Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24th

Well its been a weird week to say the least. So I am sorry I didnt write you on Monday and it is because as a zone we got to go to the temple this week and so we had to change our P-day from Monday to Wednesday and so we have been working the last 2 days! I forgot to tell you last week. It was super amazing though. I miss the temple a lot! Its a super small temple though, like tiny, there isnt even a chapel inside. But its really nice.
So I dont really even know where to start at this week. So probably the craziest thing that happened was President gave all the missionaries in the Lousiville area permission to go to "Thunder Over Louisville" Its like the biggest firework show in the nation to start off horse racing season. It was nuts. It started at like 9:30 and went until like 10:30 and so we didnt get home until 11:30 haha. But the crazy thing was was like the night before the show, President had a dream that there was a bomb at Thunder Over Louisville like there was at the Boston Marathon haha but he still let us go. It was super fun. I really didnt feel like a missionary that night, like we had to go in our suits and stuff, but like before the fireworks we went to a wedding for a lady in our branch and so it was just a weird day.
So the next thing.... WERE HAVING 3 BAPTISMS TONIGHT haha. So Pablo Fabiola and Marcela have decided to get baptized again and so we are doing thattonight. It should be exciting. Also the Northside Elders are having a baptism tonightand so were having 4 in the 5th branch tonight so thats pretty exciting. Pablo asked if I would baptize him so that was really cool. Warner is going to baptize Fabiola and then Adams is going to baptize Marcela. I am super excited now cause like if they can go through the temple before I go home I get to go no matter what because technically they will be my converts. I love that family so much. They dont really want to be baptized again, but they are sick of waiting and so its probably for the best.
So Vicente came to church this week so that was really good. He is looking like 100% for being baptized on May 11. The crazy thing is.... I might not be getting transferred now. Cause like it was like 100 percent sure a couple of weeks ago but one of the visa waiters left and he was in the area where I was going and so the Elder that is there is going to have a different Elder, another visa waiter and he will at least have to be there for another transfer. So I am thinking I am staying in Okolona for another 2 transfers haha. I will find out on Saturday and so you all will know on Monday.
So its been kinda a weird week. So I went on an exchange with Northside so I went to there area and Elder Singleton went to Okolona. So that night when I was in Northside, Okolona found a ton of bed bugs, like it got infested, so we had to get the exterminator to come and now we dont have box springs so were just sleeping on the mattress on the floor. We also had to throw out the couch. But its funny cause I was never bit and Elder Singleton woke up with like 30 bites that night. And then this week I got like bit on  my hand by a spider and then like I didnt really know where it came from.... then Elder Adams sees that there is a spider straight up living in my handlebars!! Like whats up with that!!
But I got the glasses and the brownies. They were all great. Everyone said they are the best brownies they have ever had and they asked me to ask you for the recipe if you can.
Ill be honest I dont really want to be in Okolona much longer. I am running out of places to go. I have knocked like every door 5 times and I really feel like I know everyone here. I really want to see the baptism of Vicente but its really hard staying motivated in an area that you have just destroyed for 10 months. Like there are definately pros and cons about staying or leaving.
So I will probably call home if I am still here in Okolona like between 430 and 600. I am going to skype again just so you know, well if thats ok I guess. Like its going to be hectic though cause we have church until 4 and then we are going to have a fireside at 7 at the mission home so that doesnt give us a lot of time to run call and then leave again haha, but its ok. Its crazy to think I will only have one more phone call after this one!
Thats pretty much all I have to say this week. Sorry yall. Love ya
Elder Knudsen

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