Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 8th

So this week went by super fast. We got like no time to work in our area, but we really had some cool things happen. We set a baptismal date with a family of 4, but only 3 are over 8 years old. They are the cutest family ever and they are going to be such kingdom builders. We set the date for May 11 and so it kinda sucks that I wont be here to see it. Its pretty much set in stone that I will not be here in 3 weeks. It really makes me sad. Vicente still has a date for April 20, but he hasnt been coming to church and so we will see. I really want to see him baptized before I leave. I have worked so hard for him its not even funny. I would do anything for him.
So General Conference was really great. Man I feel like every talk was about family and marriage haha. Thats like all they talked about, or maybe thats what I was searching for haha. But it was a really good session of Conference. So we were there all day saturday and sunday to watch it, like at the stake center. It was the first time I watched it in spanish, so that was kinda weird. I only have 1 more conference in my mission too. Nuts right!! Marcus hits his 18 month mark in like 3 weeks!!!! Its going by so super fast.
So we went to buffalo wild wings this week. Man it was so good. There is member that always takes the missionaries  out there to eat and so he paid for 6 missionaries to eat. And like hes the guy that is like if you dont have left overs you didnt order enough haha. Hes a lawyer, but our meal was like $130.
So I have been sick all weekend so that really hasnt been fun. I have had the worst headache and sore throat ever, and so it didnt help having to watch conference all day in spanish. But idk. Today we had a zone activity and that was pretty fun. Can you believe Louisville is in the championship. Like pretty much we cant be out tonight cause we are so close to the city. Like last year when UK won the missionaries had to stay inside cause it was just utter caos.
So i got the year package and thank you so much. It was great. I also got the glasses.... so... they are really thin and dont really look good at all..... I dont really want to ask you to order the other ones.... but like these ones look like girl glasses...... So its up to you. I think the other ones were only like $10 and so I could pay you if you want.
The Spanish Conference went really good. Like it was pretty much just teaching the the missionaries to go back to the basics and do everything by the spirit. But I got the nicest compliment from sister hansen. Shes a sister in my district and we were doing a role play and elder adams and I was teaching sister okey and then sister hansen was watching, and she said she could feel the spirit so strong and that she really learned a lot from me, so that made me feel really good. I really have been focusing all my trainings lately on baptism, people just dont understand why we baptize, but I think now they are going to be mainly on teaching skills. I feel like they have gone down a lot as a district.
Are you happy we have started to count down now?? Its so crazy. Its been the fastest year ever. But I think thats about all from me. I love you all..
Elder Knudsen

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