Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 9th (sorry so late!)

This week has been pretty great, but nothing too exciting. So this letter will probably pretty short. It’s been really hot this week. It’s been record highs I guess. But this coming week it’s supposed to get a little cooler so I’m excited about that. Um we found a really legit investigator this week!! Like her name is Eofemia. She is soooo amazing it’s not even funny. So it’s kind of a miracle and just the power of being led by the spirit. So during weekly planning last week we were thinking about possible dropping Darley because she has had so many bap dates and she never comes to church and so we were just thinking about dropping here, we prayed, decided we would hold off on it. So we went by her house on Monday and she had a friend walk in and she pretty much just starts bashing on us saying she’s found the true church cause she was watching the Christian channel and there was a little boy with an amazing testimony and so she’s just looking straight at us and then Darley kind of sticks up for us saying she really likes this church and stuff and pretty much taught a lot of the first lesson to her. It kind of sparked her interest soooo Elder Warner and I started to teach her the first lesson. She accepted it so well like it’s ridiculous. She’s been a member of about 6 churches and she just thinks they are all missing something and stuff. Then we talked about the Great Apostasy and showed some scriptures to support is and then went into the Restoration. We shared the first vision and she was just amazing and she was like this is what I have been waiting for. We gave her a book of Mormon and she was like I’m going to read it right away. She left, came back 5 minutes later with her glasses and just started reading while we were visiting Darely. Before we had left, she had finished the intro, the testimony of the 3 and 8 and Joseph Smith and was starting 1 Nephi. She has pretty much finished 1 Nephi in 1 week and she says she’s never read a book that has touched her so much. Like she is very well versed in the Bible and she’s been having a rough time with her Daughter because it’s really getting scary in Cuba, but this week while she’s been reading the Book of Mormon it’s just all changed. She said she wanted to come to church and was planning on it. We went to pick her up and she had been throwing up all night. She was like stupid Satan. Haha She thinks this is the true church and she was like Satan doesn’t want me to come so he got me sick, and so she was like next week no matter how much Satan does to me, I’m coming to church. So she is like the most legit lady ever haha. The only problem we might have is she sure does love her coffee haha so we will see how that goes. Her favorite part of the book of Mormon so far is when Moroni appears to Joseph in his room and just how he describes it haha.

Um Rolando y Yasmin. They are really progressing, but were kind of frustrated haha. THEY HAVE NO DOUBTS. Like we feel like it’s too good to be true and were nervous there just saying what they think we want them to say cause they say they think Joseph Smith is a prophet (my spelling is shot cause of Spanish, I just want to type Jose Smith haha) but anyway and they think the book of Mormon is the word of God also and just everything. We called them Sunday morning to see if they’re coming to church and Yasmin said she was just waiting for Rolando to get home and then they were going to be going on their way. We called them again right when church was starting and they didn’t answer. They didn’t after church either, so we really need to get in contact with them. But they are still doing great so I’m excited to see them this week.

So we went on an exchange this week for a couple of hours. I went to Arcadia (the sketchy area) while Elder Warner went to a District Leader meeting. We were just doing service for a member and she made us food.... I wanted to throw up. Pretty much it was the biggest bowl of just onions.... and a little tomato, and maybe one little piece of chicken. And it was cold as could be.... it was really hard to get down.... like wow.... I don’t know what I’m going to do with things that are worse. Like it was really funky. The Spanish just loves there onions and I’m not a fan haha like it’s a major ingredient in everything. But she did make us this pretty good drink. Like it was hot chocolate, but had corn meal or something in it and it made it thick, like it was pretty good. Had to use that to wash down the other stuff haha.

Pablo and Fabiola. I love them so much. So they are the members that feed us every week and they are just so dang nice and funny. Like I love going to their house so much! We went over there on the 4th of July and we had bbq ribs and honey mustard chicken and macaroni and cheese haha it was kind of a random meal but it was pretty good. Then the next day we were just in the area teaching someone and they saw us and they were like come over after your done and eat, so we got to go eat with them 2 this week. They made tostadas and they were really good. So you have like a fried tortilla then you put either chicken and cream cheese mixture at the bottom or beans, then lettuce, then sour cream, then guacamole, then some hot sauce. And man was it hot haha like the hotter one had dang good flavor, but you could have like 6 little drops on your tostada and then you were dead but it had a lot of flavor. Then Elder Warner (oh how much I love him) haha he told them that I really want to eat lengua... tongue.... and so... I think they are going to be making lengua for us soon and I’m not excited. They make it shredded... So ya I'll let you know how that goes. I helped them order some glasses on zennioptical too haha cause I told them how cheap it is and they were really thankful for that.

Hm adventures this week.... Well it’s been kind of a hectic week like I feel like we have just been in meetings all week. Like Thursday we didn’t have time to do anything. We had district meeting from 10-4 and then we had an hour to eat at our apartment then get on the bus at 5 to go to English class, then coordination meeting after that. Like our whole mission is changing right now. Like just on the things we report to president and just like lots of other stuff. President is getting a lot more strict about some things, but were trying to push the GKLM (great Kentucky Louisville mission) to the next level. That’s really what our mission is called. Like our mission trailer just has GKLM all over it haha its kind great. But anyways so that’s why this week has been kind of hectic. This week I’m going on an exchange with one of the zone leaders. I’m kind of nervous so he comes down to Okolona and I pretty much just have to lead all that we do so hopefully I know the area by now haha.

Oh dang I have something way scary to tell you. So 2 weeks ago the 2nd counselor at the branch asked me to bear my testimony, they didn’t have time so he was like next week, then last week was fast Sunday, so I thought he would have forgotten. I show up to church yesterday and he said I’m giving a talk. Like that one person would be sharing their testimony then I would have to take up the rest of the time. I was freaking out because I was just planning on bearing by testimony and that’s a lot of time to take up in Spanish. But then they got it figured out and just had the new 1st counselor give a talk instead so I was really grateful for that haha I was scared out of my mind. And I didn’t have to bear my testimony haha but dang like even Elder Warner hasn’t had to do that since being out here. I’m really sad that I probably only have 1 more transfer with Elder Warner like we get along so great. But he’s been in Okolona for awhile now. I wish Elder Howard would be my next come. He reminds me so much of Ford it’s not even funny haha we get along great like he’s legit. He’s in Arcadia and he will probably getting transferred the same time as Elder Warner, but the person that takes my comps spot will be the District Leader and Elder Howard has only been out like 7 months so it’s probably not going to be him. 

You wanna do just something great. It would make Elder Warner’s moms day. You should call her one day and just say that your son is companions with her son. And it was his Dads birthday on the 7th so you could wish his dad a happy bday too. His moms name is Jody. So ya... that could give you something to do. Hm... what else has happened this week. Not much haha it’s been a really fun week though. I don’t really know why though.

Oh district meeting was pretty great. So my district completed this challenge by the zone leaders, and so our "prize" was we got to tie them up to a tree and just throw whatever we want on them. The sisters made like 100 water balloons filled with water and die so that was great, then elder Warner and I brought some old soup we had, it was pretty disgusting and then like one of the zone leaders old gel that he left in Okolona cause he didn’t like that and put that all over them, but then I had a really bad idea..... We poured this old balsamic vinegar dressing on them. Dang did it smell awful..... Like after they showered they could still smell it hahahahaha but it kind of dripped down there head into their eyes so it kind of burned I guess haha I'll be sending pictures of it in another email so ya... But I think that is about all.

Oh and thanks for the cleats and marking supplies. I got the cleats on Friday so they came really fast. I would have got them Thursday, but it was UPS and we weren’t home, so ya.  Thanks a lot for that. I hope you all had a good 4th of July. Only 1 more without me so that’s something good haha.

Hope all is well and I love you.
Elder Knudsen

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