Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week 6- May 17th

Hola Yall!!! Como Estan???

Um I think it was meant for me to be District Leader now.... Cause now all the bad is coming out and I have a lot of work to do!! There is a lot of contention in my district right now so I’m trying to work on that!! Um 2 elders decided to sleep in my room and Elder Green got very upset and said that they shouldn’t be doing that, but really it’s ok if they do cause they are companions sleeping in the same room but oh well!! We didn’t get to have a pday eve party because of this reason because he said he would call the branch president if we stayed up late at all so that was kinda a let down.

We had an amazing devotional on Tuesday. We heard L Tom Perry!!! That is 5 of the 12 so pretty much if we get one more then we have gotten half of the quorum which is pretty exciting!! He talked about the Book of Mormon and the Priesthood was restored on the same day 187 years ago! So it was really cool to have an apostle share that anniversary with us!! He talked about how when he was an Aaronic priesthood holder they went to Martin Harris grave stone and a man told them a story, all and all that man actually worked for Martin Harris!!! So it was crazy to think that Martin Harris, one of the 3 witnesses, talked to a boy, who talked to L Tom Perry, who talked to us!!! That is not that far away!!!! Um so that was really exciting to be a part of!!
Um yesterday we got to host the new missionaries!! That was kinda exciting! But since I am a district leader I got selected to be one of 3 districts to direct traffic!!! Sooo that kinda sucked because I would much rather be talking to the missionaries instead of wearing a random coat!!!

Ummmm yaaaa I disagree on the name Phoebe (for the puppy)!!!! GROSS!!!! Come on now!!! I beg of you!!! I’m sorry I really don’t have much to say this week because I have pretty much told you everything in the recorder! Um we had an amazing lesson in our workshop about the spirit that was really strong!! Like the other night after I was done praying I had a feeling I need to read the book of Daniel.... I had no clue why, but I did! Daniel 5 I think... maybe 6... Oh well the one about Daniel and the Lion’s den. We all know this story, but I have never had it hit me as hard as it did this time!! I just was thinking that in 2 weeks I will be in a place where I could be spit upon, chastised, attacked, or made fun of. It’s kind of scary to think of!!! But reading that I just knew that if I am doing what I am supposed to that the Lord will deliver me if my life truly is in danger!! So that was a really cool experience today. I am kinda nervous that I’m going to have to talk in sacrament this week.... hopefully not cause our talks are in Spanish haha!!!

Um I really would appreciate some food!!!! MY DESK IS EMPTY!!! Like really I have left over spray cheese and that is it!! Kinda pathetic haha but yeah this week has been a good week!!! Just think in 2 weeks I can talk to you on the phone, but I need to get some other emails sent off!!!

Oh one more thing!!!! You know the new kid in our ward that’s going to Spain!!! Yeah I met him haha because he said he’s from SOJO and I told him where we moved and he was like um you’re probably in my ward haha he seems like an ok kid, but yeah it’s a small world haha

I Miss you all and Love you!!!

Elder Knudsen

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