Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 7-May 24th

Do you just want to know what is crazy!!! You get one more email besides this one until you get to talk to me!!! How exciting huh!! Oh before I forget!!! I really want my volleyball warm up underarmour shirt so if you could send that that would be great!! Hope you liked the recorder!! I know it was really random haha I'm sorry about the Spanish message haha we just try and speak Spanish all the time!!
I don't even know what to say this time!! Like I usually bring my journal to email and so then I can remember everything, but today I forgot so pretty much I'm just going off of whatever I remember what happened! Um we got a big district yesterday so that was kinda exciting. We got 8 new elders and 4 new sisters so that's really exciting! They seem like really nice guys. One of them knows Moses!! And he loves volleyball haha so I think we are going to get along just great! I really am just loving the MTC right now haha like it is so much fun!! I'm going to miss bits and pieces of it so its kinda sad!! But I really cant wait until I get to Kentucky! You should be very grateful that I type really fast cause really there was one elder that could only write a paragraph in the half hour that we have haha so be grateful!!!
I cant wait for tomorrow! I get my travel plans so that's really exciting so next email I'll be able to tell you when I'm calling cause I don't know if your going to have people be at home depending on what time I call or if I just need to call everyone cause I really want to talk to you and dad and Chris and I know Lindsay might still be on her cruise and I really want to call grandma and grandpa!!! Tomorrow it kinda becomes real for me! Like I will have a paper telling me when I arrive in the field! Like Tuesday I will be off with my trainer doing the work! I am kinda getting nervous cause what if I get a straight up native companion that doesnt speak English?? That will be pretty dang hard, but it will force me to learn Spanish that's for sure!!
We had a great talk from Elder Rasband who is part of the presidency of the quorum of the 70!! Like he was really good and he just gave us keys that we need to do to always have the constant companionship with the Holy Ghost! It was a great talk and I just kinda thought that the Holy Ghost is my 3rd companion and I need to be having comp inventories to know how to better have the spirit with me! I really liked what his wife said though. She compared us to windows and said that we are the thing that is allowing Christs light shine through us and through the members of our missions so that was really cool and she applied it to a scripture in 3rd nephi but I honestly don't really remember which one.
But I'm thankful for all of your blessings and for all the letters!! I love you all so much!! My district is amazing haha we have had some really fun experiences this week like haha I don't even know where to begin. Like today they make fun of my accent cause they think I have a southern accent so that's fun and then we tackled elder green on the bed and then they ran after me with a squirt gun and stuff and really the mission is going to be so fun! Its kinda sad thinking about in the field I'm not with this many elders at one time, but i really do love it!!! Its so funny.
The thing I have been most concentrating on this week is losing myself in the work of the Lord. It says in Mark that if you lose yourself in my Name you will find yourself. I watched a movie on sunday night called the Character of Christ by Elder Bednar and it was amazing! Like he just talked about Christ always turning out when the natural man tells us to turn inward. Um he also said that if we lose ourselves in the work that is when we find ourselves, but when we are looking for ourself is when we get lost! I really have been trying to focus on the work and it has really helped me to not worry about anything else except being prepared to teach the people in Kentucky!!!! AHHH 10 more days!!!! HAHAH YAYYYYYY
Well I need to send off some more letters so I love you all and I really cant wait to talk to you!!! Haha I'm already preparing myself for the water works but thats ok haha
Love you all
Elder Knudsen

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