Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13th

Well Ill be honest I dont really have too much to tell yall cause I already talked to yall yesterday. Nothing has really changed from 12 hours ago or so haha. But everything is going good. We dont really have any big plans for the day. Were going to go play basketball with the English Elders here in a couple hours so we will see how that goes. I actually bought some new shoes haha. So there was an Elder that bought them and he decided he didnt really like them so he bought some new ones haha. He bought them for 130 and gave them to me for 50. Yall probably wont like them but they are so sick haha. They are pink haha. But you know how I do, I gotta go a little flashy with my game haha. Ill have to take a picture of them and send them to you. They are like pink and grey with like hot pink laces haha.
So like I told you all this week was pretty good. We are seeing some good things. Like this week we got a really good referral from a member. Like so we went to a carne asada bbq with some members and there was a lady there that wasnt a member and she just started asking us all these questions and now wants to learn more and like all her family/friends are members and so its should be super great. We have a lesson with her on Wednesday.
And then the lady from Honduras will probably be baptized in June. I am going to let me greenie set the date with her haha it will be a good experience for him in the first week of his mission. Shes super ready because once you feel the spirit testify that these things are true, nothing else really matters.
I have been reading Jesus The Christ a lot lately and its been super great. I have been learning so much more about my Savior. I started it about 2 weeks ago and I am on page 300 now haha I just read it at night before I got to bed and I have gotten pretty far haha. Its super crazy though. Like even if I didnt know the church was true, reading that book would have to give you interest in the church because there isnt a man on this earth that could expound the bible in such a way without the help of the Holy Ghost.
This week we have Spanish Conference. That should be pretty good and be able to see Elder Warner and Singleton and Baker and everyone so I am excited for that. Its going to be weird though cause we will be doing a lot of role plays and stuff and me and my companion will have not taught a single thing together yet haha so we will see how that goes for sure.
We also have like 2 meal appointments. Ill be honest I have really missed American food. Like I love hispanic food so much, but when thats like all you eat, some good home cookin is really good. So I am excited for that. And like Josue and Norma will give us spanish food whenever we want. Like last week we had a bbq with them and had carne asada and carnitas and chorizo and it was super good. Its super funny cause like in Honduras they dont eat spicy food and so Elder Castillo was like dying because of the salsa and stuff. Its the same way in Peru so we will see how my companion handles it. His name is Elder Torrico.
I think thats about all for me. I hope everything is going well over there. Love yall and talk to yall in 7 months haha.
Elder Knudsen

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