Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th

Well honestly there is not much to tell you this week. It was a really long weird week. I honestly don’t really know what happened so ill just try and throw some stuff out just so you know kinda what’s going on. So Saturday is when we get transfer calls and Elder Warner since he’s a district leader finds out first. The whole day he would just keep acting like he was getting a phone call and then just keep telling me something different. Needless to say... one of the times he really was talking to the zone leaders haha. So.... can I get a drum roll please..... I’m staying in Okolona!!!! And now for the verdict on Elder Warner.... Another Drum roll please..... HES STAYING TOO haha. He’s actually pretty rare to stay with a companion out here for 3 transfers. We have some mighty goals and lots of things we need to do this transfer. That means I'll probably be here till around December. Cause he will probably for sure leave next transfer then I’ll have to stay at least 1 to show the other Elder where everything is and then we will see if I get transferred after that or not. So either ill have 6 months or 7 1/2 in this area. So either ill get transferred like right before thanksgiving, or sometime in January, so we will just have to see with that.

Um we did get the package and thanks so much! The jacket is perfect. Elder Warner loved all that you got him haha he was really appreciative. He’s such a dork, so he forgot to grab quarters this week so he only had enough for his wash load... so... needless to say all of his clothes are just hung up all around our appartment. He also only has 5 dollars to get through the week haha. I don’t know how he goes through it so fast cause I have plenty of money haha.
All of our investigators are pretty much in the same boat as they were last time. All of them bailed on us yesterday and so we had no one at church so president is not going to be happy with that one. Um we did have some progress with Eufemia though. So her only problem has been work and so she can’t come to church. Like she really can’t even wait to be baptized and so this week we set another bap date with her for the 23 of Sep and then we also set a date with her for sep 8 that if she hasn’t changed her schedule or her job... that she will quit. She was actually totally fine with it and very accepting. Like we pretty much just drew it all out and just plugged in the dates, she’s the one that said she would quit and everything so that was really good on her part. We haven’t really been able to teach Rolando y Yasmin or Ronal this week. Ronal just keeps bailing on us and then we were at Rolando and Yasmins house and we were just sitting down to read and her brother had gotten there and he lives like an hour away so we just shared a scrip and left so that kinda sucked. Vicente is doing great. We think we’re going to set a bap date for the 16 of Sep with him. We would have last time but his wife was in the lesson and it would have been weird to ask him to be baptized and not her, so we’re just waiting for the right time and were pretty sure that that will go through.

Um we found someone really cool this week. I forgot her name.... but she was a referral from the English elders and we go over there and one of them is actually a member. She’s from Cuba, baptized in like 88 in Puerto Rico, but hasn’t really been able to find a church here and so were going to try and get her back to church, and also her friend is really interested, but she’s been really busy this week so we haven’t been able to teach her but were really excited to start teaching them.

Elder Knudsen

**Elder Warner with the package mom sent to him.  Kyle said he loves Waffle Crisp, trail mix, and one of Kyle's cool you can see what she sent him!  **

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