Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23rd

Well first of all ya I got your email and that’s really exciting that you talked to his mom. She mentioned it in her email too and she was really grateful. Haha I’ll be honest.... I can’t see you as a ward missionary haha but that’s sweet though haha it’s been a pretty hectic week to say the least. At the beginning of the week... Um I got 4 flat tires in 2 days haha, needless to say Elder Warner and I were really frustrated because we want to do the work, but there is only so much we can do when we have mishaps like that. Oh I LOVED THE TIES that you sent me. They are amazing!!! Compliments left and right haha like Elder Warner is really jealous of my orange one, haha and the zone leaders too. It’s exactly what I wanted so thanks for that.

This week has really just been a beautiful week haha like you have no idea how beautiful Kentucky is. On Wednesday there was pretty much a firework show for an hour with lightning and we were like right next to it. Not raining at that moment, but it was so legit. My title of my journal entry that night was "Heavens Pinball" I can’t take credit for the title though haha Elder Warner came up with that one, but ya. Like I really can’t even put into words what it was like. She like a light show in the sky. Just bursts of light like every few seconds and then you would see a web of lightning. It was really spectacular. Elder Warner and I were riding home from Holiday Park at the time so we just pulled off to the side of the road on the freeway to watch (ya we ride our bikes on the freeway) haha but it really was amazing I wish I could have gotten something to capture that moment.

So I have told you about Eufemia and just how amazing she is.... So Monday... We get a call from her and she was like my husband doesn’t like you guys and won’t allow me to read the book of Mormon or go to church or meet with you guys and was just heartbroken. This was the same day that we had like 2 flat tires, so we were really upset and didn’t really know what to do. So we were thinking maybe we would just stop by one day just to see if we could talk to her about it or talk to him, like we really didn’t know what to do. So Tuesday we were in the same area as her apartment and I guess she saw us and so she ran out of her apartment (where her husband was) and came and talked to us just saying how evil Satan is and how bad she wants us to come by and just that she knows the church is true. She wanted us to come by on the days he is working, but Elder Warner and I decided that wouldn’t be the greatest idea because we need the permission of her husband, but she just asked us to pray for him to have a change of heart and she would pray too. Oh and at this time the Zone Leaders had asked if we would share a story about her at the meeting where a member of the 70ty was coming to haha so we didn’t really know what to do cause we didn’t want to lie with a 70ty there haha but anyways we went back 2 days later to see how she was doing and to tell her we can’t do anything behind her husband’s back. Her husband opened the door.... he has a smile on his face and lets us into the house.... ANOTHER MIRACLE I HAVE SEEN. He’s not interested in our message at this time, but he opened his heart to allow his wife to do the things she knows to be true, so Eufemia is right back on track. Oh and she’s gotten a new job since we’ve been teaching her and she gets paid more and doesn’t have to work as much so it’s been another blessing. She said she had to work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday... while we were in her apartment after she told us this, her boss calls and says he needs to change her schedule to Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday so she couldn’t go to church. She told us she is going to talk to her boss and tell him she needs to have Sundays off or else she’s going to quit so it’s really been amazing. She has sooooo much faith it’s ridiculous!!!

Rolando y Yasmin.... that’s where we're having the problem right now.... they looked on the internet. She said she’s been looking at Mormon stuff and asked about polygamy and stuff like that.... so we answered it.... then she started talking about the virgin Mary and how were bad cause we don’t worship her.... then how we don’t worship the cross and we say its cause we worship the living Christ.... the she said all churches are good because they teach about the same God... and asked why we use water instead of wine.... like so many questions. I think someone brainwashed him and her... so we don’t really know what to happen. They said they prayed and God told them that all churches are good.... But yet like there trying to apply the stuff we’ve taught them. I don’t really know what were going to do with them so I’m really not excited about that. I love them to death.... but there is only so much we can do... like last lesson was just really bad.... I pretty much didn’t say a word and just let them like bible bash.... we got nowhere to say the least.

Um what else happened this week? Hm.... Oh I got the meal that probably is the worst meal that someone could feed me haha FISH AND SALAD haha my heart sank when I saw what they were making. We had fried tilapia, like they did it home made, and then salad and rice. The fish was actually really good, you just throw some lime on it and some spicy stuff and it masks the fishy flavor haha.... the salad... I just can’t do it yet. Like I can do lettuce in things and on things.... but by itself... not my favorite. But they have come to church the last 2 weeks so it’s been cool to see that we’ve made a difference in reactivating them. Also there is a family that we love that we’ve been working with. Jairo and Cathy. Cathy has a lot of faith, but Jairo has fallen into drinking again. But he actually quit about a week ago and so that’s been really cool to see. You have just seen the change in their marriage, like I think he actually wasn’t staying at the house for a little while. It’s weird, she’s like 23 and has a kid that 9 and 5 and 1 haha like that’s only 4 years older than me!!! She’s great though.

Um we had a wedding this week haha it was so much fun!!! So there is a part member family that the North side area is teaching. Like she’s a member, but he’s not, but he really wants to be, but they have to be married first, They don’t have their papers and so like they can’t in Kentucky, or North Carolina (where there from) but we found out in Indiana it’s a lot easier, like all you need is a birth certificate.  So we planned a wedding in about a week haha and the missionaries did like all the work it was really fun and really stressful haha. So Saturday we were in Indiana decorating and finishing up cooking and all that fun stuff. It turned out sooooo great. Like we got over 40 people there and usually at a typical wedding like that it’s lucky to maybe have 20. I’ll be sending pics in an email. They are the cutest couple. Shes like 7 months pregnant, you could never guess. And they have 2 little boys. But that was pretty much our day on Saturday.

Um the apartment complex is repainting our apartment today, so we had to move all of our stuff today. It was a real pain and there being really mean about it, but oh well haha. I haven’t felt the greatest the last 2 days either. Like I feel like I have pleurisy again, but oh well. It’s not that bad... but it’s really uncomfortable.

I can’t really think about anything else that has happened this week that has been really that exciting. Oh Elder Munds and his Wife came and spoke to us. He’s a member from the quorum of the 70ty so that was really cool and Elder Warner and I got to share the story of Eufemia with  like 3 zones and president and then the Munds haha so it was really cool. Like President was so happy with us and loved our story and it just fit in perfect with this whole meeting and what they talked about. It was really good though. We have another one coming in August so ya. Oh we didn’t have any investigators at church again yesterday so that really wasn’t fun. But oh well.

Oh I forgot to tell you about Friday. Ah Friday was probably the worst day ever. We rode our bikes forever because nobody was home and all of our appointments fell through. Like we really had nothing to do all day because all our plans and back up plans had fallen through so we just kept riding around trying to find something. Well it like like 630 and we were about to pull into an apartment complex and I just prayed to have something good come out of that day, we ride in and like no one is there and were about to ride out when we get flagged down by this lady. She’s from Cuba and we had met her once and had been trying to find her for about 2 weeks. We had met her at a man’s name Yidel. He’s kind of an investigator, but they were really interested, but they ran off before we got there info. So it was amazing to see her flag us down. Then her husband and kid come around the corner and we just talk for like an hour and a half and give her a book of Mormon and she’s really excited to read it. They said they are for sure going to come to church this week so I’m really excited about that! They are a great couple. The husband is from Venezuela and they are just so nice. They try and speak English to us because they really want to learn it, and they are actually really good at it so it’s kinda nice, but anyways... that was my week pretty much

I hope you all had a good week.

I love you all

Elder Knudsen

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