but we committed him to read the BOM and he said yes, and we asked him when and he said right after we left, and then was like, how bout we just read it right now. So we started reading and like 7 verses in hes like wow this book is amazing. Can we stop and can I read it by myself because right now were going too fast and I just want to take my time and think about the story and how it will apply to me and all this stuff. It was super amazing!
So if grandpa hasnt sent out a package, if you could send me a new towel that would be super nice cause man they are pretty expensive, if not its ok.
I think thats about all. I am trying to really get in shape now haha. We have been waking up and going running or waking up early at like 545 and going to play basketball and i have been eating super healthy lately haha. I am hoping to shed a few lbs before I get home haha. I gotta look good if I want to find me a good wifey haha.

But thats about all from me. I hope dad feels better. Love yall

Elder Knudsen

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