Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 1-Goodbyes and Hellos

Hello to all of Kyle's friends and family!

Kyle's sister Lindsay here.  Kyle, oh wait...Elder Knudsen...has asked me to keep a blog for him while he is gone.  This way, he can communicate with friends and family everywhere.  Remember when missionaries actually had to use a pen and paper!?  :)  Anyway, I will be posting pictures, letters, e-mails etc. that he sends to our family over the next two years.  I hope you enjoy!

April 4, 2012, Kyle entered the MTC.  We decided to have a big breakfast together as a family one last time.  We went to Mimi's Cafe in Murray.  Of course, Kyle tried convincing everyone in the family to have the Cinnamon Brioche French Toast with lemon creme and berries on top.  Most of us agreed to it.  Anyway, while waiting for our food, our waitress (who had a very thick Southern accent) was admiring Kyle's niece Oaklee.  Mom asked her where she was from, and low and behold...where do you think she was from?  KENTUCKY!  What a small world. 

Kyle immediately spoke up and explained that he will be serving a 2-year LDS mission there.  She told him how beautiful the country is there and how genuinely nice the people are.  She said they're quite quirky, but nice nonetheless.  Her accent was so thick (and she was quite "quirky" herself) Kyle just kept giggling when she's walk away.  He'd just shake his head, laugh and say how he couldn't wait to get to Kentucky.

We drove from Mimi's down to the MTC.  We cut it pretty close to be able to get all of our family pictures in and still be able to drop him off by his 12:55 deadline.  We parked across the street and took some last family pictures before dropping him off.  Luckily, it was beautiful weather, and the pictures turned out great.

What a goofball...
After we said our goodbyes, we loaded into the car to drive across the street.  We were told which way to drive to drop Kyle off.  Now, Kyle had said at least 5 times throughout the day that he hoped Elder Corbin Sharp would be able to be his host (the other Elder that helps them as they're dropped off.)  We drove slow and we all kept our eyes peeled for Corbin, but we quickly noticed Elder Jared Hansen!  This is one of Kyle's really close friends that is going to serve in Mozambique.  Dad honked the horn, we motioned toward Jared, and he hurried down the hill to meet our car as we pulled over.  Elder Hansen was able to be Kyle's host!  We all felt such relief and happiness to know Kyle was going to be taken care of by one of his friends.  Of course, it was so difficult to leave him there, but we know he was in good hands. 

I apologize for the pictures.  I was trying to take them from inside the car!

The last 24 hours has been pretty difficult.  Little things tend to remind all of us about him being gone, spending his first days without the family.  There's no way to prepare for his being gone, but we are so extremely proud of him and his sacrifice.  He is so prepared to go serve the Lord for 2 years, and we can't wait to here about his success in Kentucky! 


  1. My neighbor told me they dropped their son off at the mtc yesterday too. I could tell she was already missing him like crazy. It's hard at first because of the whole 2 years are completely ahead of you thing. But it gets easier.
    My grandpa went to Kentucky too. Funny story though, back then, for some reason him and my grandma got married on a dare, shortly before he was supposed to go on his mission. They didn't do anything except get married. His stake president still cleared him to go on a mission, my grandma and him went through the temple, and she joined him halfway through...and get this, got pregnant. HAHA I mean, she was allowed to and all, but I guess she was pretty embarrassed. You never hear stories like that these days! :D

  2. I am sure he is in for a wonderful experience. I am proud of Kyle and the wonderful young man he has become.

  3. Thanks, Krista for sharing! That's amazing...I've never heard of anything like that being allowed. How cool! :)

    Thanks Sara! We're so proud of him as well.