Friday, May 31, 2013

May 20th

So I dont really have too much to tell you this week I am not going to lie. My companion is doing really well and its been really fun. Its fun to be able to see him try like some stuff for the first time. Like he had never had Peanut Butter before and lots of other stuff haha. Its super great. Hes a really good kid though. Hes a really good teacher.
So we set a baptismal date this week with Cristina. She said she already knows the church is true and this is where God wants her to be. She reads the Book of Mormon every day at work and there are jehova witnesses that always ask her why Mormons and then she tells them why dont you ask God haha BAM!!! Shes super legit though. She didnt come to church this week because her son was sick, but she will be getting baptized on June 8.
This week has been super hard though. I have been super tired and no one will let us in to teach them. Like I have never had such a hard problem of getting in doors. Usually its been cake to at least get in a door and teach, but usually they dont do anything, but here I cant even get let in. Like I literally have been begging them to let us in and they just wont. They are just hard hearted out here and I dont know what to do. I have pretty much knocked everywhere there is spanish already and we maybe have 3 people that we are teaching. I am going to ask President today if he could give us a car and make our area bigger and like give us Paris, cause really right now there is not enough work to do in Georgetown.
So I got my package so thanks for that. You couldnt have added a treat or anything or a letter? haha jk but thanks and yes they all fit fine.
So we just had a lesson with a lady named Lupe like an hour ago and she lives in a horse farm haha shes pretty legit though. We met her at a bbp at a members house and like all of her friends/family is members and so she is for sure going to be baptized soon. But that was pretty cool as well. Oh is grandpa is going to still send me a package like i could use some zebra pens and like there is a cracker barrel here if he wants to send a giftcard to there or I dont really know where else there is.
So Spanish Conference was pretty good. Its so weird that I will only see Elder Warner 1 more time before he goes home. I will be seeing him this week at Zone Conference, but after that hes dead! Like you want to know whats crazy. So the at the last Zone Conference you have you bear your testimony.... I only have 2 more Zone Conferences left after this one until I have to bear my testimony..... THATS NUTS!!!!
Oh man I feel so embarassed. So Elder Torricos card didnt work this week so I had to buy food for the both of us and I didnt have too much money, but we had enough. Well this week we had an apartment check from senior missionaries kinda and like she went through our apartment and was appauled cause we didnt have food and so she called the ward and the ward brought over like 10 bags of food for us. And then like the whole ward was asking to feed us and stuff, but like we had pasta and eggs and bread and some ramen and so we had enough to get through the week, but apparently they didnt think so haha.
Well I think thats it for me. Love yall

Elder Knudsen

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