Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 18th- Another Week Down!

I have so much to say and I don’t really know where to even start haha you’re not going to believe what has happened to me this week!

Well let’s start with Monday. That was pday and it was great. We went to the Louisville Slugger museum and it was way legit. Sad thing is they won’t let you take pictures during the tour, I don't know why but it was way cool! Then elder Simms and I got kind of a special free tour where we got to go into the bat vault, they had every bat of every model so we could like hold the same bat as babe Ruth and Roberto clemente and Barry bonds and jeter. It was pretty legit. They had a lot of cool things there and we watched a video about baseball there and it just made me really miss baseball haha but our pdays end at 6 so then we had to go back to work, but it was really good.

Tuesday was the hardest day I think I have ever had in my life haha. So first of all we biked more than ever. Like we biked more than 20 miles so it was a really long day. We went to Albertos house; he’s a recent convert preparing to go to the temple. We might actually get to go through with him so that would be exciting. He’s been in the US for less than a year. He’s from Cuba and I can’t understand a word he says haha after that Jose Emillio called and he needed help so we had to ride up this huge hill to help him. Really we didn’t do anything but he just loves the missionaries. Like he’s 80 and he needed someone to translate when he went to the pharmacy, but we didn’t have a ride there. He said he would ride his bike.... but that would have taken a million years. He’s a great member that loves the missionaries. We were there foreverrrrrr he wouldn’t let us leave!! He told me like an hour and a half story of how he almost got killed and an army coming after him and stuff. He’s from Cuba too, so I couldn’t understand a lot of him, but I really am getting a lot better so ya. He then fed us. I guess he usually feeds us a frozen ham, like he pulls it out of the freezer and cuts off a piece and just gives it to us. I guess it’s pretty disgusting. But he made Yuca.... (not the greatest, tastes like paste) and then like 5 cups of rice which turned out like 10 quarts, and then chicken with the bones and skin and so it wasn’t the greatest and he wanted us to eat it all)  Then we went to the other side of our area to try and get in touch with this lady that we had contacted, but she wasn’t home. But then we saw Jose outside. Elder Warner had taught him once before and it had been about 3 months since we could get a hold of him. We asked if we could share a lesson with him. He said he was about to leave so we asked if we could just share a short scripture with him. He let us in and we got to talking about how everything was going. I taught Joseph Smith and the first vision and it brought the spirit so strong into the lesson. We then taught the gospel of Christ (usually the 3rd lesson) but it was so strong.... THEN I COMMITTED HIM TO BE BAPTIZED haha so I got my first bap date on Tuesday. Since we have tried to get in touch with him every day, but just haven’t had any luck really.

Wednesday Elder Warner had a leadership training from like 10 until 3 and then we just contacted and taught lessons so not too much that day that I can remember. We contacted in Holiday Park. It’s the trailer park. I love the bike ride over there. It’s beautiful because it’s really in the middle of nowhere so we ride this little road and to our left is just like a river and trees and so green. We always go there and night cause it’s a gorgeous sun set. I’ll send pictures of it one day. Um we had a good lesson with Fabiola and Pablo and their kids. We taught them about Lehis dream cause there inactive so we were just trying to get them to come back to church. Their kids really want to come so were going to try hard to get them this week. We were supposed to eat pollo asada, or chicken asada and apparently it is really good, but they ran out of propane so they just made this chicken with corn and tomatoes and cucumbers and salsa and stuff with beans and rice. It wasn’t too bad. They said they will feed us every week if we want haha.

Thursday.... Hm Thursday we biked even more than we did on Tuesday and it was just so humid. We talked to Darely (our bap date) and I just don’t really know what is going on there. She’s from Cuba and she has a strong desire to be baptized and she’s reading the book of Mormon, but she just doesn’t want to come to church. Technically she only has to come 1 more time to be eligible for baptism but elder Warner and I aren’t going to baptize her unless she comes 2. Cause she really needs to get in a habit. She has to come this week or we decided were going to drop her, which will be the hardest thing ever. But she’s an eternagator. She’s been taking lessons for like 6 months. After her we had a lesson with a new investigator named Beatriz. She’s great. I wanted to kill her kid though I’ll be honest. He was being so disruptive. It was our first lesson with her so we taught her the restoration. I thought it went well, but my comp thought it could have gone better. I SET ANOTHER BAP DATE WITH HER haha so I got 2 this week. This one we need a miracle though. So her husband got deported and she never divorced him, but is with a new guy, or something like that. Her date is for July 29 and before that she has to divorce her husband that’s in Mexico and then marry her boyfriend, so were praying for a miracle with her. But she has a really strong desire to get baptized and I know the Lord will always provide a way so that’s good.

Friday was just normal. Hispanics are really hard to work with I decided! Like they are really accepting, but they are flakes. Our appointments always fall through and it’s just awful. Like we really will bike 3 miles, then they won’t be home, so we will get back on our bike and go to see someone else, biking another 5 miles, then there not home. Like it wouldn’t be bad if we had a lesson with someone every once in awhile. It’s really frustrating, but I feel like my Spanish is coming along a lot better than it was last week. I can understand the Mexicans pretty easy, but those are rare, the Guatemalans are a little easier, and then it just depends on the Cubans weather I can understand them or not. But ya Friday nothing really too exciting happened. Like we had our weekly planning and correlation meeting with the branch mission leader. He’s really legit. His name is Pablo and he owns like a big restaurant our here. Like its top of the line and Mexican so we went there and he fed us. Wow I was stuffed haha and then I had to get back on the bike so that kind of sucked.

Saturday.... haha this is what I’m excited to talk about haha. So we were supposed to have a service project with Pablo and it was supposed to be for 5 hours and then we have soccer on Saturday nights and so we have to get on the bus at like 430 so that was going to be our whole day. Um the service fell through and so we decided to finish our studies and then contact for about 2 hours. We went to an apartment complex that’s kind of in a sketchy place, we don’t really ever go there much and there was an African American lady just asking us about what I believed and she was really interested. Like she wants to come to church and see how everything is and she wanted a book of Mormon, but we only had Spanish so we told her English missionaries would be stopping by, but we hit the main points of the first lesson and she thought it all made sense. We were talking to her when we hear.... BANG BANG BANG BANG.... 4 gun shots from about 50 feet behind us. We don’t really know who he was shooting at and then he just ran away. Then I had a flat I don’t know if he shot at us or not but it was very scary to say the least!!!! Haha then we didn’t have any more bike patches so we just had to walk home. Were on the sidewalk when we hear another BANG come from inside the big apartment complex haha it was pretty sketchy I’ll be honest. So then we just waited for the bus and then went to soccer. Oh I bought a way legit soccer jersey haha it’s pretty legit. Um... ya that are pretty much all that happened on Saturday haha

Sunday was a pretty good day at church. It was pretty much all about missionary work and I could understand pretty much all they said. But.... none of our investigators came again. Like we have 3 bap dates and none are coming to church so we really need to work on that, Then because it was father’s day the women in the ward made dinner right after church for all of us. It was good to have some actual coooking haha but, my bike was still flat, so we had to go out with a member to contact/teach lessons. We went out with a man named Joel. He’s really legit, but just like always no one was home so we said he could go home so then we just went and contacted on foot haha

So that was my week. I’m safe though haha and we have been having somewhat of success. So we have 3 bap dates, the sisters and 1 bap date, and then the ZL have 1 bap date. So our district is doing pretty good. I don’t remember if I told dad I’m sending him something for his Birthday and I’m sorry he probably hasn’t got it yet, but he should be getting it soon. It’s addressed to Knudsen Family, but it’s for him so I’m sorry to get your hopes up haha um things I could use...Um maybe some stamps haha and I might have you send my baseball glove out here too. I’m probably going to be sending a lot home, because even on pday I can’t wear normal clothes, and we only work out in our apartment so I don’t need as much stuff as I have, but it’s hard to get to the post office with a package on bikes haha. Oh and we do have a microwave just so ya know.

Today for pday were going to churchhill downs. So that’s pretty exciting. I know were hitting all the good spots right when I get here, but our zone leader has been in the country his whole mission and he got to this zone the same day I did so he’s wanting to do all the stuff so it’s kind of fun. But that’s all from me this week. You need to tell my friends to write me because it’s kind of seems like I’m forgotten now that there isn’t a dear elder haha but oh well

I love you all and I hope you have a good week
Elder Knudsen

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