Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 17th

Well I am happy you made it to Elder Warners homecoming. Hes such a good kid. Haha the funny thing is is that hes lost a lot of his spanish haha. Like by the end he couldnt really speak it too well. He had gotten a lot slower and we all made fun of him about it haha. Like we gave him a spanish preach my gospel and it was just super funny.
I can recieve pictures in my email. All my friends send me pictures like every week. I dont really know what your talking about haha.
Well nothing really is new here. Didnt have anything too exciting that happened. Like the lady I told you about last week has been super busy and we havent been able to teach her too much. She hasnt been able to come to church yet either and its been super frustrating. This was probably the most discouraging week of my mission. Just nothing happened and like we have no investigators and now Cristina is going to start attending in Lexington and like I really dont know what to do. Like President wants us to start a branch here, but how are we going to be able to do that when everyone we teach start going to the lexington branch and all of our spanish members are starting to go there as well. I feel like I know everyone here in this area already and they all attend a church called "The house of the Restoration" Its the only spanish church in all of Georgetown so every person we meet tell us they go to that church and dont want to listen to us. And they have church services like 3 days a week and so its just super hard.... Like I dont know what to tell Elder Torrico cause he is always like "well, now what?" And I have no idea. We have knocked every door where spanish people live in our whole area and I am just starting my 2nd transfer here.  Its rough for sure.
This week was just a blur. Like we go to the exact same 3 places every day. Its like 15 miles that we ride every day as well. Were working hard, but man its hard.
Its so crazy how fast time is going now though. Like when I got with Elder Baker he was just starting his 10th transfer. I just started my 10th this week. And now Elder Baker has single digit P-days!!! LIKE WHAT!?!?! All my missionary friends are dying haha. Like Sister Pasquale will be going home in like 3 1/2 months.
I hope you all had a great fathers day and I hope dad had a good Birthday. I promise I didnt forget about it. I had it written in my planner and I was going to say something last week, but I totally forgot to write it. I also got the package and the package from Grandpa so thanks for that.
Love you all

Elder Knudsen

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