Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 10th

Wow this week was so amazing I have no idea what happened. It is weeks like these that everything is worth it. So the baptism was so amazing of Cristina. She insisted that I baptized her, and so I had the wonderful privilage to do it. She was so amazing. We had a very big program and it went so well. It was so powerful to see her enter into the waters of baptism and to able to allow the full effect of the Atonement work in her life. It was super hard for her to walk into the font, and was almost in tears as she did. Then as I raised my arm to the square and baptized her, she was washed clean and she just broke down crying right there in the font. It was so powerful. She is so amazing. She also brought 2 of her friends and they really liked it, and a member named Frank got his whole family to come who are less active. And the daughter started crying afterward and told her husband she wants to start going to church again, and the husband is not a member so were going to start teaching him as well. And Franks sister came and shes not a member.
We had an amazing miracle this week. Like wow.... I really have no idea what to say. So we went to the trailers and it was like 1:00 pm and usually no one is home at that time. We just go to a street corner and just sit there wondering where we should go. We both decided we should knock doors. Elder Torrico asked me where and I had no idea, so I said a prayer in my heart to lead us to someone in need. We begin to ride and I feel like we need to knock this one street. Its a street that we had already knocked, but not many people answered. The first door we knocked a hispanic lady named Nancy opened up. (Like our tracting approach now is to offer to say a prayer to bring the peace and blessing of the Savior in their home) and so thats what we did and we asked her what we could pray for and she didnt really tell us anything. I offered the prayer and I honestly have no clue what I said. As I looked up tears were streaming down her face.  We then asked if we could teach her and she said yes. As we began to talk she told us she had been praying to find peace here on earth and havent been able to find it in years. She had just gotten back from the court and had prayed to God to send her something or to help her find peace. Within an hour we showed up at her door and she said she knew immediately it was an answer from God. She told us she had never felt so at peace in years and that she knew that we were sent from God to help her. She accepted to be baptized. We then went over on Saturday and set a baptismal date with her whole family. Shes single and has 3 sons whose ages are 14 10 and 9 and they are all going to be baptized at the beginning of July.... WHAT A MIRACLE!!! I dont know what is going on here. Like.... no clue...
So Elder Torrico confirmed Cristina on Sunday as well so that was really cool. Like I really dont know what else happened this week. I saw Elder Howard and Elder Singleton. They came out to do Cristinas baptism interview and they said she was the most ready person they have ever interviewed. Like just so penitent. It was super cool.
Oh ya I had saviche Saturday. So we go over and its the ward mission leaders house and he wanted to make it for Elder Torrico because thats his favorite thing. So they have fresh raw tilapia and they put it in lime juice for about 4 minutes with some cilantro and onion and then we ate it haha with some sweet potatoes. It was actually pretty darn good.
Thanks for the package it was great. I think thats about all for me. I dont got too much time today. Love you all

Elder Knudsen

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