Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 18-April 20th

Hey everyone how are you today!!!!

Um I don't know where to start!! So Sunday was fantastic!!! I was feeling really sick and I didnt really want to go to temple walk and so I actually went and took a nap and it helped a lot! I had a really good talk with Brother Lysonbee though! He's one of the people in the branch presidency and it was great! It was so spiritual and I talked to him a lot about my concerns and everything else! I really love him! Him and President Jolley are amazing people!

We had a great talk on Sunday! Cause every Sunday we have a fireside and then every Tuesday we have a devotional! Sunday it was M. Russel Ballard!!! He was so dang amazing!! I love him so much! He mainly talked about how this is going to be such an amazing time in our life and how it is pretty much the most important time that we will ever have! He also talked about how us being Elders, There are very few people in the church with the title of Elder. It is pretty much only apostles. Also David Archuletta sang "Spirit of God" to us! It was ridiculously good! He left this week to go to Chili because I guess they pushed him out fast cause he just couldnt handle it and he knew a little bit of Spanish.
I feel like someone is really trying to get me out of the MTC haha cause on Wednesday I rolled my ankle way bad in baksetball... I have had it wrapped a lot and its a little swollen but I haven't gone to the Dr because I know all they would say would be to wrap it and put some ice on it!

I really need some mini water guns!! Haha we have been having epic water guns fight at night in the residence hall so I know Chris can help me with that haha if you really want to send me something! Mom thanks for the brownies and I'm sorry for accusing yall of not writing me! Still havent got a letter from my bro though so you should probably chew him out for me! I know he's been busy but come on!! Haha I have had a lot of support from you guys though its been a lot. I've got a few letters from friends, but not that many.

Monday nights we have workshops and we had an amazing workshop! It was on the power of the Atonement and it really hit me hard! I was talking to an Elder during it that had a little bit of a handicap but it is great! I've already seen how being set apart as a missionary gives us so much power and authority to do amazing things. Scriputures pop into my head left and right and it is crazy! Like a lot of people say I'm a scripture wiz here, but really I think I'm just in tune with the spirit. But anyway I was talking to this kid and we were just supposed to share a spiritual thought with one another and for some reason I thought of Ether 12:27 I think it is, It talks about if we come to the Lord with our weaknesses in faith then he will make them strong". I have never really thought much about this scripture applying much to the atonement, but it just came to me. Usually our weaknesses is what we mess up on. And when we do apply the Atonement in our life and become truly repentant, then the Lord will make those weaknesses become strengths. It really hit me hard and it also hit the person I was telling. Like he started to tear up, it was really a cool experience. Also it pretty much just showed me that anyone that I come in contact with on my mission can use the power of the atonement in there life and everyone has the potential to become like God.

I actually finished the Book of Mormon again this week. It was really good. I read it pretty fast cause I started it right when I received my call. And now I'm on section 55 of the D&C already haha crazy huh! I saw Vankomen on Wednesday. I actually waited right where they walk out so that  I could greet him. I think it meant a lot to him. He's struggling, I talked to him yesterday , but I know it will get better for him. Jared also left this week! Sad day! Hes such a stud haha and I love when I see Corbin! I don't get to see him often, but when i do its fantastic!!
I dont really have much more to say! I love you all and im so thankful for all of your prayers!!

Elder Knudsen

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