Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 7th

> So this week... everything that could go wrong.... went wrong....
> Like I honestly dont even know where to start haha. So Ill start with
> Micaela. Shes an investigator that Elder Warner and I found and shes
> been progressing really well. Shes been to church 10 times and just
> loves it and her baptism was supposed to be this Saturday, but she
> doesnt really feel ready. We fasted with her this weekend to try and
> make her recieve an answer. Its just cause she doesnt think she has
> enough knowledge of the Bible yet and thinigs like that so that was
> really frustrating so today were going over and we will find out if we
> are having a baptism this week. Elder Baker was impressed by that
> lesson. Like I guess what I shared was really powerful, but ya. It was
> a good lesson we had with her last time like when we decided we were
> going to fast with her. I really think she will be ready by Saturday,
> but we will just have to wait and see.
> So the most awkward thing ever happened in my mission!!!! So a few
> weeks ago I contacted into a way cool Cuban lady when I was on an
> exchange with Elder Duran and she really wanted us to come over, so we
> went over a couple times and there is no man that lives with her so we
> cant go in, so we just talked to her like the first 3 times. Then we
> were supposed to have a lesson with her Thursday, but then couldnt
> because her roommate was watching TV and so she wanted to go to
> another location with the member we brought to have a lesson, but we
> werent really prepared for that so we changed it for Saturday. So she
> wanted to have it somewhere besides her house. So we called this old
> Cuban man that lives with his Granddaughter and asked if we could go
> over there. He told us there wasnt a problem and that we could. So we
> go with the member to pick her up to take her to this house. When we
> get to the house the old man is standing outside in full winter
> gear.... I guess he thought that Elder Baker told him that we just
> wanted him to come to a meeting and so then we were going to go try
> Jose Emilios (another old Cuban) But then the investigator felt really
> uncomfortable cause it was her with 4 guys and we were going to
> another guys house so she just started like having a panic attack and
> so then we had to take her home and she was just like really upset so
> we dont think we will ever be able to have a lesson with her again....
> Elder Baker feels like its his fault because he is the one that called
> Alberto, but it could have happened to anyone. It was really
> awkward!!!
> Then Thursday was just the worst day ever. It was frigid cold and
> there was absolutely no one home and all of our plans fell through.
> Like it was the lowest I have felt in my mission. So I said a prayer
> in my heart and asked Elder Baker to call a potential that we had met
> a long time ago that wasnt really interested at the time. He calls her
> and she says she would love if we came over. So we took a member with
> us that night and saw her!!! It was probably one of the coolest
> lessons ever. She said the last week she had been praying to find
> happiness in her life and to find God and to find her purpose in life.
> She wanted to know what God expected of her, and just all these
> amazing questions that we just love as missionaries!!! So we had a
> super powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon and how it really can
> answer all of the questions of the soul. Then I had one of the coolest
> things in my mission happen, like usually I feel like I go by the
> spirit, but this sentance popped in my head and I said it and
> immediately the spirit confirmed to me that that was what I was
> supposed to say at that moment. Like it really impacted her and was
> close to tears. I said "This Gospel will bring you a joy that man cant
> take away" And she had been having I guess trust issues with men and
> just lots of other stuff and it really hit her.
> So then we set up another appointment to go see her Saturday night!!!
> But this time..... HER KID WAS CRAZY!!!! Like im way excited to have
> kids, but man.... this made me not excited at all. Hispanics dont know
> how to discipline there kids so we was just going crazy throughout the
> whole lesson. He is like 4 years old. He was throwing things, hitting
> things, and it was just so distracting and the spirit couldnt be there
> and finally she just asked if we could come by another day cause he
> wouldnt calm down. It was devastating. Like Saturday was the worst day
> ever. That was the same day when the whole thing with the Cuban lady
> happened and then Micaela cancelled on us so we couldnt go start the
> fast with her at her home and we had to do it over the phone. It was
> just the worst thing ever!!!
> Like we had a pretty successful week number wise, but I really just
> felt like everything fell apart and that nothing was going our way.
> OHHH And we were going to teach this Cuban man named Martin that was a
> friend of a member and he came to church last week and liked it and
> Elder Baker and I just knew he was going to get baptized, we show up
> on Wednesday I think it was, and he dropped us. His family anti-ed him
> and so he said he wouldnt be able to meet with us anymore and tried to
> give the Book of Mormon back to us, but we let him keep it. It was
> just a super hard week and it was freeeeeezing cold!!!
> Bike+Winter=Miserable!!! Like really we walk outside and within 5
> minutues our face is numb and it just stings and like its the worst!!
> Its so stinking cold!!
> But I think thats about all that happened this week!!! Oh and thanks
> for the Calendar!!! I LOVE IT!!! Best gift ever. Have you heard about
> anyone else going on missions. I dont think I told you but Marissa is
> going on one. Her papers are in so thats pretty cool.
> I love you all
> Elder Knudsen

> at Christmas. I couldnt stop smiling. So we went with a member to
> knock on his door just out of hope, and he wasnt home, I was
> devastated cause I have knocked on that door 20 times since I have
> been back. So then we went and saw Ronal, one of his friends that is
> investigating a little bit and he lives pretty close to him. We asked
> Ronal about Vicente and he told us he changed his job and that
> weekends he has off. We were excited to hear that and then right when
> we were about to leave.... IN WALKS VICENTE!!!! I was soooo happy. He
> was happy to see us too. He told us to come over Saturday cause during
> the week he works really hard hours. Hes working at a slaughterhouse
> and so its a really hard job and he works a lot of house but said we
> could come saturday and that he really wants us too and said he will
> come to church this week!!!! Like you have no idea about this man.
> Like when Elder Simms first met him the first words that came out of
> his mouth was... "Branch President" Like he has been prepared and will
> make a huge change. And I know I knew him long before this life.... He
> looks sooooo familiar. Well that was it.
> Elder Knudsen

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