Sunday, May 5, 2013

April 29th

Well its official, I am finally leaving Okolona and it has been super hard to say goodbye to the people I love so much. I got a call Saturday morning and President asked me to open up a new area and to train.... AHHHH haha. So I am now going to be going to Georgetown and opening up a spanish area. Its going to be super hard, there isnt 1 spanish member in the whole ward. I have really been stressed the last few days just thinking about it cause its just a big undertaking. I am also going to be on a bike and its a huge area. Like I will be covering a whole county on a bike and so the people said that most of the spanish areas are like a 45 min bike ride from the apartment haha. But then I got a call from President last night and said something happened to the Elder that I was going to train, so hes not coming out anymore and so I will not be training but I will be with an elder thats been out a few months and still open the area. President told me I will be training next transfer. So thats what is happening with me.
So this week has mainly just been saying goodbye to everyone and just doing some crazy things. The baptism was so amazing. So Powerful. And no the temple is not open on Mondays. The missionaries that go home go on Tuesday after transfer meeting.
Its so crazy to think that Elder Warner only has 6 weeks left. I talked to him yesterday and hes just freaking out haha. I was like Man I am never going to see you again. Ill probably see him like 3 times before he goes home. Its gone by so fast. He has changed so much its not even funny. He is not the same Elder I worked with a year ago. You going to have to go to his homecoming. It will be like June 16 I think. They get home the 12 of June so whatever that Sunday is. I am going to miss that kid for sure.
So I am not going to be District Leader down there, but its kinda nice just to be able to focus on getting the area going and not focusing on other missionaries problems. President kinda hinted that I will be going leadership again soon. He was like well Elder Knudsen I am realeasing you as District Leader but trust me, its not the end to your leadership haha" Elder Singleton and Elder Howard are convinced I am going to go Zone Leader in July, but we will have to see about that one haha.
So it was super hard to say bye to Vicente. He was like your coming back though right? And I had to tell him no. Then in the opening prayer he was like "God I am sad because my brother is leaving and so please help me be happy and please help him to help others find the truth" And he also wanted to say the closing prayer and prayed for me as well. Hes so legit. I am super sad I am not going to be able to see him get baptized. And then I told Eufemia yesterday and she started crying. IT SUCKED!!! And then she is making us come over today to have lunch, I am not really excited about that, but I couldnt say no to her. Then Amiley is just like the cutest ever. I asked her to write her info in my journal and she wrote me a note saying thanks for helping her be happy and shes going to miss me for her whole life and all this stuff. Shes the greatest. Then we had dinner with Aidee and her family and it was super hard to say goodbye to them. Like the youngest son was super mad. They are great though. I am not excited for tonight though. Tonight will be the hardest one. Pablo and Fabiola. I love them so much. He got the priesthood on Sunday so that was cool to see.
I got sick this week though. We went and ate at Eufemias and on our way home I just felt so sick and started throwing up onto someones lawn. I felt super bad, but it was so gross. So that was something else that happened this week haha. I dont know why I have been so sick lately. I feel like I am just dying or something.
I feel like thats pretty much all for me.
Love you all
Elder Knudsen

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