Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 25th

So I am not with Elder Gonzalez. I am with an Elder named Elder Adams. Hes been out for 21 months, the same time as Elder Warner. Hes a pretty good missionary. I am still the District Leader and I am actually the Senior Companion as well. But I am kinda sick of President putting me with older elders and making me senior companion because sometimes it makes the other elders upset and dont want to work and stuff, but I know he probably just did it cause he knows I will push him. It could definately be a long transfer though. Hes the one that trained Elder Gonzalez.
So there is a new rule from the First Presidency, we can now email friends. So you can throw up my email on facebook or something if you want if anyone wants to email me. Or just whatever but its world wide so now I can email all my friends on missions so its kinda nice. I feel like it could cause problems in the future, but we will see.
So we now have 5 sisters and 4 elders in my district. Its kinda weird. 3 of them are new sisters. 1 of them is actaully from South Jordan. I never knew her though. But they seem like a really good group of missionaries. It was super sad to say bye to Elder Duran. He was such an amazing missionary and just like the funniest kid ever. Hes actually coming back this week haha so ill see him this week. Hes so nice though. Like he became my zone leader my 2nd transfer. So he was a zone leader for 6 transfers which is a ton of time for a zone leader. He wrote in my journal and said I was the best District Leader he ever had like all  jokes aside in the 2 years he served. So that really meant a lot to me.
I am super happy you went to their wedding. I got their invite in the mail last week and I was wondering if you were going to go. I love Sarahs mom so much. We got a long so great. She said my Christmas card was still up on their fridge the last time I saw them haha. And Thomas is the greatest kid ever haha hes so funny! Man I miss that family a lot.
So a lot of cool things happened this week. Guess what?!? EUFEMIA IS BACK!! So we were on our way to coordination meeting this week on Friday and Darely calls and is like Elder Knudsen there is someone here that wants to talk to you. Then she put on Eufemia and it was just so great. She really missed like all her friends here so they decided to move back. They just left everything and came. So we went and saw her on Saturday and she was so excited to see me haha. Shes just the cutest lady ever. She was like ya the missionaries visited me up there but its not like my hermanos here. And just started talking about me and Elder Warner and how it was such a great time and how nobody will replace us haha. I cant wait for you all to be able to meet her!
Also remember Vicente?? So we had a lesson with him last night and set a bap date with him for April 20. I love that man so much. Like I really can see him being a future branch president. He is just the most humble guy and loves studying. Its going to be really hard for him, but he said he will give all his free time to us. Like he works at a slaughterhouse and so its a really hard job, but he said we can come over like 3 or 4 times a week to help him prepare to be baptized. It was a really cool lesson.
Elvira and Teresa they actually got offended by a member and so its not looking really good for them. They still really like meeting with us but dont really want to come to church because of what happened and so they wouldnt be able to be baptized. Also Osvaldo and Marta have been super busy. They both still have a date for April 13, but that probably wont go through unless they can meet with us more often. We still have a lot more to teach them and they need to start living the Word of Wisdom by the end of this week.
So the mission has really changed with all the sisters. President decided hes doing a mission wide English Sisters Conference because they have had a lot of problems this week and lots of crying and things haha and so that didnt take too long. Were also having the first ever Spanish Conference with the whole mission so that should be exciting.
So thats pretty much all the exciting things that happened this week. Its crazy that easter is this week and I was in the MTC last Easter. Its gone by so fast.
Its still pretty cold here. It snowed today and wont be above 40 the next couple of days. I am not too excited about that, but were about to come out of it haha so then it will be great. I hope all is well. Love ya
Elder Knudsen

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