Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14th

Well this week has actually been really warm until today. Yesterday it
> rained all day, but like it was in the high 50's for like 2 or 3 days.
> Now its supposed to be in the low 30's to 20's but with wind chill and
> humidity its a lot colder!! But it was a really hectic week to say the
> least.
> So last week I told you I could possibly be having a baptism this
> week. We had fasted with her last weekend and I really felt like it
> was going to work. We were in a lesson with her last week and I had an
> idea pop into my head that that weekend was fast sunday and so I
> brought up fasting and she shouldnt make a decision until we fasted
> with her. So all weekend I really felt like it was going to happen. I
> just kept telling Elder Baker that all was going to work out. Saturday
> night and Sunday morning I pleaded that the people who bore there
> testimonies would say something that impacted Micaela. Then when I was
> sitting there in Sacrament I felt like every single testimony was
> directed at her. We then asked how she felt after Sacrament and she
> just said it was good and that she was ready to go to Gospel
> Principles. So that kinda broke my spirits cause it didnt seem like
> she had really felt anything or had recieved anything from the
> meeting. So then we had Family Home Evening at the apartment of the
> Branch Mission Leader and we asked Darely and Amiley to pick up
> Micaela. Anyways.... they were like 30 min late and missed the lesson
> and Micaela was kinda upset so I really didnt think her baptism was
> going to work out. Cause she also told us we couldnt come over on
> Monday to talk to her. But we set up an appointment with her for
> Tuesday. We went over there with a man named David Sapon (who I found
> out today lived in T-ville and im pretty sure he was in our stake
> cause he has always looked so familiar but he couldnt really remember
> the name cause it had been 5 years) But anyway, so we sit down and
> start talking. We say a prayer and the first question we ask her was
> how was the fast and she just said it was fine. Then we asked if she
> recieved any answers. She then started to say "Well I havent had any
> dreams like I thought I was going to have, but I know I need to be
> baptized on the 12!" AHHHH It was sooo crazy!! Like I didnt even know
> what to think. Elder Baker and I had to ask her just to make sure we
> didnt hear wrong haha cause we thought it was going to take a lot more
> to help her understand her answer. Then the member looks over at us
> when Micaela went in the other room for a second and was like "Do you
> need any more help" Haha it was so funny but such an amazing
> experience.
> So then like Elder Baker and I were just on cloud nine, but we came
> back to reality real fast when we thought of how much preparation we
> had to do to get this baptism to go through. We still hadnt taught her
> everything at this point cause she doesnt really like visiting with us
> more than once a week. So then we set up an apt with her Wednesday to
> finish the lessons. Then Thursday we were going to go over the bap
> interview questions with her and then Friday have her interview and
> then Saturday her baptism and then Sunday her confirmation. But just
> like everything else in missionary work... it doesnt always work out
> how you expect it to. She called us Wednesday and said she wouldnt be
> able to meet with us that day. So then Elder Baker and I went into
> panic mode and he wanted to move her baptism back a week but I told
> him, we shouldnt really wait if she can be baptized cause we never
> know whats going to change in a week. So we ended up finishing the
> teaching on Thursday and set up her interview on Friday. Her interview
> scared me to death cause hispanics dont really grasp everything too
> well and dont retain a lot. But she did great and passed. So then
> Friday we called a few people to give talks and prayers for the
> service Saturday night. We then had to make the program Saturday
> morning and it was just super hectic. But it all worked out in the
> end. Then on Sunday the person who usually gives her a ride had to be
> at church early so she didnt have a ride and so we were freaking out
> and had to call so many people to try and make other arrangements.
> We had Joel, our branch missionary leader baptize her cause he really
> helped in the teachings. She didnt have a preferrance on who she
> wanted to baptize her. We thought it would be a really cool thing for
> Joel to do it because we found out he might be getting deported soon.
> Like Elder Baker was thinking I should baptize her cause like I was
> there from the start with Elder Warner and just saw her progression,
> but we both in the end decided it would be good for Joel to do it. We
> had a really good turn out from the branch too so it was really
> exciting.
> So pretty much that was my whole week. Just preparing a baptism and it
> was so great. We had a fireside last night in President Woodburys home
> with all the investigators and members and missionaries that live
> close. Well like all spanish at least. We do that every month and its
> always really fun to see all the other missionaries you know. Cause
> like every spanish elder is there except 2 areas, Lexington and
> Versailles just cause there really far away. But it was fun. David
> Sapon gave the talk. The one that confirmed Micaela and also the one
> that was in our stake in the 10th branch I think. Hes such a stud. Hes
> from Guatemala and just like amazing. Hes the Elders Quorum president
> in the branch right now. But ya it was good times.
> I havent been getting any letters!!! So thats kinda lame. No I havent
> got Grandpas package yet. Its probably sitting at the mission office
> cause they dont forward out packages because we are there every week
> and because we live in a pretty sketch area.
> Oh ya.... I heard a bunch of gunshots this week. Haha it was super
> sketch. So Elder Baker and I decided to go to these apartments that
> weve never been before. So we ride in and we see some cops there and
> so were like hmmm... this kinda doesnt look very good. Then we hear
> like 3 shots pop off and the cops just start like running into this
> place and so needless to say Elder Baker and I decided to.... KNOCK
> THE APARTMENTS haha jk we just left. I dont think we will really go
> back to those apartments haha.
> We also went to Churhill downs again last monday with the Zone Leaders
> and then also an English Companionship. It was pretty fun, but like I
> had already been before so I didnt really have anything too exciting
> happen. I decided Im so coming back for the Kentucky Derby though.
> Elder Baker Elder Warner and whoever else that wants to join us is
> going to come back next May for the Kentucky Derby and do the infield.
> Like I guess its super crazy... but a lot cheaper that seats. They are
> only like 50 bucks, but usually there are like 50,000 that do the
> infield so it takes like 2 hours to just get into the infield... itll
> be an adventure to say the least. I also decided Elder Baker and I are
> going to be real close friends haha. He wants me to come to Arizona
> and room with him soooo bad. Like he was like what will it take to get
> you to come down and I was like when you go to El Salvador you have to
> take me and pay for me and he was like DONE haha it was super funny.
> Ya I took the watch back and got a really cool watch at Target. Like
> its super classy. I have gotten a lot of compliments on it. Its
> mossimo I think or somethink I dont really know. But its super nice.
> So I didnt get a belt but ya.
> I think thats pretty much all on my part. I hope all is going well with yall
> Love
> Elder Knudsen

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