Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22nd

Well this week has been a super rough week to say the least haha. Like
> man. I just cant really get a break. Happy Aniversary by the way.
> Thats super crazy.
> I really dont feel like I have a lot to write about today. So one
> thing that happened.... I got an infection in my eye. Ive been having
> to go home every 4 hours to do like a 20 minute treatment and its
> really just been a pain. Like I just want to do the work but there are
> always just little things that makes it that much harder. So today has
> been the first day I could open my eye. Its been sealed shut since
> friday or so. Its been really hard biking with only one eye, but the
> work goes on. I just feel awkward too when I go into a houe or
> something and they just ask about my eye and stuff, but oh well I
> guess. But I have picture to show you how it was for the first little
> while.
> I got to go on an exchange with Elder Warner this week so that was
> really fun. It was weird to be working Okolona again with him. It felt
> like the good old days. You better plan on going to his farewell haha
> Itll be in June. He only has 3 more transfers after this one which is
> pretty crazy!! Like its going to go by so fast!! We are actaully all
> going to the Muhammad Ali museum today with the Zone Leaders so that
> should be fun. Its closed on Mondays and so were taking advantage of
> the Pday on Tuesday.
> There was one thing that was really cool that happened to me this
> week. So we were in this area where there are a pretty good amount of
> Spanish and weve tracted most of it. We were just standing there
> deciding what to do. I asked Elder Baker if he had ever knocked this
> one door. He said for some reason they never did when they tracted
> over there. So I told him we needed to knock on it and so we went and
> knocked on it and gave our little door approach and the guy wasnt very
> interested, but then there was a woman that was inside that told us to
> come in. We were taken by surprise so we walked in. We sit down and
> start telling her were missionaries and that the reason she has never
> heard about us is because the church isnt formed in Cuba yet. She
> asked where our church was and said she had been searching for a
> church ever since she has got here but hasnt found one, she said she
> was going to try and make it this week, but she couldnt. But we gave
> her a pamphlet (wow my spelling is awful cause of spanish) and she
> like asked if we had any more material to read cause she likes to read
> and wanted to read it. It was super cool because I know that I was
> listening to the spirit to knock on that door and it was the perfect
> time to go, cause she works a lot and if she wasnt home we wouldnt
> have been able to get in.
> It has gotten really cold that last little bit and super windy which
> is the worst on bikes. I think it was last night or maybe tonight I
> dont remember, but its supposed to get below 0 with wind chill. Like
> just riding to get our groceries today was miserable haha. My face
> just loses all feeling and it just stings. But the work goes on and
> there are a lot of missionaries on bikes so I really shouldnt be
> complaining.
> You should tell that sister in our ward to write me :) Haha When does
> she leave for Austrailia?
> I cant believe Lindsay finds out what shes having today. And I cant
> believe Chris is thinking about moving. Man they just barely bought
> that house haha. Where are they thinking about moving?? It better be
> close!!
> Haha funniest line ever yesterday. So we went to subway and Elder
> Baker asked the guy if the Chicken Chipotle sandwhich was good and the
> guy was like "Ill be honest, I dont really like chicken unless its
> fried." Haha only in Kentucky would you get someone to say that!!
> Pretty much we are in finding mode right now. Just knocking a lot of
> doors because we dont have a lot of names to go see right now. Vicente
> pretty much has dropped us and wont return our phone calls. We just
> dropped Ronal yesterday cause he wont read the Book of Mormon. Hes so
> ready, but he just doesnt know it. Like he has never been religious
> and he told us hes gotten a lot closer to God since weve come by and
> he feels the spirit when he reads the bible. But he just has never
> seen the confusion with the Bible and so he doesnt understand what the
> Book of Mormon offers. Like its just really frustrating when you cant
> help someone understand something.
> But really thats pretty much all I got this week. I hope you all are
> doing well. Love yall
> Elder Knudsen

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