Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 6th

So this week has been just fine. I was kinda sick yesterday, like I had to walk out of sacrament for a little bit, but I’m doing ok today. Um nothing really too exciting this week like I really don’t know what to tell you guys anymore haha cause it’s just the same old same old down here in Okolona. Our investigators are doing great. We had a new investigator come to church yesterday so that was exciting, he’s from Venezuela and just the classiest man you’ll ever meet. Like nicest guy and just shook everyone’s hand saying thank you so much and I really am pretty much positive he felt the spirit.

So... Eufemia... She’s just the greatest. She couldn’t get work off again yesterday so she couldn’t come to church. We went and had a meeting with her yesterday and it was really good because we had a member named Damien come with us and he’s from Cuba too. She’s really upset at her work and she’s going to quit because she needs to go to church. She just has so much faith and knows the bible so well like its really incredible. So Damien is taking her today to apply at the place where he works and if she gets it, it’ll be a lot closer to her house, easier work, the same pay I think, and she will be able to come to church on Sundays so she’s really progressing. She’s can’t wait for her baptism. We’re really excited for next transfer, it’s weird I’m already half way done with this transfer. I’m kinda sad because it’s pretty likely that Elder Warner will be getting transferred, so if you wanted to send him something in the next few weeks it would be pretty great. He’s loves like everything haha Waffle Crisp haha he has really missed that, but ya just an idea just cause he’s been so great with me. But she’s also been reading a Liahona like one of them with all the General Conference talks and stuff and like she’s just really amazing. She’s going to be a ridiculous member I can’t wait. Elder Warner and I are kinda nervous to tell her that we won’t always be in this area haha I think it’s going to break her heart, but she will get over it haha.

Um Rolando and Yasmin are doing really good. They still haven’t accepted a bap date, but they’re getting really close! We had a family home evening at pablo and fabiolas with them and they had a lot of fun. A lot of their doubts have gone away haha like now there questions are more like... am I allowed to dance.... do I have to dress like you guys.... haha so just little simple questions. They couldn’t make it to church yesterday sadly, but we will be seeing them tonight. Yasmin just got a job at a taco stand and she works from 4 in the afternoon until 3 in the morning on the weekends, so it’s going to be hard for her to come to church, but I think she will. Like Rolando was like, well if she can’t, I still will. He actually wanted to take us out to eat and have a guys night on Saturday, but we were in an appointment haha he wants to take us to Buffalo Wild Winds (so great) and so were going with him on Saturday haha he just loves us so much. He’s so dang funny and they just have the greatest family ever. Like honestly they could be baptized in 2 weeks, but it probably wouldn’t happen. Like he used to drink beer 2 or 3 times a day and he hasn’t drunk for 2 weeks and so They only have to come to church 1 more time and they could be baptized, but they just say it’s hard to change cause they have always been catholic, but they believe it’s all true and it all makes sense, so we are pretty positive they will be baptized here soon;.

Then we have Vincente and Dinely. They are really the nicest young couple ever. Like more polite than anyone I have ever met. Vincente was the one that came to church. Dinely is from Cuba. Like Vincente had gone to our church before in Venezuela, but Direly didn’t really know anything about us so it’s been really good. They have been in the United States for 1 month haha like it’s the best when we find them right when they get here just so people don’t brain wash them and stuff like that. Like she had a really good question about why bad things happen to good people and suffering and stuff like that and we shared a few scriptures in Alma and then gave her 2 Nephi 2 to read and she was really touched. Like right in the middle of reading she almost started crying so she’s had some really cool experiences with the Book of Mormon already. They are the greatest couple! Like she didn’t come to church just cause they have a kid and she didn’t want to interrupt the meeting and so she wanted her husband to go first and see if it would be appropriate for her son to come so they all 3 should be there next week.

We have had a lot more changes in the mission this week. President is really excited and is just really holding us more accountable and making it a lot harder on the missionaries, but it really is for the better. We think we will really see the mission grow in the next little while so we’re really excited about that. So while Elder Warner was in that meeting I was out with an Elder and really no body was home.... It was really stressful because he doesn’t know the area and like none of our investigators were home and we just had nothing to do. We rode so much and then he got a flat tire haha it was kinda a rough day to say the least.

So Saturday haha oh Saturday... So we had a lunch/dinner appt at 4 o clock with a family. There not really investigators, but they just love what we do so they invited us over to eat and we taught like 10 people haha it was kinda cool, but they live in the trailer park too so... when we started to get on the freeway... the rain just started coming down!!!! Like it hurt it was raining soo badddd haha like we were drenched, we had pools in our shoes. My shoes have been drying since Saturday afternoon and there still not dry. My planner got destroyed with like everything, just like smeared everywhere. My scrips got wet even inside my covers, (probably the thing I’m most mad about) like there fine, but I just have had them out drying the last few days, and I pretty much like ruined a tie cause I was wearing a silk and they just don’t like the rain haha it was pretty ridiculous haha. But we had Carne Asada and it was so good. I think that my favorite meal now. Like the meat they buy is really expensive, like for us 10 people... they probably spend like 50 bucks or maybe even more on meat. Like its really expensive and they had a really good salsa and just tortillas and corn and beans and just like a feast haha its soooo good. I’m really getting accustomed to spicy. They were like is it spice for you, and I was like no, and there like he’s becoming Hispanic haha he’s a man!!! It’s really funny. Everyone says I don’t look American haha like Elder Warner there like your typical American but they always think I’m from Spain or Cuba, haha then they hear my Spanish and definitely know I’m  not from Cuba. The Spanish is coming along really great though, like sometimes I just forget I’m listening to Spanish and it just seems natural, but when I’m with like Eufemia or ALberto, there just straight from Cuba, I can’t understand them really. Like they just speak really fast and have lots of other stuff.

Well I’m sorry I had other stuff to tell you but I have to go because the zone leaders are here to pick us up for a zone party.

Love you
Elder Knudsen

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