Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2nd

Well this week has been the hottest week of my life.... like wow.... Haha um I think the high I saw this week was like 110 and that was pretty much every day since Thursday. Wednesday was really nice though haha, but since then... WOW!!!! Haha. Um to answer your question no we haven’t been able to get in contact with that family again. Whenever we go over there the dad is sleeping because he just works a ton!! So that’s been really hard so I don’t really know what were going to do with that. Pretty much we have 0 baptismal dates now. Jose dropped us because he won’t come to church. Darely we dropped until she will come to church. She’s come 2 in 6 months of teaching so were just done with that. Then Beatriz we haven’t really dropped, but she never has time to talk to us and her bap date is in like 4 weeks and she would have to divorce her old husband and marry her new one, so we really would need a miracle.

On a lighter note. We found the most legit family ever! I know I said that last week.... but this week I really mean it. Elder Warner said they are probably the best family he has ever taught, like being ready wise. We taught them last Monday and we taught them the Restoration and we talked a little bit about families being able to be together forever and that just made the mom so excited and so she just kept asking about that. But it was a really good lesson. Then we taught them again on Thursday and they had read the reading assignment we had given them and we taught a really long lesson about the plan of salvation with them. They committed to go to church... and then they were on their way to church and they wouldn’t find it and their kids were screaming... so... they turned around!!! It killed us. So this week at sacrament we had 0 investigators again! We got an inactive to come with us though. She is one of the ladies we taught my first day. Her name is Mora and she’s from Cuba. She’s a great lady, but she has started smoking again so we have just tried to emphasize the Atonement and stuff in our lessons with her.

We also met a really nice old lady named Joy this week. She’s not Hispanic but she just lives by us and we did a little service for her this week. She is so nice. She’s like in her 80s and just loves the bible and lives alone and has no family left so we have been just trying to help her out. She’s lived in Okolona for like her whole life. She’s so sweet. She has crazy stories because she was a big horse trainer I guess and so she used to always be at the derby. Like she helped train Seabiscuit. And she’s good friends with Miss Penny and stuff like she has some pretty dang crazy stories. She loves her horse racing haha he’s great. We were talking to her last night and it started to storm last night. Like Kentucky weather is just crazy. Like yesterday was 109 and we were out with a member, then he dropped us off and we walked then it just started lightning like every 5 seconds and pouring rain and the tornado alarms were going off haha it was pretty crazy but it was exciting.

That family is still feeding us every week. It’s pretty good. Last week we had a pasta with a bunch of stuff in it. It was ok... not my favorite, but its food haha. I’m really nervous to try some of the stuff.... Like Elder Warner said that I will probably be having lengua soon (tongue) and I’m really not excited for that. And then they eat the insides of their stomach and I guess that stuff is the worst cause the texture and it’s just really heavy. And then also pig skin. They love their pig skin. Like Elder Warner said that was the worst thing he has eaten. Like its pig skin fried, but then they make it gooey and put something around it... like he just had to flex every time he took a bite to now throw it up... and guess what... the family that fed him all of this.... JUST MOVED INTO OUR AREA haha like it’s a family that Elder Warner baptized a while back and so we're going to be over there trying to get them to the temple and stuff. Not excited though I’ll be honest... I really have become not picky though.

Um I think I have had 1 flat tire this week and I think Elder Warner has had 3. They are usually a couple hour adventures and we can’t keep enough water in our back packs because it’s just too heavy with our scriptures and teaching material and books of Mormon and so I’m pretty much always dehydrated haha it’s just great. Then today... I came out of Kroger from shopping, Elder Warner had a flat tire, and someone had kicked my bike and messed it all up and I couldn’t walk it cause it would have destroyed my tire... so I pretty much had to carry my bike for a mile haha so that wasn’t fun at all. I really am not digging the bikes haha.

Um we had zone conference this week so that was really fun. We have that like every other transfer so not that often. Isn’t it just crazy to think that I’m 1/8 of the way done with my mission already haha likes its pretty dang crazy. But um we had the stake president speak, President Chadwick and he is just amazing. Like he always just puts things like I’ve never thought of before. Like he said whenever he gives a blessing he thinks of in the preeternal when God the father set apart his son Jesus Christ to be the Savior, and Redeemer of the world. Can you imagine that? But really you know it must have had to happen. Sorry for my spelling, like really Spanish just destroys it haha so I’m sorry about that. But then President Woodbury just talked about tithing and that was really strong and then after that Sister Woodbury talked about patience and shared a really touching story about when she had cancer right at the beginning of their marriage and they said she was going to die and president Woodbury gave her a blessing, not saying everything would be ok, but just that it would be hard, but that they needed to be patient and stuff but it was really good.

Then we had a service project this week. Kill me now haha like I love doing service, but it was just killer. Like we moved his whole house into a storage unit and it was reallyyyyyy hottt haha like too hotttt to handle, but ya so that was fun. Everyone is going bowling today for pday, but we don’t really have time so it’s just going to be a relaxing day for us, which isn’t always a bad thing. Oh ya the package you sent was amazing. Like the otter pops... best idea ever haha but really everything has just helped a ton so thank you so much! I’ll probably be sending home some stuff next week. Um if you think about it and have time one of these days and want to send me a package... please send me scripture markers.... like not markers, but just something to mark my scrips and make sure there sharpened haha it would be much appreciated.... also.... maybe some cheap soccer cleats if you can find some.... would be great. 10 or 10 1/2 haha but if not that’s ok too.

You should go in my branch and get mad at Megan and Aubree haha because they still haven’t written me.

I think that’s about all this week that I have. I still need to write some other people.
Elder Knudsen

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