Monday, May 13, 2013

May 6th

Hey yall so its been kinda a crazy week to say the least. Georgetown is a super cool town. Its super small and old, but super pretty. Its like all horse farms and stuff, but its super fun. So my new address is 125 Hiawatha Trail #10, Georgetown KY. I am serving with an Elder named Elder Castillo, but thats going to be getting changed. So Elder Castillo is from Miami, but President called us yesterday and told me that I am training starting today.... So ya.... But then he called and said he misread the letter and he wont be cominguntil next Monday. So I will be with Elder Castillo for one more week and then I will be training. His name is Elder Torrico and he is from Peru!!! Like straight up wont even speak much english haha. Like hes not going to the MTC really cause his English is good enough apparently and hes been waiting to come out for like 6 months but hasnt been able to get his Visa. So our apartment is like an hour and a half away from the mission home so you can just send it to the apartment. Its a pretty safe area.
 Its pretty nuts though. So there are now 6 Elders in Georgetown, and 5 of them are new to Georgetown. So there is an english companionship who is whitewashing and then the other one got transfered and so its been super hectic cause nobody knows the area and the one that does is super lazy. Like I really dont like the other elders that we are serving with cause they dont do anything all day. But oh well. Elder Gonzalez is now in my District haha so thats pretty exciting. But everything is going pretty well.
So I am really not sure what time I will be calling home. I am pretty sure I will be skyping and I think we are going to go to a familys house from Chile. They are super legit. But I think I will call you Sunday to let you know when I am actually going to call. I think it will be around like 4 or 5 our time. Like our church gets out at 1230 and so ya, something like that. I dont really know. Cause this week was Stake Conference and so we didnt even get to meet really any members and so we havent been invited to any houses, but then we were talking to a member about it and he probably would be fine for us to come over, but we will see.
WOW. There is this place called Franks Doughnuts!!! Best EVER!!! And... HES A MEMBER haha. Hes gives us free doughnuts whenever we want and hes actually from Honduras. Wow they are so great though. But I dont really have too much else to say this week. Like its just been a lot of bike riding and a lot of knocking doors to try and get something going. We would have actually had an investigator that we found come to church, but since it was stake conference it was in Lexington and so thats like 30 min away and so she didnt want to drive out there, but said she would come this week. Shes from Honduras and seems pretty legit though.
There are like 2 spanish areas in our whole area and they are on opposite sides of town. Like one of them is like 4 miles uphill one way and then the other one is like 4 miles the other way haha so we have been riding probably a good 15 to 20 miles a day, but its been good. Elder Castillo got his first flat tire haha. He was like what do we do?? And I was like.... we start walking haha. We had to walk like 2 miles home haha. It was super funny though cause hes never been in a bike area and got super scared.
Can you believe Elder Warner only has 5 weeks left in his mission!! WHAT!!! Its nuts haha. But ya our apartment is super nice. Like we have the same as the english elders do, but all 4 of them sleep there and only 2 of us in our apartment and its super new. Like its pretty big and a lot nicer than Okolona, but Okolona will always be my home haha. Oh and the size of pants just get what you got me at the beginning of my mission.
Elder Knudsen

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