Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 4th

Haha I thought I told you that transfers werent untill next week?? So I will find out this Saturday if im leaving or not. I kinda dont feel like I am and I really home im not. Cause like when I talked to Elder Warner he thinks Elder Baker will leave before I do. So Im hoping 1 of 2 things happen. So either I hope I leave this transfer and go to Shelbyville to be a Senior Companion and stay with him for a transfer and then train the Elder thats coming in from Peru, or I hope Elder Baker and I stay together one more transfer, and then he goes Zone Leader and then I train the Elder from Peru here. Like everyone thinks im going to train him. It kinda makes me nervous, but it would be super fun, but kinda hard. Like he doesnt speak English, he has to go to the MTC for 6 weeks to learn in though so he can talk to President Woodbury. I think it would be fun/hard to have a native. Like you for sure get in more doors if you have a native, and then you dont have a language barrier to worry about, but sometimes they are just stubborn. Then the next Spanish Elder doesnt come in until April, and hes actually from Brazil. Hes lived in the states for about 4 years, but thats super cool. His name is Nefi (or nephi) but ya. So pretty much every Elder wants to be at the March transfer meeting cause its just going to be epic!!! We are getting 30 missionaries!!! Thats like unheard of, most of them are sisters, like Im really excited to see how the areas all work out cause they are thinking about white washing areas with sisters and then have Elders open up  new areas and stuff, we will just have to see what happens. Like right now there are only 10 Spanish Sisters in the mission and 12 are coming in in March and so every sister is going to have to train, and either 2 sisters are going to have to double train, or there going to have to have them go with an English sister. Its going to be epic to say the least.   Not many people write me anymore haha it kinda is lame, but its ok.

So fast and testimony meeting was so great!! It was kinda shaky in some parts, but man there were some powerful ones. Like Fabiola, she told us last month that shes not going to share her testimony until they go to the temple, but this week she shared the Gospel with her family in Mexico and the Spirit was just telling her that she had to go up. She thanked the Elders for the material they had given her (my idea) but it just made me so happy to see her up there. Shes come so far!!! Like when I got to this area, they never went to church and now they dont miss a Sunday. She is in the presidency of the Relief Society and he just got a calling. They are just waiting to get his records cause they cant find them. So they either have to recreate them, or he has to find 2 witnesses of his baptism and priesthood confirmation. So like if they cant find them, Pablo, Fabiola, and Marcela would all have to be rebaptized. Cause Pablo baptized Fabiola and Marcela, but if he doesnt have a record, they have to be baptized again.

So we found the coolest family last night! They are a referral from Amiley (she was just baptized right after I left this area) and like is so interested in the church. So she asked us to go by yesterday at 5, but it ended up she wasnt there, so we taught her mom and her son. Her mom just loved it and said it was just so beautiful and it makes sense and it was so cool. She said she had seen me before. She thinks it was on the bus. But something told her that we were from a religion and she had to find out which one. She said she felt like she should talk to us, but we didnt look like we spoke spanish, so she got scared and didnt say anything, but then when she saw us, she recognized us immediately and allowed us to go in. She asked if she could come to church and were just so excited!! Were going to baptize 3 generations in one day :) Its going to be so epic!! But like they are just so ready and so prepared. I seem so familiar, I really hope I get to stay to teach them and watch there progress.

The weather kinda sucked this week. It snowed 3 straight days, and so it was pretty cold and like it is just 100 times worse on a bike. Like we werent really riding in the snow, but then the snow starts to melt, then it makes puddles, then the bike flips up the water on you and you just get really wet and dirty. Its just really annoying. The overnight low for like 2 nights was below 0 then during the day it was like low 20's, but with wind im sure it was much colder.

We worked really hard this week though and got some really good names. We also set a baptismal date with a man named Cesar. His wife was baptized in Peru, and they want there kids to be baptized too. They have 2 that are eligible, but they are just really hard to keep in contact with, and the wife works on Sundays and they have 4 kids and so he doesnt really want to come to church by himself with 4 kids, so thats kinda hard. Were going to keep working at it though.

Its so crazy that I have been out over 10 months!! Im in the double digits!!! Like its just going to fly!! Like cause not this coming transfer, but then the next transfer I hit my year mark, then we get to talk on skype again and then I will only have 1 more conference left on my mission. I feel like its just going by real fast.

But thats pretty much all thats new with me. Its always the same old same old, but its great. Im getting more and more tired though haha. This morning I fell asleep on the couch after we had cleaned the apartment and were going to write letters. I felt like I had just dozed off, but it was like 30 min!! I was like man!!! But thats pretty much all thats new with me!! Man I cant believe Mindy is engaged!! Shes great!! Well I love yall

Elder Knudsen

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