Monday, February 25, 2013

February 19tg

Well this week was not very exciting to say the least!! I am sick again!!! I dont know why!! Elder Singleton was sick when he came in, and so he gave me it. I just have a sore throat and a stuffy nose and all this stuff!! Its really annoying! I just cant stay healthy and I dont really know why at all! I am still having the same old problems before...
So Elder Singleton and I are getting along really good. We are working really hard!! Like I feel like this was the best week Okolona has had since Ive been back. Like I love Elder Baker so much, but I guess we just didnt really know how to use our time as wisely as we could. Elder Singleton and I have found some really cool new people this week and were really excited about them. We actually had a car this week so that was nice, but then yesterday we had to give it away..... and man I wish we could have kept it for last night haha well it rained last night and was super windy! Like when I called the weather guy yesterday morning he said we were going to have 40mph winds.... thats super hard on a bike haha. Especially going to Holiday Park. But it was ok. We were pretty wet by the time we got home too haha.
So this week I had the best tacos ever. It was at Pablo and Fabiolas!! Man it was so dang good. They made Al Pastor. Like I really think when I come back they are just going to have to give me a crash course on how to cook because man, I could get a great wife if I could cook like that haha jk.
So I feel like ever since I got made District Leader I have just got even more tired! My eyes just dont want to open in the morning haha. I still get up every morning at 630 dont you worry, but its rough to say the least.
Haha funny story about Elder Baker. So he got transferred it Shelbyville, and then Sunday he got a call and said he was getting transfered to Lexington haha. So he is now in Lexington on a bike. He was kinda mad haha. But he was sick on Monday night and Tuesday at transfers and I guess he wasnt feeling good as they drove to shelbyville and a member was driving them and he needed to throw up, but he kept praying he wouldnt.... but then it came and he didnt have time to ask the driver to pull over... lets put it that way haha so he was super embarassed by that.
So the Louisville Central Zone is just filled with new leadership haha its kinda crazy. So we have 3 districts in my zone and all the District Leaders are brand new this transfer and then Elder Howard is the new Zone Leader and so its kinda crazy to see how new everybody is. I saw Elder Warner a lot this week. Hes doing really good. I think he misses being a Spanish Elder though for sure. Hes serving with Elder Murphy... his dad is... Dale Murphy I think... I dont know but he was a professional football player and hes going to go play at Utah this year. But Elder Warner said serving in the Singles Branch is just super awkward haha.
So thank you so much for the package. Um.... the photo album... the binding broke and so its kinda all messed up, but I can still use it. Haha not to seem ungrateful the tie wasnt my favorite! But man those Oreos are amazing!!!!! WOW!!!! Like they kinda remind me of Kaluha Cheesecake and its amazing.
So we found out it will be Elder Cook here speaking to us. And there will also be a member of the 70ty and I think maybe one more apostle... we will just have to see!! I am super excited for next week though! Its going to be epic to say the least!! Monday we have a zone activity for P-day which are always just super fun, then Wednesday we have Zone Conference which are just super spiritual and are forever long haha its 6 hours long. And then on Saturday we have the Mission Conference with Elder Cook and whoever else is coming. Its super short though! Its only like 430-6.  And then on Sunday we are having a special stake conference with Elder Cook and some other people. So next week is just going to fly by so fast!!! Its super weird to think Im almost a year out. Like Its very possible I could only have 2 more areas after this one!!
So Oaklee is getting so big!! She kinda does have a little red tint to her hair! Shes going to be huge when I get home! And I cant believe they are building a house! And Lindsay is already half way done with her pregnancy?? Just seems like yesterday I found out she was pregnant haha.
The mission is going really good though. I am excited to be a District Leader. Next transfer I might be training and I think that would be super fun. I would love it. Hes coming from Peru. I dont know if Ill train him though. Cause if I trained him for the 12 weeks, I would be in Okolona for a total of 7 1/2 transfers which is like unheard of. The longest an Elder has been in an area is 6 transfers haha. So it would be pretty much a year in 1 area.
Thank you for all the prayers and support!! Love yall
Elder Knudsen!

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