Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 31st

Well this
> week was really cold to say the least. We got some snow and then it
> snowed a little bit more and then it was just really cold. It got
> below the 30's most of the days. My face is like numb by the end of
> the day ususally. We definately have mastered the bus system.
> Christmas was great to see you all. It was a really fun day. After we
> talked to you we went to a Cubans house and had a Cuban dinner with
> some Cubans and were there for about an hour and then we went home and
> did laundry at like 730 cause we didnt have time the day before. So
> that was pretty much how i finished my Christmas. So not too exciting,
> but its still real good. Mothers day is going to come real fast. Its
> only in like 3 transfers. And yes I should be able to skype you. I
> dont really know why I wouldnt be able to. Like I know we are for sure
> allowed to do it, it just depends on where I am and if I have the
> capabilities.
> So Elder Baker and I are staying in Okolona. So ill be here at least
> until the middle of February. So pretty much either Ill get transfered
> out then, or ill be here a really long time. Cause Elder Baker will be
> going Zone Leader in March and so then I would have to stay here at
> least another transfer to show someone the area, and we are also
> getting a new Elder in March, so if I trained I would be here for 2
> more transfers. Hes actually from Peru, so it would really help my
> Spanish cause he doesnt really know English haha. So we will see what
> happens there. Elder Warner and Elder Duran are still in Zone Leader
> so thats good, and then Sister Dunlop goes home tomorrow which is
> crazy. She gave a talk in church yesterday and it was soooo good! I
> cant even imagine what its going to be like when its my last sunday.
> Im going to be a wreck to say the least. Like its going to be super
> hard. I think the hardest part of my mission will be taking off the
> tag.
> So this week was pretty rough number wise. We didnt get in a lot of
> doors just cause everyone said they were busy with the holidays and
> things like that so that kinda was lame. I actually contacted into a
> way cool Cuban last week though. Shes super cool. We have high hopes
> for her. It was when I was on an exchange with Elder Duran. But shes
> only been in the states like 3 months and those are the best so they
> dont get antied and they dont have jobs yet so they are open to talk
> to you whenever :) and then we also got a referral from an old Cuban.
> He actually brought him to church yesterday and wants us to teach him.
> I am pretty sure he will be baptized real fast too. I think we could
> have a good amount of baptisms this month. We have 3 dates right now,
> Im pretty confident about 2 of them. And then I think there are
> another few potentials that just havent accepted dates yet. So it
> should be an exciting transfer to say the least.
> Today is a non prosiliting day, so were just staying in cause no one
> invited us over and were poor and its cold haha. We were going to do
> something with Elder Warner and them, but they dont have any miles
> since its the end of the month. So I wish we could, but there isnt
> really anything we can do about it.
> I dont really have too much to say this week haha. There wasnt really
> anything too overly exciting, No I havent gotten your package yet
> because we told the mission office not to forward our packages just
> cause they have gotten stolen in the past and were at the mission
> office at least once a week, so Ill be getting in on Wednesday. I also
> am going to take back the watch today haha. Bout time right??
> We finally got in contact with Vicente this week!!!! He works like 12
> hours a day 7 days a week and so its been impossible to see him. We
> had an apt with him on Wednesday, but he had a new job interview so he
> wasnt home, but we talked to him like friday and he said he really
> wants to meet with us and asked if we would call today so we could set
> something up. He said my spanish has really improved haha so that was
> exciting. Like he is sooo legit. When Elder Simms met him he was like
> "Future Branch President for sure" Like I really hope we can get
> something rolling with him again cause he told us he knew it was true,
> but then he got his permission to work like 5 months early and got a
> job a week before his baptism, definatly a trial of his faith. So we
> are going to do all that we can to help him!
> I think thats about all I have this week.
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

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