Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 17th

Well today has just been same old same old. I really dont remember
> anything that has happened. I think there really wasnt anything that
> happened. The work is really progressing along and I really cant wait
> for this week, its going to be way super fun. So today, the sisters in
> my district has a wedding for 2 investigators so they can get married
> so were going to Indiana today so thats kinda exciting. Its my 2nd
> wedding on my mission haha. And then Tuesday I think were going to
> have a family home evening and then we also have a blitz with the zone
> leaders so I think I get to work with Elder Warner for a day!! Haha
> that should be fun. He said he was going to write you last week, but
> then just ran out of time. And then Saturday is the Branch Christmas
> Party which should be super fun, and then Sunday is pretty much just
> going to be a normal day, and then Monday we have a Mission Christmas
> Party/Conference. ITS GOING TO BE EPIC!!!! President Woodbury has
> never seen all of his missionaries at once. I really hope its just a
> blast, actually I know it will be. All hispanics actually celebrate
> the 24 and so thats when all the partying is going to be. We are going
> to Pablo and Fabiolas house that night. They are buying a whole
> pig!!!! Were having Carnitas!!!!! I LOVE TACOS HAHAH. Tacos are my
> favorite food now, they have to be authentic though. Like we were
> riding home this week from Holiday Park and there was a Taco Truck and
> so we stopped and had some.... MAN THEY WERE SOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!! Like
> they were delicious. I had one that was Chorizo (EAST CANYON) And then
> one that was Al Pastor!! Man there is just nothing better then corn
> tortillas with some meat and onions and cilantro.
> We had a pretty successful week though. Like Okolona hasnt had any bap
> dates since I left and everyone got baptized, but this week Elder
> Baker and I set 2, and we have plans to set 3 more this week. So we
> are really making progression. We are just really starting to get
> focused on the work to say the least. Because I feel like some
> missionaries are just too complacent on setting bap dates and like if
> they say no they just drop it, but this week we just really pushed the
> issue with some people and they accepted them. They are both for Jan
> 12, one is from Guatemala, I actually taught her the first time I was
> here and she has seen miracles since shes met us. Like she found us 3
> days before she was supposed to get deported and then we pulled some
> strings and got her to stay and then her son is Guatelmala has just
> had a lot of things happen. She comes to church every week but she was
> baptized earlier in the year at a different church and she thinks its
> not good to be baptized 2, but we just had a really good lesson with
> her and she accepted one. The other one is a man named Jaime, and we
> will see what happens with him.
> Did Sarabeth ever get in contact with you, cause I might have to call
> her and really get mad at her. Cause your hoodie is in Utah, but just
> at Wilsons house and so I dont know whats going on. But me and Elder
> Baker are getting along so great. He reminds me so much of my cousin
> Colton its not even funny. He is convinced I have to move down and go
> to University of Arizona with him, but we will see what happens haha
> he said Im going to be one of his groomsmen at his wedding haha. We
> are real close and have a lot of fun. Its kinda harder on the bike
> cause we dont get to talk as much, but we still have a lot of fun.
> Like we just make every situation fun. Its pretty cold on a bike to
> say the least. Like im not wearing my big coat yet, but it has rained
> a bit and it just gets real chilly at night cause it gets dark at like
> 6 now and so were riding for 3 hours in the dark and its cold.
> I hope everyone likes there gifts. I was thinking you could maybe wrap
> them all, but its up to you. One box has something for my bro and his
> wife. Then in the other it has things for Dad, Lindsay and her
> husband, and then yours is at Elder Wilsons. So maybe just get on FB
> and get real mad at him and he will bring it over. I sent 2 things
> with them, so hopefully you get both.
> I have been really tired lately. The bike is just wareing me out again
> haha. My body has to get used to it again.
> I made Christmas cards today. Ill send one to you today. Thats why I
> asked for the Westbrook 7th ward roster so that I can send some to
> people there. I also need Landons and Caydes address. I dont have it I
> dont think. I wanted to send them to my international friends too, but
> its just too expensive and I didnt make too many cards. Its pretty
> great though :) I think youll like it. There was a companionship in my
> zone that made the funniest one ever!!!! Like it cracked me up. So
> they are just wearing these ugly sweaters and there are like a
> personal one of each on each side of the card and they are in front of
> a Christmas tree just with a funny look on there face, and then in the
> middle there is a picture of them jumping in the middle of the street
> with there arms and legs flailing everywhere, wearing the ugly
> sweaters. Its real good haha.
> I got a letter from the bishop of the ward. It was actually kinda a
> christmas present. There was a Christmas card of him and his family
> and then a card with a picture of the whole bishop bric. They are
> really young!!! But then they also sent me candy and a few pictures
> and stuff so it was really nice. Tell them thanks for me cause I wont
> be able to get a thank you card written in time. I could really use a
> new belt by the way. It would be real nice.
> You sent me an email with my own address.... what was up with that.
> And I think you should tell everyone to just send it to the mission
> office, cause if they send a package I dont want it to get stolen.
> Like the mission office doesnt send them to us just cause were there
> a lot and then we dont run the risk of getting them stolen. Just FYI.
> I cant believe Carli is going to Cali too. Man everyone is going there
> it feels like. And if you could get Moses address too that would be
> great. I need to write that kid.
> Its so weird this is the last time I will write you until I talk to
> you on the phone. I have no idea what the plann is for Christmas. I am
> still trying to find somewhere where I could skype. I think I might be
> able to do it at Pablo and Fabiolas, but they invited us over the 24
> so I dont know if they will want us over for the 25. Im going to ask
> them though. I could also ask Darelys kids. There laptops have it
> built in, but we will see. They said they were just going to stay home
> on Christmas. And it would be super great if you could send something
> real fast for Elder Baker. Just something real small. Cause I guess
> his parents are going to send me something. Then if you wanted to do
> something for my district, but you dont have to. But were going to
> open presents with all our district. So my district is Me, Elder
> Baker, Elder Warner, Elder Duran, Sister Oakey, and Sister Dunlop. If
> not its totally cool. And you could also send something for Pablo and
> Fabiola and there kids. They have a girl thats 10 named Marcela, a boy
> thats 5 named Mariano, and a baby boy named Mauricio that is 1. If not
> you dont have to but just if you wanted to do something you could. I
> also got a letter from Fords mom today so that was real nice so you
> should send cards to some of my friends. I think they would really
> like it.
> I think thats about it for me. But Im going to try and call later in
> the afternoon here. Maybe like 3 or 4 so it would be like 1 there. If
> im going to do skype ill probably call before hand and tell you just
> so you can set up for it or something. I dont know what your plan is.
> And just so you know I wont be able to make any more than 1 phone call
> that lasts 40 min, so if anyone wants to come, they have to be where
> you are. It would be cool if Chris could set up a webcam so I could
> see like the whole room or something, but I dont know how he would do
> it. Im not sure. But ya.
> Love you all and Merry Christmas
> Elder Knudsen
> P.s I wont be writing next week.

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