Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 30th

Haha well.... this week has been interesting to say the least.... Um I was hoping to have had someone send me pictures in my email that I could send you with me in the ER. Yes.... I was in the ER this week... I’m ok now but I had a kidney stone. It really wasn’t fun haha so Thursday night we had correlation meeting with all the missionaries and the ward mission leader and a member of the branch presidency and like my side just started hurting by the end of that, we got home and did our thing and we started to prey and I was just in excruciating pain. Like it was awful and so I walked over in the bathroom and started throwing up. Then I couldn’t move so I just laid on the bathroom floor for about the next hour. Then I finally made it into my room and I was just really uncomfortable, like I was just squirming and it was just really awful. Finally the pain subsided enough that I could go to sleep about an hour later. I woke up the next later and I was just really sore and so Elder Warner just told me to stay in bed. I took a little bit of a nap, because I didn’t sleep the greatest. I got up around 9 or so and we called Sister Woodbury. She gave us the number for the Doctor and he wouldn’t answer for 3 hours so I called Sister Woodbury back and she told me to go to the ER. But President was in Lexington and we're on bikes so we had to wait for the zone leaders to be able to come pick us up. We were in the ER for about 7 hours. They took a urine sample and there was blood in my urine. Then they gave me an IV and took 6 tubes of blood. Then they took a CT scan to see what was going on. They said I had passed a kidney stone and they wanted me to try and filter it to try and find it. I found it Saturday morning and it was pretty large. About the size of a small pea or so. It was really awful, I really hope I don’t have to do that again, so that was kind of a setback for Elder Warner and I.

Um update on Eufemia. She’s doing great and she talked to her boss yesterday and he changed her schedule so she has Sundays off so she should be getting baptized in August sometime. We didn’t really get to see her much this week just cause we were busy and then when we weren’t she was so it was kind of bad, but were going to see her tonight. The weird thing is, we were supposed to see her yesterday, then she called and said her husband was sick and they needed to take him to the hospital so we couldn’t come by, we were in the area of her apartment, and we see her husband get home from work, so either Elder Warner misunderstood her on the phone or she lied to us, but why would she lie if she’s like trying to get work off and stuff so were pretty sure that we just misunderstood us. Maybe she was calling and asking about me, because like every day she has called and asked how I’m feeling and stuff like that just because she wanted to know and she felt bad. She really is such a nice lady. But hopefully everything goes well with her. She’s quit coffee too so we don’t really have to worry about that anymore either so everything is really working out for us.

Roland and Yasmin really had a change of heart this week. We were supposed to see them a couple times, but we always got caught up with something so we couldn’t see them until Friday this week and pretty much we just spent the whole day with them and it was so much fun. They really are the cutest family. Like even if they didn’t get baptized, they would be a family I would want to come back and visit because they are so funny and have the cutest kids in the world! So we went over there Saturday morning and just talked with them for a little while and had a little lesson with them and just kind of was talking about everything. We invited Rolando to come and play soccer that night and he said he wanted to come. So we left and then him, his wife, and there kids came and picked us up to go to the park and play soccer with all the other investigators and missionaries so it was really fun. Like I feel like we’re really good friends. They also came to church yesterday too, so pretty much they would only have to come to church one more time and they would be eligible to be baptized, it’s just getting them to that point soon, but Elder Warner and I are really hopeful. We felt really bad, so we took the baby that’s about 1 to the nursery and then Ashley to Primary and then we went with them to Gospel Principles. Were sitting in Gospel Principles and we hear a crying outside, it was their baby Ranoldo. He has never been really away from his parents so he was just scared out of his mind, like he was trembling, but then we got him some cake from the kitchen and he was the happiest kid ever and it all worked out in the end. And Ashley loved primary so it was really good Sunday. They were the only investigators that came, but it’s better than none.

Oh haha one more thing about them. So she always makes really good drinks when were over there and so she made a Tamarindo drink that’s really good. I had a glass and then like an hour later she gives me another glass... then guess what I found.... A COCKROACH in my drink haha it was so gross. It was drown and like so gross haha I’m just really happy I didn’t drink it! That would have been so gross haha. There house is always like infested with cockroaches, but I love them anyway. Rolando is the funniest guy ever haha.

We have 2 new investigators this week that are really good too. Their names are Vincente and Dinely. Vincente is from Venezuela and then Dinely is from Cuba. They have about 3 months in the United States and there English is really good. They always try to practice it on us and we can understand most of what they say. They said they were going to come to church, but something came up. Vincente knows a lot about the church because he had a lot of friends that were members that live in Ven. Dinely doesn’t know anything cause the church isn’t in Cuba because it’s so dangerous. But they are really the nicest couple ever. So polite and so nice. They have one little kid, he’s kind of crazy, but that’s ok haha like they gave us ice cream and man did it hit the spot haha I feel like I haven’t had ice cream in forever. I miss it a lot haha. But we have an appointment  with them Tuesday, and the funny thing is some English elders tracted into this man that was Spanish but spoke English and wanted missionaries to come over, and he’s actually there friend so  that’s always good when they can learn with a friend so we have high hopes for them. They don’t have a car though so it’s just another person to find a ride for which is kind of hard haha but that’s ok.

I can’t really think of anything else that has happened that has been too exciting this week. I’m sorry, but pretty much that’s about it. I hope all is well in the SoJo. Kentucky has been pretty great. There was the worst rain storm ever after the ER on Friday, like we honestly couldn’t even see the tail lights of cars it was raining so hard, so I’m happy I wasn’t biking in it haha. I’m really nervous for winter. Elder Warner and I were talking about that today and like it gets below 0 and just really wet so it’s really frigid haha so I’m not excited for that.

4 months until I’m 20!!!! CRAZY RIGHT!!!!

Elder Knudsen

So the first picture is me with some of the kids at a family home evening we had. I love the little boy in the front with the spikey hair. His name is jiaro haha hes way funny, a hand full but funny. Um the cowboy hats and other stuff thats at Pablo and Fabiolas house so thats them. Then the other random pics are for Sister Woodbury cause shes making us do this thing like day in the life of the GKLM (Great Kentucky Louisville Mission) So idk if youll get that video too or what  

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