Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 16th

Haha I don’t even know where to start about this week haha it went by really fast. I can’t believe I’m already done with my first transfer. I’ll probably only have elder Warner for one more transfer which is kind of sad. In my district we had an elder and a sister going home and then one sister got transferred so it’s really changed here. Yesterday.... WE HAD 3 INVESTIGATORS TO CHURCH!!! WHOO RAAA haha it was so great. It’s kind of really stressful though because like members.... they can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Like our church is about 20 min from our apartment in a car so we ask this member to pick us up and 1 investigator. Well needless to say.... he was late so then our other 2 investigators were in the chapel without us so we called the other elders and made sure they made them feel welcome and stuff, but it was so great to finally have investigators come. And Pablo and Fabiola, the one that feed us every week, I guess we have made a change with them, they talked to their boss this week to ask if they could switch schedule so they could come to church, so they were there on Sunday too. I was like a little kid at Christmas.

So... let’s first start by talking about Eufemia. She’s the lady from Cuba. She came to church yesterday and just loved it like she was just in awww the whole time and like couldn’t stop talking about how much it touched her. She’s so ready. I actually went on an exchange with Elder Dewey this week (zone leader) and we taught her the plan of salvation. It wasn’t going the greatest, but then at the end I bore my testimony and she started crying and then we set a bap date, we didn’t know it but we set it for her birthday, then she got even more emotional and was just saying it was meant to be and stuff. Like she is so great. She pretty much started to plan a trip to Cuba with Elder Warner and I after our missions haha she’s the nicest lady ever like I’m happy every time we leave her apartment. I don’t know if I told you the story of how we found her so I’m going to tell you anyway. We had an investigator that we were thinking about dropping cause she just wasn’t progressing after 6 months, we prayed and decided to give it one more week, the next day we met Eufemia at the investigators house. Like it was just meant to be, and I’m so happy we were being lead by the spirit not to drop her. Like she said after Sunday she just wants to be baptized next week, but it will probably be in August but were so excited. Like I feel like she’s my mom, grandma away from home haha she’s just so nice. She reminds me of a grandma, but she’s only 55 so she’s not that old haha. She’s just great though.

Um the other 2 investigators that came is a couple from Mexico. Rolando y Yasmin. They are just so funny I love them so much. We laugh and just have a good time at their house all the time. They have 2 kids, Ruby and Ranoldo. They are the cutest kids you will ever meet haha but only the 2 came to church. I think they liked it pretty well. Like there a pretty quiet group unless you’re in their house. But ya... this week we had a good lesson with them about the word of wisdom. Like we didn’t even bring it up, it was the wife. She then was like my husband drinks haha so we set some goals like all of us so were easing him off alcohol and he’s doing really well. Like usually he has 3 a day, but he’s only have 6 in the last week. So were going to try and set a bap date with them this week and we will see how that goes. Were having a family home evening at Pablo and Fabiolas this week with them, because they both live in the same place so I’m excited for the fellowshipping that our investigators are receiving at this time. Um so.... Rolando and Yasmin had us over for dinner this week. We had tamales.... and COW TONGUE TACOS!!!! Haha it wasn’t too bad actually.... Like taste= not bad. Texture= not the greatest. Knowledge of having an animal’s tongue in my mouth= AWFUL haha and it didn’t help when Elder Warner is sitting there saying, just think about it, it’s like you’re making out with Betty the Cow right now haha what a dork. The first time he had it, I guess it was a lot worse cause it was in bigger chunks, cause mine was diced up, his.... he could feel the taste buds haha how gross, but it’s like the most expensive thing and so really it’s their favorite. But that was an adventure I had this week haha.

Oh man do I have a story for you. You’re not going to even believe it! Like I wish I could tell you in person because I don’t think I can really give it justice with my words haha it’s kind of a sad story.... but really... you just have to laugh at it now. So we were contacting outside of a Hispanic store on Thursday night just because one of our appointments fell through. It’s been like 15 minutes when this guy whistles at us. We had stopped by his house like 4 weeks before and he was kind of a jerk, so really we weren’t very optimistic and we were kind of nervous. He asks us to come in and he said he just got a divorce last week and he really wants to come to God. So we were really pumped. He’s like I really want to come to church... do I need to sign something or what do I need to do. So he offered to give us a ride to church so we could just lead him. Then we were talking about baptism and he wanted to be baptized. So like at this point I’m just thinking wowwww haha like it was probably about a 45 min lesson or so then when were leaving he says, (in Spanish of course) "I was praying and God told me to look out the window, I saw you 2 standing there and God told me you 2 were going to be the ones to carry me to Him" So at this point I’m smiling from ear to ear just thanking Heavenly Father for all the miracles he has shown me. He asked us to come back Friday but we couldn’t so we said Saturday. So... I was pumped ya know... W knock on his door, he looks out the window and then just goes back. We thought he was just going to put on a shirt or something so we’re just waiting outside. While were waiting we see some other elders so they ride up and start talking to us. He walks out with like his hair in a net like he had just got it done and a little bag of trash and he was like give me one second I’m just going to throw this away... so were like ok.... then we look down... HES IN HIS CAR!!!! We make eye contact and he looks down the street and just goes pedal to the metal haha. Elder Warner and I were so confused. Like maybe we misunderstood him or what so we went into the store to get a churro to wait. We come out and he’s still not back... hm... This is a first haha so we decide just to go see some other people. When were riding home we see his car back haha but we decide not to bother him. Yesterday morning we call him to see if he wants to go to church.... he says something and then like starts blowing in the phone and hangs up haha like really!!!! Cubans are just crazy haha so we will probably stop by later this week if we need a good laugh just to see what he’s going to do this time haha.

Like it’s been a funny week. It’s actually rained a lot the last little while haha like we go to appointments drenched haha its just fantastic but I love the rain. There is nothing like rain in Kentucky, It comes down harder then I have ever seen in Utah, but then it goes away in like an hour and its happened like 4 days this week haha but it’s been nice cause its really cooled it down. Today is a little hotter though. It’s ya... It’s been really fun though haha

Thanks so much for the pants and ties they are great. I was actually going to email so since it rains so much.... it’s not good to have silk ties.... haha so if you ever want to find me some polyester ties that would be great haha but you don’t have to do it right away haha. Um color wise... maybe... I really want yellow, um orange, and maybe red. Maybe like find some that look pretty solid. Like they just have a pattern or something. Like it’s hard to explain, but I don't know just whatever haha thanks so much. But that’s pretty much all I have for this week. Haha it’s been a fun week and now I’m starting my 2nd transfer. Like this transfer went by so fast. I have 15 more. Like I feel like my mission is going to fly by. Like Christmas is in 5 months, then I’ll talk to you on mother’s day, and then I’ll say... "One more call and then I’ll be home" like it’s going great out here.

Love Elder Knudsen

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