Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 8-May 31st

Well this week has been just a normal week. Nothing too exciting just getting ready to pack up all my gear and head to Kentucky! I bet you cant wait to hear what time I will be calling you... but... I'm going to lengthen that out for a bit just to kinda torment you :) haha I'm so funny aren't I!!! Well the people in my district who are going to Argentina didn't get there Visas and so Elder Green is going to SLC South haha and then Elder Magnesen is going to Nashville Tennessee and then Hermana Pasquale is going to Washington DC so that is really exciting! Elder Green and Elder Magnesen leave Monday with us but Pasquale leaves Tuesday. I really cant wait. I'm kinda jealous cause since they got reassigned they get to call home. You won't believe it but guess who I'm talking to right now as i type this email!! ALEC Starkie! haha ya I thought he taught Spanish but he actually teaches English. Um I also saw Talita haha that was last week haha so that was excting oh and I also saw Shelby Ostler yesterday. Its kinda crazy that I am about to leave this place that I have called home for the last 2 months! Its kinda sad, but I really cant wait to get out to Kentucky! Sorry this letter is all over the place cause my computer keeps freezing and so then I forget what I was going to say! Um all is well though! The new district that we got is way sweet I really like them a lot and there great examples. We have another elder go home this week so that was kinda sad he's from Taylorsville and he knew a lot of people that I did.
I am really dreading to pack though! I don't know how I am going to fit everything in my suit case haha so I think I might be sending home a package today just of some things that I really wont need! Don't be offended if I send my louisville hoody home just cause I really don't have room in my suit case and I really don't want to be over weight cause that is a lot of money like they encourage us not to be over weight so ya I'll try and send it off today, but if not hopefully tomorrow cause I don't know what is going to fit and not. Also I loved the package you sent to me but I probably wont be able to take a lot to Kentucky so I'll probably just have to pass it down to the other Elders. It was weird doing a session for the last time today! At least the last time for awhile! I don't really know what else to say about this week cause pretty much we're just coasting along, not coasting like were still working hard but its just always the same every night! Um we didn't get an apostle on Tuesday so it looks like I'll only be getting 5 apostles while I'm at the MTC. I feel like my teaching ability has gotten a lot better this week! Like I feel like I'm really grasping the concept that they want us to have while we teach so that's been good and exciting.
So I told you about Hermano Toone in my last email... Um ya yesterday... He informed us that we are going to teach him this week as himself cause he wants to learn from us... I'm not really scared, but really this is the guy I have looked up to for the last few weeks and I just feel like I don't have much to offer him, which is kinda true, but if I can bring the spirit into the lesson then he will learn something and I will have done my job! I have a lot to do today. I went and got a hair cut like 10 minutes ago and then I have to go pick up my dry cleaning and I think I am going to write a letter to all of my teachers I have had since being in the MTC cause they really have helped me a lot and then I have other letters to respond too.
Well the moment you have all been waiting for.... Cuando yo voy a Kentucky yo empezo... haha JK haha I crack myself up haha but really so Monday I have to report to the Travel Office at 4am!!! Ya I know that is wayyyy too early, but it will all be worth it! Um then we go to SLC and my flight will leave at 730 from there so I might be able to call home for a bit just to say hi before I leave.... haha jk and then I fly to Colorado and I have a 2 and a half hour layover there before I head off to Kentucky. I should be arriving in Colorado around 8:50 and then my flight for Kentucky leaves around 12:30 so don't worry I'll be able to call for around 2 hours if everything goes as planned and then I will be arriving in Kentucky at 3:30 or something like that and I'll stay the night there and have interviews and then be off with my trainer on Tuesday!!! AHHH can you even believe it haha!!!
Um please just send me an email when you get this cause I'll be checking my email later on today to tell me if there will be people at our house or if i need to call like dad and grandpa and all of them separately just so I know. I don't really have much else to say!!! I am really sorry this is such a short email.... Cause there really is nothing new in the MTC haha. Hopefully all is well at home I really cant wait to talk to yall but just think only 22 more fast sundays and I am home!! Its kinda crazy to think about that huh! Possibly only 21 cause this will be my 3rd fast sunday in the MTC technically. It just depends on what day I leave.  Um my reading has been going good. I'm almost done with 1st Nephi in the Book of Mormon in Spanish and i can pretty much understand everything it is saying and then my English study i have one more Chapter in Mark and then ill be moving on to Luke. Its been amazing the blessing of being a missionary and just all the things that come to mind and all the deeper meanings of scrips, like an elder showed to me what he learned and it was crazy like in 1st peter hes talking to Christ and Christ says that he is going to have to suffer as he did kinda, and he gets kinda upset because John doesn't have to taste death, and this was kinda peter in his younger days, then later on he bares his testimony and it is so strong and amazing and the end of his life and just knowing all that is true, and then we find out that peter was crucfied also, but upside down. I never really knew that it was a cool story/ insight.
But i love you all and miss you
Elder Knudsen

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