Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 1st

Can you believe its been a year since I have been gone. Well not teachnically, but pretty much. Like last Easter I was sitting in the MTC listening to President Packer and his son Elder Packer. Not going to lie... I fell asleep in President Packers talk cause I was so tired because it was my first week in the MTC. So I couldnt really tell you anything about what he talked on.
So I dont really know what happened this week haha. It went by really fast and this week I am going to be so busy I am going to have no time for anything. Ill share with you the cutest thing ever that Amiley said to me last night. So last night we went and had dinner at Darelys with Amiley and everyone. It was super fun and then we had a lesson and for some reason I mentioned that I would probably be leaving in like 4 weeks and she liked freaked out. Like she looks at Elder Adams (the one that found them in the first place) and was like no offense but I trust Elder Knudsen more than like anyone cause he has been here so long and we have gone through a lot together. And then Darely was like I thought you were going to stay here for the rest of your mission?? Haha cause that has been a joke around the spanish elders and in our area. But it made me feel super good that they were super sad about the thought of me leaving haha. Like I really thought Amiley was going to cry. But I told her we will for sure stay in contact on Facebook and things like that haha.
So church was really good. Eufemia and Amiley and her whole family came. We are probably going to be able to baptize the daughter of Amiley this month. Shes come to church a couple times and has always hated it and didnt like us teaching her, and like yesterday in church she was just crying saying she didnt want to be there and stuff, but then we sang abide with me tis even tide and she really felt the spirit and calmed down and was blown away by the song and then she loved primary and so it was a really good turn around. Shes 9 years old
We also talked to Claudia this week. She was baptized in Peru and we found her a little while ago. We had started teaching her husband and he had a baptismal date, but he was just super busy and now were going to start teaching her kids. They are 9 and 12 and are friends of the kids of Pablo and Fabiola. They have been to church 1 and were supposed to come yesterday with pablo and fabiola, but for some reason pablo and fabiola didnt come and so I am not really sure exactly what happened.
So Vicente has kinda been really wishwashy. He cancelled like all the apts and didnt come to church. It just kills me. We will have to see what happens with him. We are teaching the coolest family ever though. They are such kingdom builders. They have been searching for a church that their kids feel comfortable in and like they live in a house (SOOO RARE!! First lesson I have taught in a house) and like speak really good english and shes going to school to become a nurse and are so great. We went by again on Saturday and like they asked us to teach their little girls about Easter. They are 5 and 7 and so cute. So we taught them. They were supposed to come to church, but he got called into work. I think they will for sure be baptized.
So do you want to know how busy my week is going to be. Tomorrow I have to go to the library to type up the monthly report of the district for the zone leaders and it takes around an hour and a half and then Wednesday I have District Leader Council from like 11 til 3 and then Thursday we have the first ever Spanish Conference as a mission and then Friday we have District Meeting and Weekly Planning and Ward Coordination and then Saturday and Sunday we will be at conference! Like I really dont know how were going to find any time to do anything. Oh and we have a meal apointment everyday this week and so thats even more!! AHH!!! Like I dont really like dinner apts because usually hispanics dont make the food before hand and then it takes awhile, and honestly I would rather be teaching the gospel and even tracting to try and find someone new. Like its the easy thing to do, but ya...
Ya I got my easter basket so thanks for that. You didnt have to send me another package haha. How was Easter for yall??
Elder Duran came back this week to visit. It was super weird. I could tell he felt super uncomfortable being there without the tag haha. But all is well. Man I was going to tell yall something but I forgot. Like I got a couple flat tires and stuff, but ya.
Well I love  you all
Elder Knudsen

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