Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25th

So this week was absolutely amazing. I dont really even know where to start. It was probably the most successful week in my mission. The Lord's hand was literally in everything that we did. So first I will talk about a man named Renberto. Hes from Cuba and hes just super legit. So we found him just contacting people on the street and he said we could go by last Tuesday (P-day) And so I was really nervous cause he didnt really seem to excited and it was a pretty long bike ride to get there, so we knock the door twice... no one answers.... but then he answered and we taught him the first lesson and he just loved it. He is the most muscley guy I know! And he was just talking about how much he loves his family and how he doesnt want them to grow up like he did and he said he was going to go to church yesterday, but something happened and so he couldnt make it so that sucked. But I feel like he will for sure be baptized. Like his wife is best friends with Darely we found out, so he already has good fellowship.
Next person I will talk about is Jose. We found him contacting as well. He told us we could go Tuesday (P-day again) And so we decided we would go. He is the most legit guy ever. Hes from Mexico and he loved the first lesson. He said just everything made sense and he didnt understand why the Catholic church baptizes kids because he felt like they were innocent and that its not really their choice and then he talked about how a lot of people are blind to change and so they might be in the wrong church and just not willing to accept it. But hes super legit. He couldnt make it to church either cause he went out of town to Tennessee to see his family.
Then we found a couple named Osvaldo and Martha. They are a young couple from Cuba and just super legit. They have been here for about a month and so doesnt really have anything, but are so cool. We found them knocking doors and like the first time they said they were busy so they couldnt sit down and have a lesson with us, then the 2nd time we knocked on the door they said they were busy, but were for sure going to go to church (before we even had a lesson) and then we finally taught them and then they came to church yesterday and they just loved it. Like it was a really strong testimony meeting, gospel principles was the worst lesson ever, but then priesthood and relief society was good I guess. So everything worked out and they really like us, so we are really excited for them.
Next is a lady named Elvira. We set a bap date with her. She is the nicest lady I have ever met! She is from Cuba and shes 69 years old. I feel like shes almost my Grandma haha. But she always is so nice and wants to come to church so bad, but she has been really sick because of the altitude and she has emphasima, but she doesnt smoke or anything anymore. But she said she wants to go to church sooo bad, but her health just isnt the greatest, but she will for sure be baptized. This is the mom of Teresa, the friend of Amiley and Darely.
Then we taught a lesson with Javier. The grandson of Elvira. He is the smartest 12 year old I have ever met. He speaks 3 1/2 languages and wants to be an ortheptic surgeon and just the nicest well mannered kid. So we went over and started talking to him and we taught him about prayer and how it really is a communication with God. He then had a question if heaven was real and we told him he could pray and God would give him an answer. So right then and there we kneeled down with this 12 year old and he said a silent prayer for about 5 minutes, and when he was done he just looks up at us and smiles and says "Yup I know heaven is real now, I felt really happy and peaceful after I asked if it was real!" It was the most amazing thing ever just to see an answer to a prayer so fast. Hes read in the Book of Mormon and has read to 2 Nephi 9 in one week! Hes so legit, he will be getting baptized as well.
Then there is a lady named Tayame. We found her knocking doors and shes new from Cuba and no man was home so we couldnt go in. So one day we just decided to try back and she was so excited to see us, but again we didnt have a man and so we couldnt go in so we said we could bring a member with us the next day, but she was like hold on let me go see if my cousin is busy to see if he could come up. So.... She went and got Renberto, our other investigator and he was like "Oh ya I know these guys, there my bros!! You should for sure listen to them" So we taught her the first lesson and she wanted to come to church, but again something happened and its hard to be able to get a man to teach her. So we will see what happens with her.
Then there is a man named Omar. Hes from Cuba, and man does he scare me. So he came to chuch a few weeks ago with Amiley and we could never find out where he lived. So we were in these apartment complexes and we see Amiley about to leave and we aske her why she was there and she said that Omar lived here. So then she showed us where he lived, but to get to his apartment, the complex is locked, so she called him and got us in to teach him. Hes kinda crazy and hes catholic, but he said he will for sure read the Book of Mormon. He is always home cause hes on crutches. He actually has a crazy story. Hes like a freedom fighter in Cuba and was in jail for 23 years and then when they were transfering him to a different jail, the car got in a crash and then Cuba didnt treat him and so he lost the feeling in his legs. Then Cuba kicked him out and made him go to Spain and then he came here. Cuba wont let him go back to see his family, and wont let his family come to America. So hes like super famous and he has a wall of like news articles and he had lunch with George Bush when he was President and a picture with him and stuff.... hes crazy!!!
But ya we just had miracles happen all around us this week and it was sooo super cool. Like if missionary work was like this every week, it would be easy haha. Oh ya and then we found a lady named Maria and shes super interested in our message. She went out of town too and so we couldnt really get too much done with her, but were excited to teach her for sure.
So then the other day we ate so much food. So Elder Singleton and I made a pretty big lunch at like 1130 and then we ate a huge meal at Elviras at 230 and then we had a dinner apponitment at 5.... it was soooo gross. We ate so much food. We threw up..... It was just too much food to handle in one day. Cause like Elviras was not planned, we just went to see her and then she made us a huge meal.
And so this week is going to be super hectic. Today we have a zone activity. Tomorrow we have an exchange with the zone leaders. Wednesday we have Zone Conference. Then thursday I have to do a monthly followup with the zone leaders cause im the district leader now and that usually takes a few hours. Then I have to make a district leader report on Friday because I have District Leader Council next week and then Saturday is the mission conference and we found out its Elder Cook thats coming and Elder L Tom Perry and  then one member of the presidency of the 70ty. So its going to be epic. And then Sunday morning we have a stake conference with all of them. This week I feel like were going to have no time to prosylite.
But everything is going pretty good. I found my new favorite Ice Cream. Its a Kroger Icecream. Its called Coconut Overload!!! WOW!!! Its so dang good haha. But everything is going pretty well. I love yall
Elder Knudsen

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