Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 28th

Well it was a pretty normal week to say the least. My eye is doing pretty good now. Um it was some sort of infection that starts at the roots of your eyelashes and you can pretty much get it from anything. It was really miserable riding a bike with only one eye though. Like I honestly refused to go to Holiday Park because we have to go up and over the freeway and so there are a few on ramps and off ramps where we ride and I couldnt really see very good so I told Elder Baker I didnt really feel safe to ride all the way there.

So I actually got sick this week too. Im pretty sure it was food poisoning though. We had carne asada and it was soooo good and I ate a lot and then Elder Baker told me that he was watching Pablo cook and that some of the meat wasnt cooked all the way through. Like it was delicious, but then that night I threw my guts up and so we stayed in Friday most of the day. And then Friday night I threw up again and Saturday I felt pretty miserable. We went out Saturday morning and I just couldnt ride on my bike. I felt really noscious and I wanted to throw up. So we went  back to the apartment and did a hispanic remedy that Elder Duran made me do. So hispanics just come up with weird things to try and cure whatever they want haha. So first off he asked if I felt the need to throw up and I told him ya, and so then he made me take half of a lime and pour like a volcano of baking soda on top of it and then bite into it and it makes you throw up. Ya.... that didnt really work for me... I did it 3 times and it was soooo disgusting and it didnt make me throw up. Cause like its a super weird chemical reaction when you bite into the lime and it just starts foaming in your mouth and you just hold it there. Like it made me gag for sure and I felt the throw up sensation, but just nothing would really come up. So thats what I did first. Then he made me do the water remedy. So the water remedy is pretty bad. So you hop in the shower without the water on, but turn it to as cold as it possibly will, then you turn in on and you have to wash certain parts of your body in a certain order. Like the right side, then the left side, then the front, then the back, then the bottom half, and like the spout has to hit all the parts, you cant just wipe it around, so you do that really fast and then turn off the water and sit there for 20 seconds. Then you do it again, wait for 20 seconds, then do it a 3rd time, but then you get out of the shower dripping wet and wrap yourself in your sheets and then pile as much blankets as you can find on top of you and like get all tucked in. So this like knocks you out cause your body goes into shock. Like it was the weirdest sleep ive ever gotten, and then you sweat out all the bad stuff thats in your body. Maybe yall should try it haha. I actually felt pretty good when I woke up. I felt different, but not like 100 percent fully recovered. But like you only fall asleep for like an hour, and it feels like you didnt even ever fall asleep, its real weird.

I dont remember if I told you about the other spanish remedy I got last week with my eye. So we went to Pablo and Fabiolas neighbor named Aidee, shes a member. We had dinner with her and pablo and fabiola and the other elders. It was super good. And when were about to leave she stops us and says shes going to cure my eye cause it was like at the beginning of everything. So the first thing I see is her pull out a jalepeno and I was like oh great haha. So then she cooked it whole like on the stove top to make it really hot and like there was black marks on it. Then she made me sit down and she wiped this burning hot pepper on my eye. It killed haha. It made my eye water like none other. Elder Baker said I was a champ though haha but it was pretty bad. Then she saw that it didnt work and she told me she did it wrong. She was supposed to cut open the pepper and rub all the juices on my eye and then we were supposed to rinse it out with water. She wanted to do it but I was like no its ok I have medicine thats working haha. Spanish remedys are way funny though. They think Alka Seltzer cures everything too haha.

So Marissa Trujillo got her mission call. She doesnt have a Facebook so you couldnt have known. Shes going to Reno Nevada speaking Spanish!!! Thats super cool!! Like its a brand new mission. She leaves at the end of March so its pretty cool. Weve been writing lately. She sent me a package this week.

So on Tuesday we went to the Muhammad Ali museum cause hes from Louisville. Its super cool. Its a really well put together museum. Hes super cocky though. It kinda made me not like him as much, but like you had to respect him for what he did. But like they had his 1977 Rolls Royce there and also his motorcycle that Orange County Choppers did and just the most ridiculous art work ive ever seen. It was super fun. It was better than most things we do on P-day. We also went to buffalo wild wings, I wish they had one in Utah, they are so good. But man Im so broke haha. I only had like 8 dollars on my credit card to buy groceries for the week. Like we get paid this week, but ya I was super poor.

So then we went to Dunkin Doughnuts to get a doughut afterward. Man the dumbest thing ever happened to me. So like we are all eating our doughnut and like one of the ones I got was powderred and like I scrapped it off the table into the bag that I had to kinda clean up. But there was still some powder stuff on the floor. Then I went to the bathroom, and apparently when I was in the bathroom one of the workers like brought out a broom and got like mad at whoever spilled powder stuff on the floor and made us clean it up!!! Like wow... no customer service to say the least. That dont happen in Utah haha.

So I contacted a super cool person this week. Like Elder Baker and I dont really have anyone to teach right now. Were just tracting and just trying to find. Like its suuuuper hard right now. We have no idea where to go and so Im just trying to do all that I can. So I have been trying to contact everyone I can on the streets cause President wants us to contact at least 10 people on the streets a day. So we were kinda in a rush and somehow I got on the other side of the street at Elder Baker and then a hispanic guy walks by me. I ride up to him and we just start talking and he is from Chiuaua Mexico and I told him that my cousin served his mission there and stuff and it was a cool contact then I talked about Jesus Christ and just some other stuff and I kinda felt like it was just a normal contact. Then like when I was about to just get up and ride,something told me to wait. So I waited and this look came over his face. So I asked him "Like is there anything we can do for you, is everything ok, like whats wrong?" Just seeing why that look came over his face. Then he looked at me and said I looked familiar and that it wasnt just coincidance that we were talking, but that God wanted us to talk. So he tried to tell me his address cause hes new to town, and he doesnt have a phone, but we couldnt find his apartment. He had our number and we know where he works, but I just keep praying that he calls. Hes super cool.

So I was listening to a song today that I think you would like. Actually I think you would just love the CD. Like you dont have to buy it or anything. You could probably just listen to it on Youtube and like I dont need it cause pretty much every missionary has it so I can get it from someone. But the CD is called "A Nashville Tribute to the Missionaries: The Work" And then there is a song called Bless my Son. Im sure itll make you cry mom haha. But its a real good CD.

But I dont really have too much else to say. I cant believe Lindsay hasnt sent it off, I thought you were going to send me a letter right away to tell me if im going to have another niece or a nephew. I better find out this week or Ill be upset. So this is the 5th week of the transfer and so next Saturday is Transfer calls. Im pretty positive Elder Baker and I wont be staying companions. There is a few things that could happen. Elder Baker could get moved and I could stay here. Or I got to an area called Arcadia (most sketch area in the mission) and I would be white washing it (which means they bring in 2 new elders that dont know the area, its fun but super hard. But they havent been having any success there for awhile) Or I could go to Shelbyville as a Senior Companion/ District Leader. So we will see what happens. I kinda feel like Im going to Shelbyville. I heard its just white right now too. They are working to get a full time spanish branch in there right now, That would be super cool if I could help to make it from a group to a branch!

One thing I want is just kinda like a photo album that I could put all the photos I have in. Not a huge one, but semi decent size.

Well thats all for me. Love yall

Elder Knudsen

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